One Word~Peace

Today, I write of peace because Monday, Sept. 21, is the International Day of Peace. In August, I wrote of 108 words for love, Sanskrit style. In English, peace, like love, has only one word for its multiple energies and forms. The English-speaking world, despite its enormous vocabulary, seems almost mute when uttering profoundly important elements or energies. If our language was as old as Sanskrit, perhaps we would have 108 ways and means to access peace, within and without. Socrates asked, “If you don’t have a word to describe something, then how can you think about it?”

Fall is a good time to think about and celebrate a day of peace, for like spring, it’s filled with change, disruption, and the chaos of seasonal beginnings and endings. What are we honoring when we set aside time for peace? Just what are we asking? What blocks us from having it? How can we create it? How do we grow receptive to that soulful energy and embody its archetype within?

What peace means for you, and what it means for me are two different things. But however you describe it and wish for it~this week is a good time to consider what blocks having it, for it is Ganesh Chaturthi, the birthday of Lord Ganesha, the much loved Indian god, known by 108 names-by the way, who has the power to clear whatever holds us back. Ganesh showers life with abundance. And peace is a rare form of abundance.

Last week’s Breath on prana, and the practice of creating it have the same requirements in calling peace: Set intention. Breathe it in. Make space for it. Hold it as precious. Life is blocked and lacks legitimacy without it. We move without Grace without peace, for like love, it is glue allowing all else to grow and flourish. Chaos breeds fear and anxiety, pushing away any hopes of nurturing growth. Perhaps the gift of chaos and destruction is it pushes us toward more soulful connection, and off-sets pervasive fragmentation. Peace heals. On Mon. 9/21, let us deliberately cultivate deeper connections to an inner filled radiance, honoring peace possibilities by loving ourselves, and the stranger on the street.



Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Shadows of Lunacy Oct. 6-12

I have observed many Yoga and dance bodies weaving, wavering, and quivering through the past weeks of powerful Lunar energies. This week, we move into the end phase of this ‘lunacy’ with the third of the Super Moons 10/12. We began emoting and feeling more exposed, and nervy with the Solar Eclipse of 9/ 12-13. We peaked with the Full Moon Eclipse of 9/27, many falling into exhaustion as old lives ended, and the unknown knocked at the front door. The very twisty Mercury Retrograde has not helped, nor has the extra serving of Solar Flares.

Bodies have been under duress, especially the emotional body which longs for home and safety, more so when the Moon is prominent. Disagreeably, these Super Moons have booted many from known hearth and home, demanding we face fear and start over. Use the following energies this week to support and challenge yourself to moving onward under Monday’s New Moon.

Sift wheat from chaff off the eclipse offering. They have offered insight as well as chaos. Sit still, recognize what you have acquired, what has offered authenticity as well as hardship.

  1. Mercury is finally ending it’s ‘backward’ phase, preparing to slowly move forward Saturday, 10th. We have been in massive review, held back by tech-glitches, broken machinery and cranky cars. This is a Universal force field requiring re-consideration of consequences and itinerary before a new launch.

The Friday ‘standstill’ of Mercury aligns with the North Node, adding depth as it asks, “ Is this direction good for your soul”?

  1. Adding to that soul demand, Pluto squares the Sun saying, you must regenerate your solar life. It is a time of transformation and evolution. Please do not remain the same. Please do not knife someone pissing you off.
  2. Mars opposes Neptune, a polarity demanding spirit rule action. The see-saw between them may require Mars to surrender before it takes action.
  3. Just before Monday’s New Moon in Libra, the Sun opposes Uranus, ‘sky-god’ of upheaval, change, and liberation. You will feel rebellious, which is just what you need to dive into the dark of the New Moon and set off anew.

 Your Practice this week: Take it down a notch, unless you are really angry or confused, then be my guest and sweat the mat; otherwise, create space within to offer resilience for the outer body. As always, connect breath to elongate muscle, and shed toxins. Release even more toxicity by adding Kapalabhati Breath. Remember it works not only through physical tissue but cleanses the 6th chakra/Third Eye of intuitive sight.

Acquiring strength to stand your ground without belligerence? Hold balancing poses longer. Try Ardha Chandrasana/Half Moon, adding five extra breaths to what you normally hold. This pose calls the lunar life to open within, allowing her light to nurture anxieties, and sooth restlessness. It teaches us to risk, and expand beautifully and confidently.


Notes to Remember:

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