FIELD OF DREAMS   August 5-12

THEMES                                                                                                                                                  The dance of the planets, creates the rhythm of life on earth. With over half the planetary family Retrograde, we are not in fast forward. We are two-stepping backwards through high heat and memory. The ‘dog days of summer’ resonate within, asking for review, reconsideration, and healing before stepping into fall.

The third and last summer Eclipse, (New Moon in Leo.) puts the cherry on our transformational pie, Saturday, 8/11. Let your light shine!

THE STORY                                                                                                                                          When planets are Retrograde, their influence is more subjective, and if the degree of the planet’s station ties into your chart, more intense. The past is brought up for a re-look/re-hash, asking that old issues be fixed, and healed. Often there is a feeling of dissatisfaction, or angst that needs heart-attention and resolution. Despite the frustrations and pitfalls all Retrogrades bring, they also offer a field of transformational dreams, new opportunities of greater creative heart and compassion.

Moving from inner, or closest, to outer Retrograde planets, Mercury is the most personal as it affects communication, thought process, questioning and the technology of same. It is Retrograde in Leo until 8/ 19. You know your Mercury Retro check list. Time to not only back up all devices, but more importantly, take time to be reflective and check in with Self. Especially check your sense of Leo individuality. Are you shining the way you wish? If not, why not? Is your heart happy, and generously shared? What old wounds block that?

Mars Retrograde is a flaming player until 8/27. Like Mercury, he expresses personally. He is the warrior god teaching us about anger, courage, commitment, and physical expression. This particular retrograde has made him extremely hot, both under the collar and across the land. We burn in his ‘out of bounds’ mania. Use this month to dig into your motivations and understand what demons drive the dream.

Saturn has been Retrograde, in its own sign of Capricorn, since April 18, not turning direct until Sept. 6th.   Saturn is a social sign that prods and pokes us to accomplish, and be ‘more perfect.’ We are to become the CEO of our life by developing skill sets of practical dedication, accomplishment, conservation, limitation and structure. The mantra, particularly during its Retrograde in Capricorn is, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.”

Uranus, the ruler-breaker, is stationing to go Retrograde, in Taurus, on 8/7. He is antithetical to Saturn’s conservatism. The good news is these utterly oppositional forces are both in earth signs, and trine one another, which creates opportunity for flow. This Retrograde passage may support opportunities for conservatives to listen to progressives, and vice versa. We will be wowed by Uranian extremes and weirdness. They will become well, more extreme and weirder yet, not only in the news, but personally. Time to surprise yourself and do something shocking, even for you.

Creative, drug-induced, spiritual Neptune, Retrograde since June 19, continues to weave its field of dreams in Pisces, until Nov. 25. This god of the sea, in its retrograde sail, continues to whittle away at what keeps us from spirit, from expressing creatively, our desire for ‘oneness,’ in short-our soul work. You have also noticed the growth of the opioid crises, and lack of compassion for others ‘not you,’ as well as general mayhem, loss and confusion. These are shadow manifestations of Neptune that move us inexorably toward greater compassion.

Last, and possibly most formidable, despite its demotion by some, is Pluto . Retrograde from April 23 to Oct. 1, this most transformational power source asks, “What can you do without? Where do you need to die? When did you last enter the underworld of shadow and betrayal to better know yourself?”  Also traveling through Capricorn, Pluto’s issues touch on our authenticity, power, sexuality, and sense of riches.

All these retrogrades tie into the summer’s Eclipses of endings, inner shift and change, which culminate Sat. 8/11, with the last hoorah in Leo.  This New Moon Eclipse vibrates strongly to Pluto’s call for greater authenticity. Like Mercury retrograde, it is of the heart, about the joyful child within that needs to express with greater ‘richness and power.’ How can we move beyond who we were while acknowledging the greatness of where we are?  How can we embody the best of our human inheritance as we move through these chaotic times?

Summer’s sweet life is being shaken to its core! When we leave these dog days, let it be with fundamental inner shifts that provoke potent fall change. We may not have as much control as we wish, other than to control our feelings, and point of view, but this may turn out to be everything we need. There’s a deep alchemical process going on, whether conscious or not.  It is a hot time to tune in to a deep inner life to develop our next story line.

YOUR BIRTHDAY ENERGIES: Read the above again. Redo your play list. Re- think your prerogatives. The inner drive, if uncertain, gives you a powerful platform from which to leverage everyday decisions and habits toward a higher consciousness. With a New Moon Eclipse culminating at week’s end, along with Uranus turning Retrograde, expect the un-expected! Be as wacky as you wish, and shine a new light from within. I, for one, will expect to see you as a headliner!

YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK: Be in nature. Breathe in green space to counterbalance the chaos. Move from Sun Salutations to Lunars, listening to inner directives. Be your own weird and wild teacher. Do no harm, but step outside old boundaries, and structures. As always, call the Practice as guide and conduit to a new vibrant richness!

Astrological Consultations:   It’s always a good time to look at one’s life from an objective, non-judgmental ‘soul point of view.’ This is especially helpful when dust flies and the future looks unfamiliar. If you are asking, “What is my genius, and how do I wish to use it?  How can I move deeply into my healing? When do I make moves for success?”  Then let us swim in your life together, in wonderful discovery.  Email

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