The Hat

We are all running with scissors, up to our eyeballs in overwhelm, counting ourselves lucky if we don’t trip and fall on sharp pointy objects. Like you, I multi-task in ways I never thought possible, and I grab for happiness in un-expected fashion. One of the formative, ‘ahaa’ moments that has helped quiet the chaos, and given me a better sense of procedural structure, is this short conversation of the hat.

Wonderful cousin, Nina, of Madrid, was at a wedding with formidable French friends. It was a beautifully elaborate wedding, well planned from a year’s massive preparations. Nina was congratulating the mother of the bride, asking how she had managed to do this for five daughters. The woman looked her in the eye and said, “When I know anozer weding arive, premier, I go to buy ze hat. Everysing else follow. When I know ze hat, I know ze weding.”

What a sublime image. It holds all manner of silliness, and wisdom. What a chic, but manageable template to choose as your inspirational seed for an enormous task. It made me laugh and realize ~Don’t get lost in the overwhelm; first things first. Choose one special, preferably beautiful beginning moment. All else comes, born this opening vision.

The hat’ returns again and again, helping me reconsider not only priorities before taking on a large project, but the importance of making time to enjoy the opening salvo. In the ‘hat-moment’, I ask, what molecular DNA shall I choose for this initial breath? Can I create an image that emotionally engages, and makes me joyous? What shall I ‘put on’ that reinforces a unique sense of self, and gives me courage? What is the color and shape of this new journey? Sitting with intentional seeds to find the ‘best hat’ for a structured, step by step engagement, I embrace a chic, but child-like joy! I am choosing to lead with confidence, and I’m creating a moment of quiet peace, just me and ‘the hat.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Small Bad Boys & Big Bad Boys Oct. 18~25

It appears we have the small bad boy, Mars, and the Big bad boy, Pluto, hand in hand this week. The high road of these two in cahoots is; we are energized, committed and willing to transform. The low road is, we are fed up, fearsome in revenge, and possibly toxic in our desires and commitment. This visceral extravaganza may be preparing the ground for the Sun’s move into Scorpio Sat. 22nd.

If you are struggling with decisions to stand strong as known territory disappears, let it disappear. Try not to resist as you access both the personal will of Mars, and Pluto’s higher will, in a friendly hand shake. Together, they are an extreme force field, but they offer talents of empowerment , knowing that transformative shifts come as we engage that power over self, not others.

Another high level~ low level connection happens on Thurs. when Mercury, planet of personal thinking, opposes Uranus, planet of higher mind, chaos, and surprise. If you have been struggling with a decision, or unclear about a next step, you may open to insightful messages Thurs./Fri, especially if you can take time out to reflect, not engage, to flow, not resist, and to feel your body alert and sensitive in mysterious surrender. Think Savasana!

If we have moved between higher and lower octaves, or personal and impersonal impulse all week, then by Sunday we may be able to visualize more heaven here on earth as Jupiter and Neptune enlighten and expand. Not without an adjustment! Again, this may be about seeing not from our all too personal, small view, but opening and responding from spirit. Planetary connections set up particular energies of choice. We always have ability to choose how we respond. This is a great ‘practice week!’

If Your birthday is this week~Dance upon the high road! Mindfully, choose your point of view, your responses, and what you hope to manifest. If you take an opportunity to focus from spirit, you will feel guided. If you open your eyes wider, you will have greater insight. If you wish to receive more love, now is the time to embody it, give it greater power, and release expectations of how it will come back.

Your Practice: The Abayha, many of you practiced in classes last week, is a good mudra for aligning passionate, courage-calling choice. It is supportive when needing a sense of protection, or wishing to be courageous in the face of fear. (Form the mudra in a seated pose with both hands up at shoulder level, elbows soft, palm open-facing front.  Or the better known usage is in Warrior II, with the lead elbow bent. same arm and knee bend.  Back arm at side by hip, palm open.)

This is also a good week to ask your entire body to breathe into feeling tones. Bring awareness to the subtle movement of inhale and exhale; sensitize to its calming effects which allows gates of deeper understanding to connect low self to high self.


Vinyasa Flow- Wed. 10/19 at 5:15 level I-II, and 7:00 pm, Level II-III Laughing Dog Yoga Wellesley. We follow the breath as it moves from inner depths, releasing old dogs that can no longer teach us any new tricks.

Sat. 8:30am- Vinyasa Master Class, where we move into a new Shakti Yoga Dance about the resiliency of love. Blue Lotus Healing & Yoga, 945 Great Plain Ave. Needham

Pilates mat Thursday mornings- 8:30. The Studio at One Edson, Natick.  Space limited, advance registration required.

Shakti Yoga Dance Teacher Trainings~ Madrid, Spain, Feb. 3-5, 2017, AND Feb 17-18 in Valencia, taught in English & Spanish.   20 hours, CEU credits-YA.

Shakti Yoga Dances Master Classes at the Yoga Congreso de Valencia, Feb 11-12. AND in Avignon, France, Jan. 29