Without Knowing


Before knowing your roots had grown from the silence of the infinite, or that your inheritance emerged from dreaming~ You answered the call, and somehow knew your name. You beckoned an image to emerge from behind the primal heart of animal instinct with knowing eyes.

You agreed to make visible the invisible; to create, in care and carelessness, delicate patterns until fully formed in wonder. You became this life of brilliant color, anointing each breathe with lightTo grow a feast of blessings that craft the day as an undertaking of Grace,




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Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Shimmy-Shakin’ New Moon April 25- May 2


Normally, there are few things more stabilizing, or beauty-centric than a Taurus New Moon. Our senses are highly tuned to scent, sound, sight and touch as Venus, ruler Taurus, celebrates the sensuality of the body, its values, and steadfast nature of practical, prudent, talent that are in service to making the world more creative and lovely. As you know, New Moons are times to plant seeds of beginning, to complete old business, releasing regret. This is the first of three ‘Super New Moon’s,’ when the Moon is both perigee, closest to earth, and syzygy, in alignment with Sun and earth. Super Moons pull on tides, and psyches, affecting the earth’s consciousness, as well as ours. This adds ‘extra’ to the geomagnetic storms we are having (see below).  It’s time to hold tight to your spring bonnet. Take advantage of the disruptions to move out of old habits and tormented thought patterns to manifest life more in tune with your true values, and awaken your passion!

This ostensibly grounded New Moon is forming under energies of a geomagnetic storm, which began April 19. Storms and sun spots have grown to grandiose levels by CME’s, solar explosions, which have the force to disrupt power grids, satellites, and navigation systems.  It also disrupts consciousness, and personal electromagnetic fields. Many bodies have been tired, somewhat out of it, over-emotional, and more forgetful than usual. You probably have not been sleeping well either. Time to dance barefoot on the grass, stand under a tree and breathe in its rooted energy, drink more water, meditate, do Yin Yoga, and/or Yoga Nidra, and rest. These practices also align with New Moon desires.

Venus, ruler of Wednesday’s New Moon, will be at 29 very tippy degrees of Pisces, Wed. through Sun.  This is another ‘signature energy’ not only of instability, but being pushed to the edge.  In this case, it’s the end of Pisces. This is a double ending as Pisces is the end sign of the zodiac, at its ‘critical’ end-degree. You could read this as a plea for forgiveness, healing, mutual respect, and a renewal of spiritual values, particularly in relationship.  How have we grown so careless of one another?  Where did we learn to disdain when we do not agree?  When did we stop listening?  How can we liberate ourselves if we cannot love -despite everything?

May this week’s ‘stormy flares’ disrupt old flows of outdated consciousness, leading to quiet tears of release, and renewal, with a peaceful sense of accomplishment. It is a miraculous time, it is a disruptive time.  It is a time of choose.

Your PracticeTake deeper breaths as you stand your mat. Enjoy long slow asanas that open you to change. Use the Lotus Mudra to hold your seeds of luminous beginnings.  Dream what you desire from these seeds.  Create a Yin Practice of longer stretches with conscious breathing. Move into Savasana and savor its death.

Your Birthday this week: It’s an energetic geyser, preparing you to begin a new life, one outside old parameters of the known. You will find yourself balancing extremes of intensity with steadfast solidarity as you create value and beauty throughout the year.  The energies of Venus and Neptune will forge much of what you wish, so let your spirit lead your head,  heart lead your body, and all will be well!


Shakti Yoga Dance Workshop, April 29-30.  Swim in deep seas of connection and recognition, as movement links to heart, emotion reconfigures body, and breath re-wires mind. Grow HARD-WIRED FOR LOVE. Dance into your beautiful inner-self. Videos- shaktidances.com. Register: samcatcam@gmail.com

April 26 Wed. 5:15 & 7:00 PM classes at Laughing Dog in Wellesley. We are soft, stretchy and resilient under the Taurus New Moon. We shall be of a quiet Yin nature under the New Moon.

April 29, Sat. 8:30 AM ~ Class at Blue Lotus Yoga in Needham. Class kick starts the weekend workshop. Come see old friends, meet new, breathe life into a new Shakti Dance, celebrate spring’s New Moon!

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