Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

LET FIRE INSPIRE!   Nov. 26- Dec. 3

In this closing season, see what will carry you onward, where a new will journey excite? This is an opportune week to step back and make some fine decisions to enhance life.

WHO LOVES YA, BABY?   Nov. 13-20

Preparing Mercury’s last 2018 Retrograde, what do you want to to reconsider? Have you grown in emotional intention? Has your purpose broadened? Are new goals reflective of this past deep-diving year?

A WEEK OF WOKE!   Oct. 29-Nov. 2

Bumping down off an unstable, yet forward thinking Full Moon, that is pulling the past toward future alliances, and testing our ideas of value, and commitment.

BE WOKE!   Oct. 22-Nov. 1

Because this Full Moon is complicated,& multi-layered, tension, anxiety, and fears aregenerated. It’s of paramount importance to find care-corners in each day to still the chaos, and allow intuition to download.

DEPTH CHARGE   Oct. 15-22

Communicating from strong feeling tones calling for action! Venus in alchemical Scorpio wants her say in circumstances outside our control.