Blood Moon

by Samantha on April 18, 2014

Blood Moon

She rises in the spring sky

A pendulous weight

Growing gold through dark cloud

Evoking Primitive memory.

If she were not magic enough

Shadow swells, scything the face

 Until her wanton light occults

Then Blood red blood she hangs

Accepting the veil

Mystery and mayhem replete.




Transformation of Astrology & Yoga

I can’t put it any better so I’m offering you Rich Humbert’s fine insights at He writes, “There’s a slight increase in the chance of a natural disaster, a fair chance that most of us will witness some extreme behavior, and a good chance that some of us will feel a shift in our life’s direction. There’s a 100% chance that we’re living through a cultural sea-change.  …. The world has changed; we’re now in the future.”  Thank you, Rich!

Since the future relies on the past, looking back to previous ‘Blood Moons’ (162-163 C.E.  795-596, 842-843, 860-861, 1493-94, 1949-50, and 1967-68) the ones we know revealed huge events that shifted the world, namely China. The People’s Republic was created out of revolution and declared in ‘49, and again ‘67~ which may make this Blood Moon another Chinese turning point.  Israel, and the Middle East also have disruptive correlations with Blood Moons.  The Americas were opened up in 1493, and World War II ended in 1949.  This Blood Moon is likely to be a history marker for upcoming 12 months.  (historical dates from Christine Skinner)

This April, the weeks between the two eclipses~ 15 and 28th are crackling with energy, due not only to the usual leaps of faith we make at yearly eclipse times, but the coming together of a planetary grand cross.  Visualize being in a boxing ring with three other opponents.  The Yoga injunction might be:

Stay light on your feet, something new is required of you. Respond strategically, not in reaction. Know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Take advantage, and be ready to trip your particular light fantastic.  Move into the world with your light shinning brightly.  It is indeed a time of mystery and mayhem.  You choose.  You might win, and the stakes are high.  If you don’t win, there’s always a glass of wine, with good friends over a great steak.   There’s also a good nap… a requirement for the coming weeks, and there’s always a grand dance,   Dance on with your tribe and  remember your body’s electro-sea magnetic field is under great assault. There is reason you feel low? High? Anxious? Fearful? Exhausted? Confused? Wired? Keep shaking! Give your atoms and protons opportunity to re-formulate, re-adjust, and re-align.  Remember, emotions run high.  You’re not the only ass in town.


Beginner’s Mind

by Samantha on March 30, 2014

Sunday, the last day of March, is Spring’s New Moon, beginning the festival cycle Navaratri, which is a ten day opportunity to re-condition body and mind.  This transitional time aligns with the Aires New Moon, the doorway into  seasonal new life.   Bodies often feel internally spacey or tired, especially in the dark of New Moons, but when we have multiple cycle shifts happening, and strong planetary line ups, like now~it is doubly so.  This week is a time to stop and care for the body, take time to assess how and who and what is important.

This is a moment for ‘Beginner’s Mind~Zen Mind.’ Stand wide on the mat, hang upside down, bring heart over head, and breathe into that heart, listen to it.  Feel the back of  the neck grow long, breath into the occipital spine.  This is the area that feeds vision.  Think about it.  When the neck tightens down, the head cant turn to see wider spectrums. While upside down, bend the knees and flop around, responding to a relationship with gravity, the give and take of earth.  Slowly roll back up the spine, see if heart has fed a wider vision. If nothing else, the brain has been bathed in fresh blood, preparing it for un-known territory.

We need rich red blood for the month of April.  We need to grow as luminously soulful as possible.  We have profound un-known territory this month.  We have transformative shifts moving the world into greater confusion, un-expected commitments, and very different trajectories.  As always, some with be in the audience applauding, others will be on stage trying to remember their lines.  The issue will be that the script has changed and no one told the actors.  Time to improvise and trust.  And as the Aires New Moon dictates, find and fund new ways to trust self and be courageous.

To support you in creating beginner’s mind, the Shakti Yoga Dance workshop on April 6, at Laughing Dog, will create an emotional home base, validating desires for safety and well-being so we can reach for the next trapeze and throw ourselves out there, knowing we have a net. We will trust the mat and the music to take us where we need to go. We will enter the magical journey through the breath, connecting core to outer layer, heart to head, belly to vision. This time will be a refuge and a celebration, a perfect April preparation for transitions and transformations.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.



Happy New Year!

by Samantha on March 20, 2014

Today is The Astrological New Year-The Vernal Equinox.  This is a powerful day in the Astrological calendar for it offers- yet again another chance to begin.  This time from the opening degree of Aires, with its fiery ruler Mars booting us up and out.  We can use its take-charge impetus to force new seed, new ideas, and projects out of a cold, dark earth.  ‘Equinox’ literally means ‘equal night,’ when day and night each hold twelve hours. It was the ancient victory of the God of Light over the God of Darkness, and spring celebrations celebrate re-birth, renewal, regeneration.

The three Astrological signs of spring move into the world from the power of their visions to re-boot.  Each in their very different way have the ability to inspire, and create new paths. Think Taurus/think Picasso. This spring, all signs are being affected by the waves of change, the transmission of power the heavens are pouring upon us.  You do not have to be a spring baby to feel the upheaval forming at this time.  If you’re edgy, nervous, or tired for no reason, you are picking up vibrations from the big planets moving into place, to peak April 20.

