Without Knowing


Before knowing your roots had grown from the silence of the infinite, or that your inheritance emerged from dreaming~ You answered the call, and somehow knew your name. You beckoned an image to emerge from behind the primal heart of animal instinct with knowing eyes.

You agreed to make visible the invisible; to create, in care and carelessness, delicate patterns until fully formed in wonder. You became this life of brilliant color, anointing each breathe with lightTo grow a feast of blessings that craft the day as an undertaking of Grace,




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Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Bah Ram Ewe, To Your Own Self Be True! March 21-28


If you didn’t see, or don’t remember, the grand and silly movie, “Babe,” then this title will not resonate. But if it does, you might wish to chant it as we move through spring’s rebellious nature. Call your tribe, circle for safety and learn who to trust, are energies embedded in the silly mantra. The Spring Equinox, in true rebellious Aires fashion, reveals ‘the “I Am Ram” dishing up extreme social polarities, inner and outer dichotomies, and reveling in revealing layers of ‘who knew-reality.’ Nothing is as it seems. While the status quo is holding on for dear life, the individual is kicking some ass to break down doors. The political question is- who is which?

Despite Aires fire, we yet swim in Pisces-waters, lending awareness and response to spiritual influences, at odds with a world-order that seemingly does not recognize its humanity. How does our inner life reflect this chaos? What are we learning from the continual assault of right and wrong? Where are we assuming personal responsibility? Are viewpoints changing?

I’m sure they are regarding relationships, and values, as Venus becomes more extreme in the coming days. She is entering her underworld journey, disappearing into the Sun, to emerge as ‘the Morning Star’. History has called her ‘embarrassed, ’ or out of line, during these underworld passages, for we are often out of sorts, and go over the top. The problem is that we are already over the top. How can you then tell if this is ‘topping the top,’ or just more bad business? Take time to review your Venus-foundations. (Read previous two Breaths of Venus Retrograde information.) With Pluto prominent, I can promise that much will be hidden, particularly with finances. Keep an eye to this.

Astrological-people look at the four charts of Equinoxes and Solstice points for portents of incoming three month’s energies. This one reflects difficult political realities, which may grow beyond surreal. It shows we can be overwhelmed by information, and dare I say- mayhem? listening to our gut to see who we can trust is important. We will be making decisions about new spin, old friends, and ongoing redefinition of values. Take time-out, sit with silence, no sudden moves. What is it YOU need? Acknowledge that the good news emanating from our complex struggles is the HUGE muscle we are growing to step up, and out and do the right thing.

Your Practice this week: Between the closing energies of a Third Quarter Moon, which energetically opposes the hot-start ignition in an Aires Sun, think about working with bridge poses, those that take you across, and move intelligently from one asana to the next. If you are growing muscle to be a spiritual warrior, the three Vira’s are potent asanas. Question how to move from one to the other, retaining their specific power, while releasing and accommodating the next. How can they support and enhance one another? How are they helping you grow?

Happy Birthday if you celebrate this week. Your year will flow between Charybdis and Scylla. (Between the devil and the deep blue sea) You will you learn a lot about your relationship needs and wants; your desire for independence, VS closeness, your value as a solo entity, and/or with a partner. You will learn to be more alive to what is unspoken, to underground streams of communication, and power pulls. With non-judgment, you can grow aware of hidden manipulation, in receiving, and doing. It’s a power-packed year for you, so ‘go get ‘em!’


April 29-30. Shakti Yoga Dance Workshop~ A weekend, at the end of the Venus Cycle, to celebrate the dance of relationship!  Answer the call of your beautiful Self to flow magically and powerfully on the mat. Register: samcatcam@gmail.com

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March 25, Sat. 8:30 AM  Class at Blue Lotus Yoga in Needham. We hone healing intelligence in ‘Sem Saber’ Without Knowing’ ~our spring Shakti Yoga Dance. We begin turning inward toward the New Moon on Monday. We’re Yin.


If you wish to look at your life from an objective, non-judgmental point of view, consider an Astrological tune-up. Grow past/present/future understanding with compassionate awareness.  Email  samcatcam@gmail.com