108 Words For Love

Sanskrit, that ancient and most excellent of languages, has 108 words for love. What happened to the Anglo Saxons? Is this one of the reasons we find it difficult to express love? With only one word, it follows that the thought form is so narrow that our ability to be heart-expansive is not easily achieved. To some degree, we are all feeling thus during this Venus Retrograde period. (See Astrology Notes for Aug. 11-18)

When we think of love, for the most part we assume it is loving another. But there is a love that must precede that which is Self love. If we had a separate word for that, we might understand and do it better. Because the assumption of love moves to partnering, many feel a judgment in being selfish when trying to deeply care for Self. It is a hard learning curve for the most part, but now is the time to do it. The Universe stands behind us.

One of the most onerous tasks of self love is keeping my word to me. I have grown to comprehend the depth of destruction that takes place when I break my word to myself. I feel a sad fall from grace. Caroline Myss calls keeping our word a ‘sacred contract.’ Indeed they are sacred.   For broken trust blasts the shelter of well-being like nothing else. Dreams go straight to requiem, and flesh is raw. If there is redemption, and there is, it’s that broken shards of shredded trust tear up the soil, turning it over in preparation for new seed. If faith can be re-funded, revenge dis-engaged, and apathy re-tooled, then planting commences.

Fear of not trusting creates a profound animal woundedness. It is no small or easy thing to heal these hidden scars for they demand extra attention and loving care. These ‘unconscious’ broken contracts with self are the most painful and difficult because we no longer trust ourselves. We become hesitant to commit, and lose our radiance, we lose our fertilizer and passion, the stanky zest of risking. We stand on barren ground, longing for a harvest that is not possible. Perhaps we are trying, but that meagerness reveals an inability for full-hearted commitment.

How many words for love do you know? Can you find one more? Who knows the way in? What guides you through your fear to safety, then risk? Who heals the healer that is thou? In what shape are your ‘sacred contracts?’ How trust-worthy can you grow? At this New Moon, in Leo, aligned with a Venus retrograde, there is no more perfect pursuit than turning over these heart-soil questions.

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one this is going to require the most from you.”   Caroline Myss



Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

August 22-31 Super Moon~She Ain’t No Blue Moon

The upcoming Full Moon on the 29 marks the traditional end of summer. As ending’s go, this one could slam the door on summer’s sweetness. It is the first of three upcoming Super Moons, where the Moon is both perigee, closest to the earth, and syzygy, in alignment with the earth. This sets up strong electromagnetic fields, both in the earth, and our bodies. You will see ocean’s tides, the earth’s tectonic plates, and the body’s nervous systems all affected, open to big shifts in consciousness. Perhaps that is what an earthquake is~ The earth expanding its consciousness?

Full Moons, as you know, offer light for ‘ahaa moments’ of understanding. This Pisces/Virgo face-off offers possibility for shifts in spirit, intuition, and creativity, as well as the usual mental insight. The Virgo Sun, ruled by Mercury, master of the lower mind, helps ground the visions, mayhem and mystery of the Pisces Moon. Amplifying their polarity energetic is Jupiter sidling up beside the Sun. Jupiter meets up with the Sun once a year, amplifying whatever sign its in, is also the ancient ruler of Pisces, therefore at home in shaping spiritual expression. Jupiter in Virgo says, “mind your diet, your desire to refine and serve. It is opposing Neptune, who embraces the Pisces Moon it rules. If you feel an escalation of bigger~if not lost and confused energy, be mindful you may be reacting, not adjusting. Work it out of the body. Keep the nervous system calm with long, loving breath. In Pisces/Virgo you want to be more careful with drugs, allergic reactions to mixing pills, drinking, and odd forms of delusional escapism. Do embrace whatever faith you can find, seek answers to the meaning behind form, and follow whatever mystery guides you to spirit. Learn more of Pisces & Virgo energies.

The Venus Retrograde heart-review we have all been working with these past weeks adds additional fuel to this Full Moon’s awareness. This ‘super Moon’ is releasing personal tetonic plates we have outgrown, so we can be more alive, and move differently in the world. This planetary alignment offers a vision of becoming a better model. It provides yet again, another moment to embrace more compassionate values, seeding ourselves to serve the earth, supporting her necessary shifts. (Review Venus: 108 Ways to Love  & Astrology and Yoga of Transformation August 17-21   Love-Right Old Wrongs.)

Yoga this week might include a three pronged approach: Begin with sitting cross-legged in Padmasana or Sukhasana.   Use a simple Ujai Pranayama to enliven and ground the body. Breathe through the Anja Chakra, the third eye between the brows. Add a chant, either silently or aloud. Try Aham Bra-mis-ma. Its vibration is a reminder we are the jewel center of all, and all is within us. Not only are we a ‘child of God,’ we are God as She moves through us. (Go to You Tube for several renditions of the sound.)

Getting physical, lie back and lift into Setu Bandha Sarvangasana/Bridge Pose. Breathe through the back body, behind the heart, remind yourself how expansive you have become struggling through your Venus Retrograde issues. You can also place a block or bolster under the spine and recline. Check out Chest Openers as well as Restorative Poses.

More physical yet is the optimum heart celebration in Urdhva Dhanurasana/Wheel Pose. Not only do we feel physically heart-expansive but this is a palliative pose for depression and anxiety. As you ground feet and legs down to rise up, feel your capacity to love, to accept being loved in odd and different ways, and to become more powerful as you break old chains.

I join you in spirit as you lift off, and open to the light. Most of you know I am away this week, but you have ‘ladies of the light’ standing in; Jacqueline on Wednesday, & Black Jenn on Saturday. Enjoy their wonderful teaching as you surrender yourself to this Full Moon.