Sea Of Love

I feel sea levels sloshing and rising within. Is it the times we swim in? Do you feel this moist, ever-changing ocean of emotion shifting and moving you inexorably toward unknown shores? Are sea-changes within caused by our talents to disrupt and deconstruct, much like worldly sea changes? Can we control it? Are we learning to flow in new current sweeping us onward? Is being fluid a necessary requirement to staying afloat in rising waters?

Fluidity is something I’ve aspired to, but feared. I am physically fluid. And I can swim. But these are only pieces of the flexibility needed when the unknown calls. As a strong swimmer, I know the ocean, and have a profound respect for her power; tides, waves, and rip currents have sucked me out, under, and away many times. Being in the sea is excellent training for resilience, and determination, but not necessarily for flexibility, or for the fluidity required in becoming emotionally vulnerable, which is the territory of water.

I’ve discovered that what has buoyed, and brought me inner fluidity is you. Those of you who have cheered me on, believed in me, offered counsel on dark nights, and generally been front and center as I faced fears, and struggled with fierce emotion are the best of water-wings. Most of my life, I worked to contain overwhelming emotion, knowing that if it ever fully rose within, I might drown. It is not that you were not there. You have always been there~here for me. I did not know how to accept the sea of love floating around me, waiting and hoping to float my boat and carry me onward.

This spring, preparing to teach in Spain, I saw all this clearly. The dike burst, and water poured through so I could take in the overwhelming support of you~ at home wishing me only success on a great new adventure. I also allowed the great good will of Spanish students, who did not know me, but clearly wished me well, happy that I was there. I survived, and see I have grown courage for bigger waves as old walls of fear crumbled, old lines of defense disappeared. I am willing to be taken into stronger currents. My resilience grows, along with a more flexible heart. I’m leaving land, heading out to sea to see what I can see. I see you.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Prescient Shadows May 17-24

You may be a light seeking missile, worn from retrograde stalls and confusion. You may be so tired you no longer care. If you are full of pep and clear about strategies, this post will not be of interest. But if, despite the low grade exhaustion from the Mars retrograde, you are hearing more intuitive knock-knocks, if you have been visiting your past more than usual, even to having un-expected old friends re-appear, and perhaps more importantly, if you having been questioning old hard-held truths, then ‘come on down.’ Let’s dress-up to howl the Full Moon.

The upcoming Full Moon on the 21st might be titled ‘Truth or Consequences.” The Gemini Sun is how we question and gather information. The Sagittarius Moon interprets and collates those bits of information and knowledge. Last week’s Astrology, titled, “I’ll See It When I Believe It” remains a powerful mantra, preparing hearts and minds for this Full Moon, along with Mercury-ruler of Gemini, turning direct on the 22nd, under the Moon’s sumptuous light. Now is the time to question everything, ask truth of every being, grow compassion by listening with the heart, acknowledge preconceives and prejudice. This week can be used to access inner resources and mindsets, just as the Grand Earth Trine of Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto grows outer resources with quiet support of what’s really important to us….where are we ready to take our next leap? What supports that?

As we inexorably move toward summer, dropping retrogrades by the wayside, we consciously and un-consciously prepare new life, possibly with reborn structures of reality and expanded truth. As Mercury, in Taurus, ruled by Venus, turns direct, we will acknowledge the beauty in our lives, and have better tools to not only use it personally, but to profoundly share it with others in meaningful ways.

As you stand the mat and move into your Practice, feel it as a ritual of beauty. Encourage your poses to bathe you not only from a practical health focus of strength and flexibility, but to support your spirit in its resolve to be deeply present to each moment. There as many ways and means to move as there are languages to speak. Yoga is listening to the language of our heart in loving conversation with soul.

 Practice this Week:  

A ten minute opening salvo to create balance and inner support for a Practice: Begin with 1. Pranayama, Nadi Shodana, alternate nostril breathing for five minutes. 2. Follow with one minute of opening to inner peace, with eyes closed. 3. Expand the emotional body with Janu Sirsana, exhaling through hip muscles. 4. Bring knees in, contracting Abs to support the spine, roll back and forth, massaging the back, then sit, lengthen legs and spine up into Navasana, (bend knees bent if back is weak). If wanting the burn, hold full pose 10 breaths. 5. Bend knees to sit in Sukhasana, rolling over legs onto hands. On all fours, stretch legs back, and lift hips into Adho Mukha/Down Dog. All poses found:

You have wonderful subs at Laughing Dog Wed. night classes: Jen Cooper at 5:15, and Elgar Pichler at 7:00 PM.

There is no Saturday Yoga at the church on the 21st.

On following Memorial Day weekend of 28, summer Yoga schedule begins: Solo 8:30 AM class only. This is the last Saturday class at the church. We shall close this phase with heartfelt ritual. Beginning June 4, Saturday classes, at 8:30 AM, move to Blue Lotus Yoga in Needham. We will open to this new life and home with joyous ritual. Further information forthcoming after Mercury turns Direct.

Summer’s Shakti Intensive, July 22-24, grows with excitement of Euro-Yoga Instructors, alongside locals, creating synthesis of fascinating energy. View new duet video, and training information at

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