On The Road Again

Have you, like Willie, been itching to ‘get on the road again?’ Is the uncertainty, at best, and terror, at worst enough to make you press petal to motivational-metal and roar off toward new horizons? Is the inner emotional current growing such an insistently high decibel that you feel something within about to give way…the old brick and mortar cracking? Perhaps the edges of consciousness hear the resonance of Rumi’s dictate, “Seek the path that demands your whole being. ”

This is an admirable directive at any time, but as life grows precious and precarious; precious because of passing time, and precarious from greater reluctance to risk, we cannot postpone this rough road. Despite it being steep and arduous, we are on the road again because most of us postponed it as long as we could. We chose the seduction of safety, or like Willie, we made music with our friends. We allowed turmoil to waylay intention, and wept when fear obliterated courage.

The road of wholeness rises into the mountains, toward unknown destinations. It requires dreams, and faith to keep it going through steep, and twisty terrain. I am struggling with this road because I have not dreamed for too long, nor have I allowed the delicacy of fate and free will to hang in the balance. I have not wished upon the Moon, nor thrown coins in a fountain. If I cannot dream, or believe in my wishes, I cannot seek the path of my ‘whole being, ’ for the mystery of faith and fate stand side by side to the pragmatic good soldier. The voice of the dreamer opens the factual researcher to the unknown. The whole being contains and balances the visible, and invisible in equal measure.

Becoming whole is to become efficient in what we are deficient. It is to learn what we don’t understand. It is to assimilate another’s wisdom. This is what partnering brings. It is for these reasons we choose someone who offers what we do not have. They fill our empty places. They heal and mend. They drive us crazy. We learn. We assimilate and grow conscious. We shore up so we may travel onward. With fortune, we become who we always hoped we’d be.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Once In A Blue Moon~ July 27-August 3

The ‘Blue Moon’ on July 31 contains energy to shake us lose in all manner of ways, especially loosening old emotional dictates so we can risk new heartfelt direction and intention.  A ‘Blue Moon’ is not Astrological or heavenly, it is a ‘calendar event,’ simply signifying more than one Full Moon in a month’s time. I believe the term is from an editor at the Farmers Almanac who used a blue pencil to circle any ‘extra’ Full Moons in a month. The symbol remains one of relating to a rare, or unusual event, and that is part of this Full Moon’s theme.

Following the ‘reversal’ of Venus and Uranus over the weekend, we are now all aboutadjusting.  Not only are Venus-thoughts on partnering, finances and self worth in review, but our wishful thinking may need a re-set.  How you think it should be is adjusting to how it is.  This is not easy.  What we want is~ simple.  But straight forward it ain’t.  All the wishing in the world is not going to change it.  This is a good time to deep dive into underground channels of the emotional spirit and come up with better answers.

With Mars in Cancer, our responses tend to be more defensive. … think sideways movement like a Crab.  Security is a bigger issue, as are home, tribe and mom.  Mars represents commitment, anger, drive, and sexuality.  While in Cancer, as well as in a relationship with Neptune, we struggle to balance assertion and defensiveness; our own emotional needs with those of others; and being crafty V.S. being clear.

The Leo~let’s be creative, child-like and loving Sun, opposes the collaborative Aquarian Moon, who wishes us to become peers and equals in a better world.  One is deeply personal, the other~impersonal.  It is a polar path asking we transcend: country, culture, race, sex, religion, even politics.  The hope is that when we put a Leo heart behind the Aquarian/Uranian ability to leap out of old boxes toward the unknown, we leap more handsome in our humanity, and a je ne sais quoi joie de vivre of, “I am who I am, unique, wonderous, alive.”

The Yoga invitation for the mat is to continue last week’s heart-opening asanas, (go to dailybreathjournal.com check out Astrology-bottom corner) including Pranayama from the Anahata/heart chakra, as well as moving intention up to the Vishuida/throat chakra, so we speak from the heart.  It is a propitious time to be crazy on the mat, hence Shaktidances, Poplockin’ s sassy fun.  Let your crazy creativity link asanas in unusual ways, sparking your creative genius.

dailybreathjournal.com publishes anew come Friday~vibrating the transformative ethos of this Uranian-Solar Full Moon.  Can’t wait to hear what you think.

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