Be aware that imbalances at this time may come from over-stepping boundaries and telling others what to do instead of inspiring them to do it, The entire world is being profoundly affected by this planetary face off, (See the Crimea) but those with spring birthdays, especially Aires and early Taurus, may find themselves pushed to outer limits.  Now is a good time to begin centering practice so that Aires can grow more self-assured, rather than rash and arrogant; Taurus will remain quietly assertive rather than intractable and inflexible. Gemini will stop long enough to breathe and listen before asking its next question. Learning new centering techniques, we shall all move into the wisdom of our bodies and stress less. 

spring quadrant signs

Aires: March 20- April 19.  Ruled by the planet Mars, this first, cardinal sign is the opening energy of fire, containing visionary courage to overcome odds. There is a single-minded insistence on new life that moves Aires out into the world to be creative through crises.  It shakes up the rest of us, insisting we join the dance, become a player.

Taurus: April 20-May 19 A receptive, earthy energy implements practical visions, organizing goals from sound judgment and a sensual beauty. It is the first of four serpent signs having to do with power and will.  Ruled by Venus, Taurus projects are usually bound up in beautiful ritual and ribbon.

Gemini: May 20- June 20  The third spring signature explores and talks about the process of their vision, questioning results, sharing them, then moving on.  Its twin forces of human and divine are ruled by the dual energy of Mercury.  Its job is to throw seeds of possibility in the wind for the rest of us to wonder at and be entranced.

Note that to help us heal and center, to hold the heart well, to be joyous and brave, a new dance, “My Angel” has been posted.  It moves from the polarities of divine and earthly, and is woven from intuition and reason.

Sign in for Shakti’s wonderfully healing journey of dances at Laughing Dog,

April 6, 1-4pm                                                


A Divining GPS

by Samantha on March 14, 2014

Pulled inexorably into life, we cry and yearn for the womb.  Yanked unceremoniously into death, we hunger for life.  Between these two polarities lies the DNA of every subsequent face-off.  In the first polarities of inhaling and exhaling lies opportunity for renewal, vision, and reconciliation of opposites.  You’d think by now we might have learned to not struggle with polarity.  You hope that at this stage we would have enough angelic and human intuition for a divining GPS that embodies the light of who we are, what we need, and how we are to navigate.

A ‘job description’ for taking an earthly incarnation could be: Synthesizing, assimilating, and digesting polarities.  We are no sooner done with one than embroiled in the next.  They now line up like planes waiting for take off at LAX.  This incessant struggle makes the breath shorter and smaller.  Perhaps if we re-trained the breathing, along with re-balancing the physical with the mental, and the emotion with the intellect, we’d have a stronger center, better at coalescing the mountain of incompatibilities.

Even the large picture, the uber-issues that we feel don’t come under our personal jurisdiction, such as the weather, illness, and big business.  Even those could shift and grow less contrary if we addressed the polarities that have made them un-manageable and over-large.  The ancient Huna of Hawaii had the power to control weather until they lost it due to love of power.  It might now be our task to learn from them and take that power to love, creating ways and means of reconciling from center.

Polarities are hard to give up because not only are we used to them, not only are they part of every diet, like refined sugar, but they are often much loved.  Polarities create chaos, and drama, grabbing limelight and attention.  Those without power crave attention.  So without demanding center stage, without abusing power, how do we synthesize our gifts and offer them for acceptance?  How do we honor our unique contributions, and find union in our irreconcilable parts? How do we merge our human and divine to fuse into the best Self?  Where is my divining rod?




Astrology and Yoga of Transformation:

Working with polarities is a Full Moon opportunity.  Sunday’s face off between Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces is perfect for questioning the challenges encoded in matter and spirit, science and mysticism, as well as the outer and inner life.  Virgo’s polarity is the finite, and particular, while Pisces focuses on potential and infinite.

The degrees of the Sun and Moon closely square the Galactic Center, focusing energy from the massive black hole in the heart of the Milky Way.  Black Holes are transmitters of radio waves, X-rays, gamma rays, and radiation.  This is an offering of added energy for moving humanity along.  With consciousness, we choose how we wish to deploy this extra transmission.  Yes, it’s destabilizing, but it helps release old habits so we reap a new harvest, and seed powerful potentials.

When you stand your mat under the radiance of this Full Moon, you might choose to dance with the newly posted Shakti Dance, My Angel ~which embodies the polarities of divine and earthly, and is woven from intuition and reason.

If you don’t dance, then sing, chant, and lead yourself toward a new intelligence, one that is of your unique voice, and allows you to hear and see yourself in a new light…a Full Moon light.


March In New England

by Samantha on March 6, 2014





March In New England

Winter’s dark wreckage

Is coin of the realm.

Its choppy sea of crusted snow

Covers a heaving earth

Trembling in wait

Wild with green longing,

Juicy and plump

Despite desiccated cold.

I need only remember~

Remaining as rich as my dreams.


Astrology & Yoga of Transformation 

The sliding doors of March prevail~setting set us up for what’s ahead while we look back in re-consideration to realign.   We move between Pisces spirit of endings and Aires New Year salvo of mastery.  They may collide.  That’s when we head to the mat and allow the perfection of Samasthiti/Equal Standing to imbue the body: Be present, become a delicate balance of spirit and human.

We need every tool available in our Yoga toolbox for the volatile spring combinations headed our way.  If ever there was a time to practice responding instead of reacting, it is now.  And like all else, it is a practice.  Another practice in good stead is to grow consciousness and ask ourselves the difficult questions.  It’s an important time to pay attention to synchronicities and their symbolic resonance for this will help us make the best of necessary changes.

The cosmic event of the grand cross, peaking April 20, will move lives beyond their old trajectories…some more than others.  Be prepared to be confused, and audacious, to be optimistic, and fearful, to remain aligned with your numinous-self, and take out the trash, perhaps with a big knife in hand.  If your life is not transformed, then perhaps you can stand at the ready to protect another whose life is shaken to the core.  Samasthiti.