The Intersection Between Safe & Wild

Since life has grown fully committed to throwing curve ball after curve ball, I’ve been questioning choices between safe and wild. This choice has been in place since first breath when we began the journey as spiritual beings in material form to play within earth’s polarities. Understanding and re-working these intersections of never ending paradox, is to maneuver life successfully. Moving too far off center is wild and exciting, but makes rebounding back, difficult. Growing too narrow and safe, forgetting we came here to dance between heaven and earth, puts us in danger of getting stuck on the shelf. Safe is necessary, and oh so nice, but that shelf-life is getting shorter and shorter. Have you noticed?

The journey of discovering who we are meant to be VS what the family wants us to be, is a first glimmering of safe contra wild. As we get older, another conundrum is becoming really good at something we don’t want to do. It is so safe to ‘be at home’ within a successful self. Everyone applauds. How then to fling ourselves into an unknown abyss, possibly not being successful as someone else? Another treacherous intersection is choosing a partner who supports our safe and wild parts in equal measure, despite the fact parts if us terrify them. Governments are desperately seeking middle ground as the wild has grown so very outré, and the safe has totally gone past it’s ‘sell date.’ The world’s fast spin no longer allows any shelf-squatting. How do we learn to dance these waters?

One practice can be Shakti Yoga Dances. Last week, a Yoga friend said, “These Dances are creative intersections between safe and wild.“ I was elated she saw them in that light as the choreographies do reflect life, twisting back and forth to deepen emotional muscle in support of the mind-body struggle to find balance.

The 4th of July is a good time for a centering-practice, something offering fluid navigational skills to expand perception, and awareness. Let’s celebrate the birth of our country by contributing to her healing. What a fine thing to be part of re-structuring a balanced core so everyone has choice to walk the wild side in a safe way.


Farewell II_4


Sat. July 2~ A wild yet safe Saturday class celebrates the 4th! ~ 8:30 AM ~Blue Lotus Yoga, 945 Great Plains Ave, Needham.



Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Hot! Hot! Hot! July 25~August 1

Happy Birthday to fiery, inspiring, oh so silly Leo’s!  And joy to those of you who love change. These are days of shifting and dancing with different energies than we have had in past weeks.  Not only has the Sun moved from Cancer into Leo, but so have Mercury and Venus. Saturn is in fiery Sagittarius, Uranus is stationing on Friday in Aires,  even the Moon is moving through fire today and Tuesday.  The weather is uber-hot, and for sure, we are sweaty and passionate about something.  This is contrapuntal change to emotional waters we have swum.

Take advantage of being inspired, creative, even flamboyant, and if you’re lucky~full of love!  It will help balance the chaos and unexpected events that the Uranus station is bound provoking.  For those who struggle with liking change, and yes, I’m one of them, be advised that old worn out habits, and ideas that have stood in our path and blocked forward progress, may go up in smoke by end of the week.  There is lots of smoke to be seen and smelled all week.  I felt a shifting-undercurrent under last week’s Full Moon, as if my body knew something my mind was yet unwilling to consider. This left me anxious, with emotional responses that were out of line for no rational reason.  Now I think it may have been premonition-vibes tuning in for what is to come.

Fire energy burns and cleanses.  Uranus, by its self, never mind in liberating Aires, is about transformation and moving into higher stratospheres of thought.  All well and good.  Who doesn’t want that?  But minds that are fixed, Leo, and hearts are stubborn, Leo, and egos that wish to shine in a particular ways, Leo, will have their work cut out to remain flexible.  This is particularly true of mindsets as Mercury is very busy all week.  Thinking and communicating may move with lightning touch between ugly disagreement and an excited point of view.  Wait, before you put important items into writing.

Birthday friends, be of good cheer!  You will be picked up by the scruff of your lovely necks and shaken about enough to make you realize that you have the answers you need.  You have the creativity to see your ideas into reality, and you have good friends standing your back to see you through the mayhem and anxiety.

Practice This Week:  Appreciate your Practice.  It may be our salvation.  Keeping bodies as flexible as possible helps the mind to be resilient.  Working with Pranayama is a balancing force for violence. Spending more time in headstands and handstands offers feedback on how others may see things.  (Do you love an image of the UN Council all in headstands having to commune with one another?) We cannot change the world, but one by one we can-and do. See your fear, and love it up.  See your anger, step outside its parameter.   Showing up on the mat, dedicated to peace, to joy, and a willingness to see the other with compassion, not only makes us resilient in the face of shock and violence, but it shines light out to those unable to change, to those so filled with darkness they cannot yet open to light.