September 23, 2014

A Wow Week of Sexy Shifts

Sept 22~Fall Equinox.  One of the four major energy doors in the year.  As the Sun moves into Libra, you will feel your electromagnetic field affected, as it is every Solstice and Equinox.  These energetic gateways enable access to other dimensions.  Venus rules this one making relationships of every sort paramount, especially those that have wounded, including old experiences.  The opportunity to heal is now.  Love, despite the hurt, for it is the way into the light.

Pluto, the ‘sexy’ planet, of regeneration, death, taxes and sex stations direct, after her review period of six months. At this time, her vibration and mandate are profound.  Pluto transforms because it forces to the surface old wounds, regret, shame, and fear.  She helps re-channel energy that is lost in keeping that ‘heinous self hidden.’  Pluto is emotional, she is feminine, she empowers.  Use her now to become more conscious in shifts in the balance of power in relationships.  Be aware of emotional undertows, especially Fri. and Sat. when the Moon swims in Scorpionic waters~ Pluto’s home.

Sept 21-22  New Moon in Libra involves aspects to Jupiter, Uranus and Chiron, which help bring light to the dark, and our unconsciousness to light. Integrate the dark and shunned places within so they may open and become part of the process in the deeper purpose of relationship.  Integrate more of your joyous spirit.

Esoterically, this New Moon is a symbol of, ‘transmuting the fruits of past experiences into seed-realizations of the forever creative spirit.’*  These radical times call us to radically shift, to do whatever we can to grow our light.  This week, it asks us to grow through and with and from relationships, to transmute what has been abused and hurt, and find a way to make love work, especially love of self.

*(Sabian symbols of Mark Edmund Jones)

Sept 25 the Jupiter-Uranus Trine supports doing the difficult work of Pluto because it offers the goodies.  Jupiter, the expanded visionary, and Uranus the innovater, break down doors. Working harmoniously, these two offer courage and possibility of  breakthroughs and manifestation.  Time to putnew dreams and ideas to the test.

My classes this week correspond and support the massive shifts contained in the Equinox, New Moon, Pluto station, and courage in the Jupiter-Uranus trine.  They will be structured from a receptive, Yin exhale ~ releasing the past, then beckon  transformative light and joy to manifest from the mat.

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    A Wow Week

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