Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

The Twins Face Off! May 23-30

In the dark of the Gemini New Moon, Thursday 25, set aside quiet time to find the light you wish to be, the love you wish to grow.

Buddha’s Wesak Moon May 9-16

The Scorpio/Taurus polarity can be intense, pushing to deeper recognitions. Their duality is filled with desires to leave old patterns behind, and embrace more loving relationships

Shimmy-Shakin’ New Moon April 25- May 2

May this week’s ‘stormy flares’ disrupt old flows of outdated consciousness, leading to quiet tears of release, and renewal. It is a miraculous time, it is a disruptive time. It is a time of choice.

Bah Ram Ewe, To Your Own Self Be True! March 21-28

Venus is entering her underworld journey, disappearing into the Sun, to emerge as ‘the Morning Star’. History has called her ‘out of line,’ during these underworld passages, for we tend to go over the top. Since we are already over the top. What now?