Sea Of Love

I feel sea levels sloshing and rising within. Is it the times we swim in? Do you feel this moist, ever-changing ocean of emotion shifting and moving you inexorably toward unknown shores? Are sea-changes within caused by our talents to disrupt and deconstruct, much like worldly sea changes? Can we control it? Are we learning to flow in new current sweeping us onward? Is being fluid a necessary requirement to staying afloat in rising waters?

Fluidity is something I’ve aspired to, but feared. I am physically fluid. And I can swim. But these are only pieces of the flexibility needed when the unknown calls. As a strong swimmer, I know the ocean, and have a profound respect for her power; tides, waves, and rip currents have sucked me out, under, and away many times. Being in the sea is excellent training for resilience, and determination, but not necessarily for flexibility, or for the fluidity required in becoming emotionally vulnerable, which is the territory of water.

I’ve discovered that what has buoyed, and brought me inner fluidity is you. Those of you who have cheered me on, believed in me, offered counsel on dark nights, and generally been front and center as I faced fears, and struggled with fierce emotion are the best of water-wings. Most of my life, I worked to contain overwhelming emotion, knowing that if it ever fully rose within, I might drown. It is not that you were not there. You have always been there~here for me. I did not know how to accept the sea of love floating around me, waiting and hoping to float my boat and carry me onward.

This spring, preparing to teach in Spain, I saw all this clearly. The dike burst, and water poured through so I could take in the overwhelming support of you~ at home wishing me only success on a great new adventure. I also allowed the great good will of Spanish students, who did not know me, but clearly wished me well, happy that I was there. I survived, and see I have grown courage for bigger waves as old walls of fear crumbled, old lines of defense disappeared. I am willing to be taken into stronger currents. My resilience grows, along with a more flexible heart. I’m leaving land, heading out to sea to see what I can see. I see you.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Shamanic Dreams And Margaritas May 4~11

Cinco De Mayo, celebrated with a sassy Margarita my enliven this week for you. As you sip, ask the Agave-nectar-Gods for a dream. This can be a powerful time for life-changing dreams and visions. As Shaman’s do, be alert to words from other worlds. The veil is thin. This is not a practical time to do the ‘to-do-list.’ Rather, sit softly and listen to your inner life, fertilize it with silence and solo time. New growth is coming, but like the cold of this New England spring, it’s slow to arrive. More time to immerse in the unseen tides moving through us. Come summer we can begin to decide how and where we best move on, as we slowly leave five retrograde planets now dominating May’s landscape.

We will have a Super New Moon in Taurus May 6th. Taurus, ruled by Venus, makes this New Moon about values, substance, practicality, and beauty. There are four Taurus planets, plus a Grand Earth Trine, connecting Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Pluto, all aiding a needed sense of grounding and stability. A Grand Earth Trine can also support potential in better use of money, or a stronger flow of self worth and power supporting our work, adding to a greater sense of value, which in the end –creates more money. Earth trines, like Taurus energy, can be extremely resourceful and persistent. It wants to use and to use well.

Working with the cosmic flow is always easier than fighting the current. This is a powerful time to listen to what you most value, to dream your beauty as you wish to re-create it, to re-commit to what’s really important to you, letting excess and dead ideas fall away.

Practice This Week

Sit in Sukhasana, holding a Lotus Mudra in front of your heart. Plant your New Moon seeds of intention deep into the luminous heart of the Lotus where they can be nurtured not only with your intention, but by desires to re-define your value. Time spent with the inner landscape is pure gold now. Don’t bypass the opportunity to re-shape your future, and the future of earth. Use this quiet time to re-structure your Practice in simple, practical, and beautiful Taurus-ways.

My classes this week will re-work well known asanas using some of Doug Keller’s practical and beautiful anatomical tips. (Yes, he’s a Taurus!) Plus dancing the lovely spring Shakti Dance, “Earth Dreams” ~two very Taurus approaches to the Practice. Looking forward to seeing you on the mat for renewal, and perhaps a moment to sit with Buddha-thoughts. Yes, he was another Taurus.