Endings and beginnings beg urgency, inspiration, and dedication. The closing weeks of a year prevail upon the body to release what was, and turn inevitably toward the unknown. This tipping point ~ between known and un-known, asks we seek ways and means to sustain, reflect, and visualize in order to tie loose ends into beautiful new bows. The assimilation and straddling necessary to close down a cycle and begin anew, be it a birthday, a job, the ending of love, a year, a life require Janus, the Roman god of gates and doors, to be present.

Janus, called the two-faced god, one face to the past, the other forward, ruled all beginnings, including the first hour of the day, the calends of the month, and the first month of the year. Every beginning needs hope and desire, but un-consciously new intentions are riddled and layered with ghosts of the past. Be it a new love who carries the wounds of the last bad go around, or a new year whose plans are often formulated from regrets of what we could not be, or change. The closure of another year carries conscious, and largely unconscious emotional weight from the folly of our shadowy-lineage. This confuses issues turning toward a future of light-bright expectancy.

Personally, fall inevitably fills me with longing, and a deep sense of aloneness in part because Janus energies face off within. ‘Face off’ is the wrong polarity. Janus seems to work more accurately in assimilating and assuming creatively, rather than the polarity of balancing see-saw style. The closing down and opening of a cycle can formulate profound visionary mediums when futuristic adventures are pragmatically worked from experience of the past. Some people do this naturally, being born with a dial that quivers constantly with enigmatic fractals of change. Notice their innate style encompassing unknown material, while digesting the old. They are often highly creative, finding surprising solutions and answers from ‘Janusian-quivering.’ They can also be madly confusing and chaotic, and addictive.

Are you more like me than I suspect? Does simply being human create these conundrums? Perhaps I have not bulked up enough courage-muscle to resolutely face who, and how I have grown? Do you, like me, feel limits the coerced you into acquiescing, and boundaries you allowed to hold you back? Have we learned to embrace greater risk? Have we learned to accept our greater light? In this Janus-time of finality~ and birth, may we expand awareness to assimilate loss with hope, anxiety with peace, chaos with creativity.

A backward Janusian face-off.

Dragon School B

*I am indebted to Michele Adler and her article in Mountain Astrologer;   “29th Degree~Three Sides of An Enigma.”

 NOTES:  Please read the attachment from our Becky Thompson. It is her plea for the refugees, and her personal mission~ needing our support. There will be a Basket of Grace on the table in all upcoming classes to receive coin of the realm. I will be the go-between making sure all cash/checks get to her personally. Thank you in advance for your always generous hearts.

Dear friends novemeber 2015

Saturday Classes 11/14 will be in the big room on main floor~ 8:30 & 10 AM   Hallejuelia!

Winter Solstice arrives Dec. 19 Chez Camerons. Save the date! Shake out your glitterati –golden finery.


Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Mouth & Mind of Fire Nov. 30-Dec. 6

This may be a good week to view the impersonal with greater personal discrimination, and at the same time, practice to see the personal from a longer trajectory. It’s somewhat like preparing for a new year while still in the present one. We are learning to move back and forth with greater speed, weaving divergent energies into manageable work-modes. It is a piece of the transformative intent of this confrontational time. The Saturn-Neptune square I wrote of last week, continues to challenge old perspectives. This on-going theme asks that we develop a real and meaningful POV, at the same time feeling our reality dissolving. Be practical/Be magical! Not an easy command.

Mercury is in high visibility this week assisting fuller and quicker comprehension. Mercury was very influential in the Gemini~ Sagittarius Full Moon of 11/25. Have your mouth and mind been on fire since then? Did you notice a more lively Thanksgiving table? Tomorrow, 12/1, Mercury vibrates with Uranus. Those lucky enough to be born whenever these two connect, are often gifted with genius and their thinking, at the very least, is outside the box. They may also be mad as hatters. With Mercury still in philosophical, fiery, and often zealous Sagittarius, trining Uranus~in don’t fence me in, fiery Aires, watch for, “Yikes!

By Friday, 12/4, avoiding bombast may be our biggest challenge. Jupiter, planet of more is more, ruler of Sagittarius, will square Mercury. We may struggle with divergent trajectories of high mind VS low mind, balance VS exaggeration, or fairness VS competition. It is not an easy time to remain detached, but Osho said, “When you are growing in detachment you will become healthier, happier,’ your life will become a life of joy.” Please remember this over the weekend when Mars squares Pluto. These two are known as the knock-out twins, and when their energies collide it is not only wise but healthy to remain detached. They are the bad boys of the, “Big Yikes!”

 Practice this week:                                                                                                                              Find ways and means to remind yourself you are a spiritual being in material form. The form requires not only feeding, but acknowledgment and care of its structure, habits, sequences and connection. Step into your Asanas as containers of spirit to be nurtured on the mat. As you breathe into a pose, fulfill the shape and the spirit of what you wish to create. Stand tall in Baddha Natarajasana/Dancer Pose~ dailybreathjournal.com/Yoga Poses/Standing Asanas. This Pose is a lovely expression of joy in action, a place where we feel light, and dance with the cosmos as we stand still and strong.” This container holds a ‘dancer’s spirit’ perfectly, and when there is agreement between structure and energy, we dance life.


Dec. schedule will be normal unless noted below:

Sun. 12/6 Salon 4-6 pm Chez Cameron. dailybreathjournal.com/Yoga/SundaySalons

Sat. 12/19 Solo 9:00 AM celebration class -Congregational Church. An ode to: Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas & Kwanzaa.

Sat.12/26 Solo 9:00 AM ~Boxing Day~Class of those who are still standing.

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Invitation to Transformative Change  Dear Yogis~ Students of life, those seeking to deepen and expand the dharma/practices of your Yoga structures including: alignment & sequencing, Pranayama, mindfulness, healing inner imbalances, and a healthier relationship with Self ~Daily Breath Yoga School is beginning a new cycle of training modules January 2016.

Modules are offered in two hour depth-charges once a week and can accumulate toward a 200 hour YA certification as well as CEU credits. Come once in curiosity, or attend a 6 week module for CEU certification, stay on for 200 hour training.

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