May 22, 2015


In spring, the imagination rises unbidden,

Called by heat and rain

And the unforgiven.


Green eyes follow lush stems, twirled and budded

Filled with old stories

Held back in the long cold

And silent fear.


Air, colored in birdsong,

Heralds the luxe life

Beyond that endured without light,

Beyond the unlived life.


Absolve tired dreams

Yearning ‘what if,’

Forgive the grey skin,

Invite the bloom,

Call the imaginal unknown,

Fragile frontier between hell and paradise.

Bend to Grace.

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    May 20~June 1 ‘Review the Benefits’

    Yes, we do feel a té uneasy when Mercury goes retrograde. Despite computer glitches, car issues, and misunderstandings that often accompany these retrogrades, there are gifts within Mercury’s three inward-turning weeks.  1. You often hear from old friends…offering an opportunity to re-vitalize valued friendships.  You realize how much you miss... Read on

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    Like all yoga, Shakti Yoga Dance combine body-mind connections expanding consciousness. Like all dance, they express emotionally.

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