Self Care

The ‘ya-da ya-da’ rules of self-care are posted everywhere ad nauseum. But this is an expedition beyond the physical practices that save and serve us well. All energy lies within self, and it is the meta-struggle with those impulsive, instinctual, unbridled, frustrated, limited, exaggerated, insistent energies that dictate how we care for self.

We learn self-care, or not, at the feet of our parents. We do what they do, not what they tell us to do. This is why the ‘sins of the parents’ are passed down seven generations. These are sins of not loving, and honoring Self. Because we are steeped in the soup of their habits and thought patterns, it is nearly impossible to see how we do the same. We may do it in different forms, but the energy is the same. All too often, the results are the same. Learning what deeply nurtures us is rarely what our parents taught. This we must teach ourselves through practice, and endless decisions of this…not that.

Do daily choices of good food, sweet sleep, and loving touch help support and create our infinite potential, our authentic, inventive perceptions, our innate intuitive abilities? The answer is, “yes.” But what is more necessary is food for the soul, and manna for the spirit. I suspect another root necessity is being present for and to self. It is the practice of being present, of listening to our needs, and honing fine instinct that builds bridges across the moat of crocodiles.

The ‘meta’ of self-care asks we realign soul with ego, that we infuse spirit into body. This allows the heart to nurture our raw nature, those raw, un-safe feelings that cry, “run! Abandon Self.” When life overwhelms, when depression strikes, or we are mired in apathy, loving oneself seems unattainable. These times of bone deep weariness require that a practice be in place. If we wait until we are down; we are out. It is too late. There has never been a better time than now to step into a practice of profound love, of this, not that.



Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Whoa ! August 23~Sept 1

Are you galloping toward fall? Slow down. Feel the Sun’s fiery exclamation point shift from Leo to Virgo today, with the Moon moving into its happy place in Taurus. This is solid earth energy, which likes to use, organize and be practical. Another slow, yank on the reins, is Mars, our go get’em-guy, nuzzling Saturn, which says there are restraints on commitments and plans. Perhaps this slowing, overall energy is to help prepare the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, beginning the 30th. This week, we might be better spent in planning, reassessment, and analysis.

Timing from the big picture of outer planets is, Saturn, with Mars, squaring Neptune. Once again, their energies are coming to blows, simply in being so different from one another. This is part of why many of us have been feeling subtle, low-grade frustrations, confusion, angst, depletion. It’s hard to put your finger on just what’s off, but off it is. Our job is to take Saturn’s hard working demand, without succumbing to it’s ‘Big Daddy’ “Do it perfectly, or don’t do it at all,” command, and meld it with Neptune’s dreamy, lost, spirit and creativity. The effects of their square linger through mid-September, so there’s no out-running it. Who knows? We might be wildly creative. Go for gold, you have nothing to lose.

With Virgo, ‘The Goddess of Harvest’ coming into her own light, be aware of diet, and daily habits, health issues, and healing. Since she is a feminine goddess, listen to your body. Consider how you might re-purpose your practices to come into greater alignment with spirit. Preparing for the fall always asks for a re-boot. It’s a perfect time for a short cleanse, which provides a lighter body, thus a greater ability to stand back from daily-do’s and make more ‘enlightened’ plans.

If this week is your birthday, you will be dancing with choices Neptune and Saturn are presenting: ‘Should I be creative or should I make money?’ ‘What is the practice, or discipline, I need in order to see the many choices looming this year? As I wrote last week, ‘partner yourself first, preferably in creative, insightful ways. You are learning to listen to the brain in your heart as well as the cranial brain.   This will open and connect you to more and more wholeness through the year,’ and help you remain flexible for the certain uncertainty.

Practice This Week:  Do the Saturn/Neptune thing on the mat: Grow strong, relentless, powerfull. ~AND be willing to disappear within that strength. Feel Neptune calling your spirit as you move ‘perfectly’ from asana to asana. Listen to the power of your strengths open you to a more beautiful practice, not a more perfect one. Observe that fine line of difference!

Note: “Mars and Saturn are visible as a triangle with the red giant star Antares in our southeast sky around 9PM.”


Wednesday Laughing Dog Yoga.8/24~ 5:15 will be taught by Renata Loree & 7:00 taught by Elgar Pichler. (Laughing Dog studio will close from 8/30-9/5. Check listing before you go.)

Saturday, 8/27~ 8:30 AM ~Taught by Elgar Pichler. Blue Lotus Yoga, 945 Great Plains Ave, Needham.

See you in Sept. !

Advanced Techniques starting in the fall. Those of you interested in studying specific areas of advanced Yoga knowledge, and/or those seeking 200 hour teaching credential, credited by YA. Let me know:

 Pilates mat begins in September, Thursday mornings- 8:30. Space limited, advance registration required. :

 A NICE PS: The money all of you donated toward helping the refugees went to ‘Humanity Crew Org.’ This group was recommended by Becky Thompson who has been on the ground in Greece the past two years. She feels that their work is tremendous, and not well known. This nice note came in from them so all of you who helped out~ stand proud.

“On Behalf of Humanity Crew Organization, I would like to thank you for your charitable donation.The generous support of individuals/donors like you makes it possible for our organization to exist, grow and continue in our mission helping, accompanying and supporting refugees in need. Thank you again for your compassionate support.”

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