Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

December 10-20

In Astrology, squares shift perspectives and build muscle, if they don’t take us down.  The on-going square of Pluto and Uranus is with us strongly throughout December. Think fear vs. rebellion/ power vs individuality.  Think late 60’s counterculture quantum leaping. Along with that instability, we are toward the Solstice, with a New Moon in Capricorn… Read more »

Warriors For The World ~ Dec. 7-14

Sagittarius New Moon of 12/11 asks for meaning, purpose, truth, and expanded perspectives. The encoded energies expose us to new awareness, and ask that we reconsider our ideas of relationship with the world.

Infected Illusions Nov. 23-Dec. 1

The ‘more is more’ conundrum of muchness is much in existence. If it’s good muchness, we relish and accept. If it’s difficult muchness, such as extreme ideologies, we shrink and back away. Our healing work at this time is to hold center, “to walk the line.”

The Snake Thing Nov. 10-17

In alignment with the Scorpio New Moon, our Yoga will be slow and deep, conscious of its healing capabilities.

Practical Dreams Nov. 3-9

Fall requires a reorientation, or perhaps it’s a de-conditioning of what was in order for the final phase of a year to complete. The undercurrents of this relatively peaceful week are imbued with the year’s transformative stretch.

Navigating Sea Change Oct. 21-27

This week, preparing for another Super Full Moon on the 27th, we must act. We must put muscle into seeds and ideas instigated at the last New Moon. We have uber-energies amplifying this.