Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Caterpillar to Butterfly     April 10-16

Understand what is calling the butterfly transformation. How will you take flight? Where is the power to expand wing-span? What mind-shift, or new attitude allows a major structural change?

Microcosm/Macrocosm Feb. 20-27

Astrology is an ancient, sacred and symbolic language of planetary effects on the earth. It informs and supports a wider world-view of one’s place in the firmament. Its cycles remind us of ‘being on time,’ of knowing when to reap and when to sow, of coming to the table with the right attitude. 

Blood Red, Blue and Super to Boot!   Jan. 29-Feb. 7

The Super Blood Red Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on Wed. 31st is bringing you full cycle from 19 years ago. Eclipses shake us up, change our trajectories, and return every 19 years to check in about specific issues.