Autumn Equinox

The standstill of perfect balance before night descends,

A momentary refuge of light and dark whose doors open

In side by side perfection.

This soul’s asylum of neither right nor wrong

Ushers us through with no second thought

One more leaf, spinning and twirling

In death defying spirals before earth accepts our stillness.

Peace beckons, shelter to the deepening life

Safe, calm cocoon before the turning.

Here, we become the light.

Here we attend momentary Grace

Before rushing down the windward fall.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

New Moon /New Environments/ New Resolve!   Sept 18-25



Integration grows more important as bodies struggle to assimilate a faster pace, a higher evolutionary demand, and the oh so simple, but daunting task of taking inventory as you clear out the junk. Keeping to ‘True North’ requires we integrate multiple layers into a healing-whole, in every moment.   Tuesday’s New Moon in Virgo, with Venus, Mars, and Mercury alongside and inside this re-birth cycle, requires we focus and attend to the refining of daily practices in order to create this wholeness. To navigate well, we must discard the unnecessary, review what is solid, re-work the broken bits, be choiceful and alert to deepest desires and needs. Don’t let carelessness distract you from priorities.

As you de-clutter, ask what the body needs, as well as the brain. The five Virgo planets are ruled by Mercury, a mischievous thinker, story-teller and master of duality. Your brain may be on over-whelm, not only because of the five Mercury ruled planets, but Mercury stands opposite Neptune, (your new best friend. And as if that were not enough, we have had powerful solar flares, altering the electro-magnetic field. (“The largest solar flare in nine years occurred on September 6…and another nearly as strong emerged four days later, causing radio blackouts and disruptions in navigation signals.” Astrologer -Stephanie Austin) Your body/brain must integrate for mutual support during these ‘blackout’ events. The Virgo ‘port hole’ requires health in all daily habits, from what you put in your mouth, to what you think, from what you choose to wear, to how you dance in it. The pulsating electro-magnetic fields are changing our ability to deal with depression, PTSD, dementia, brain chemistry, never mind altered possibilities in DNA.

This week, we not only integrate and layer a powerful New Moon, but Rosh Hashanah energies, the International Day of Peace, AND the Autumn Equinox! Despite the quiet make up of each of these layers, overall it is a WOW week. With her arms full of wheat, Virgo invites us to the fall harvest. Part of the harvest is a spiritual skill digesting wheat into a refined consciousness, culling essential from the extraneous. Like each of the planets in their own unique way, we are invited to greater spiritual realization.

For many this season, inner shifts are coming from outer depths of despair and destruction. Stand in witness mode for the thousands of survivors around the world. Hold your light higher to help them through their dark night. Never underestimate what you are quietly creating from your expanded consciousness. This work is not only for us, but for Gaia, who is one with us. She is shape-shifting and clearing out what is unusable, and untenable. Her massive storms, fires, rains, and earthquakes are a way of dissolving old patterns and paradigms,. Like us, she begs a new life of greater compassion and awareness. Can we wake up in time to support her and save ourselves?


This Week’s Birthday-Bodies: You are a think-tank of refined ideas this year, but be aware that all those impeccable ideas may not be as true as you think they are, as Mercury opposes Neptune. “Neptune often obscures reality behind our projections or perceived ideals. He puts carrots out before our mules to lead us toward perfection. In this we are all united. Our relationship with carrots is individual.” Astrologer Richard Humbert.    Go out and make your mark as a perfect carrot, feeling the New Moon/new life within. Harvest your greatness!

On Your Mat This Week: We shall not let perfection sway us from endeavor. This week is tune-up time for a more mindful Practice where strive to fulfill each asana, while realizing our limits, and honoring them. During New Moon dark, take time to go within, using Pranayama, mantra and mind/body techniques to access and integrate interior to exterior. In the Moon’s re-birth, we listen to what calls us, what needs to be born and nurtured. May your harvest be a renewed light-body!

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