The Cruellest Month?

Does February’s start seem a time of re-balancing, of multiple questions and decisions? The Groundhog asks, “Should I come out, or should I stay in?” The Christian celebration of Candelmas queries, “Should Christmas décor come down, or not?” The tax man cometh, and questions if we’re ready? The black-eyed stare of looking at last year through financial-glasses is usually a cold reality check, begging us to re-balance before moving on. And a last, futile question from those in cold climes, “Is spring here yet?”

Despite anxious uncertainty, we’ve stepped into a new year. Now what?” February is tough. It may not compete with T.S. Elliot’s opening salvo from the Waste Land, “April is the cruellest month,” but frankly, despite Elliot’s exquisite writing, “Breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire…” I’ll take April over any February day. This is a month we need to hunker into and honor resilience. The February over-tones of not knowing, of not being sure-footed require we look outside known parameters, and expected habitual structure. This requires expanded thinking and a willing body.

The demand to change is a good thing, just don’t ask me to do it. When I am forced into it, I am happy after the fact, not during. Ergo-I’ll be happy in April, after February forces its decisions on me, and my anxiety will have faded. When I am already different, I will be happy.  If I wait for that, I’ll be dead.

I’ve decided to change now. February’s questioning of an old, ingrained habit ~that of flying without a net, has met its mistress. Gently and relentlessly I’ve been nudged into dealing differently with fear. The old ‘Thelma & Louise-Me,’ who did not know enough not to drive off the cliff when fear pressed petal to the metal, has fashioned a new safety net, a container to hold what was terrifying, that pushed me into leaping wildly. Sometimes I landed on my feet, but many times~ disaster.

I’ve been in this alchemical shift for a while. Deep fears take time to open, cleanse, and re-style. A major portion of this shift has been to deepen the feminine within; to listen and really hear what is expressed, to accept my gifts as well as faults, and to allow myself to be held in web of friends and strangers that support me, that are clapping even before I enter the room. Usually, I waited for the “Booo’s.” Most of us fear we will not be loved, or accepted. It is the human condition. This is the fear  most in need of transforming in order for the world to right itself. When we meet ‘the other’ as accomplice, we are free to express our true nature, and the dharma of our gifts. In this partnership, this world of accomplices, we take flight into a wild blue to land with soft gears and a big grin.  There’s hope for February yet.

Shakti Yoga Dances landing with soft gears and a grin in Spain:

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Resisting Is Futile Feb. 1-9

Resisting Is Futile    February 1-10, 2016

“Don’t resist change in February” is a wise mantra for us all. The transformative energies bringing us personally to greater consciousness and perception can easily be seen in the world’ social upheaval, and the loud squawking here in our home- election process.

The upcoming New Moon on Feb. 8, will not provide a darkly quiet, inner space of peace. Rather it is alive with electric charge for change. It’s Aquarian energy loves the intense focus on transformative consciousness, loving nothing better than to provide a bridge for new intention and focus. If you feel your body pulling back to resist the unknown, look at old wounds that may fuel that resistance. Where does the fear come from? Can you objectify and step away long enough to cut its unconscious patterns? Can you sooth your sensory body with small, relentless habits of comfort and healing?

Here to help us make mo’ bettah medicine is Chiron, the Wounded Healer, configured with the New Moon, as well as Jupiter ~conjunct the nodal axis. This is only to say-there is help. Reach for it. Feel that each scary step is being supported by unseen angels rooting for your regeneration. Open to compromise, not extremes. We are all frightened enough without poking the bear. Listen for the soft inner guidance that signals new life is being triggered; the soul engaged. Perhaps it is time to make a commitment to go after a spiritual goal, to strengthen your commitment to your passionate Self?

Practices this Week:  Perhaps the upcoming Shakti Yoga Dance Spring training is what your mind and body seek for regeneration~ & workshops/Intensive training.  If that is too big a bite to contemplate this week, work with the top four chakras: 4th-heart/Anahata, 5th– throat/Vishuddha, 6th-Third Eye/Ajna, and the crown or 7th -chakra/the Sahasrara. Sit quietly and let your breath flow from one wheel to the next, connecting inner spaces, filling them with light, listening to intuitive whispers that emerge.

Call your physical Practice to support the internal opening. Play creatively within your Yoga. Balance front to back and side to side with opposing asanas. Breathe consciously through every move. If muscle or joints hurt, spend more time in the pain or discomfort. Offer extra care and love to those parts. And when you finish and ‘do’ savasana, don’t ‘do’ anything. Become nobody. Empty out.

Shakti Yoga Dances go to Spain:    ‘La Chica de Portada’/Cover Girl.