Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Sept. 22-28 Potent Amplification

If you feel emotions bursting their bounds, don’t wait-express them now! Before they burst their bounds, dance, stand on your head, weed whip your neighbor’s yard, it don’t make no matter of mind what you do, but do it before it does you.

Magical Skies, Sept. 16-23

It is a good week to ask intuition and dreams to answer difficult questions. It is a re-balancing week to move onward and inward with equal effort.

Sept. 9-16 Sliding Doors

When one door closes another opens. This is the week’s feeling tone as Venus resumes forward motion and Mercury gets ready to reverse. These two personal planets work with our daily prana/energy.

August 17-21 Love-Right Old Wrongs

May your New Moon seeds be rooting down to produce your heart’s desire. May your life become your art. And to paraphrase Oscar Wide, … “Set yourself to music. Your days are your sonnets.”

August 11-18 Lucifer, The Bright & Shining One

Lucifer, latin for ‘bright and shining one,’ was the name for Venus as the morning star. Her Greek name is Heosphoros, or ‘dawn-bringer.’ Venus is a planet, not a star, but whatever you call her, call her something beautiful.

Aug. 4~12 Steamy Shape Shifting

To use stressful Astrological squares well, integrate energies within by working with the 6th chakra, or Third Eye. Here we balance and re-direct ourselves with greater integrity and understanding

Once In A Blue Moon~ July 27-August 3

The ‘Blue Moon’ on July 31 contains energy to shake us lose in all manner of ways, especially loosening old emotional dictates so we can risk new heartfelt direction and intention.  A ‘Blue Moon’ is not Astrological or heavenly, it is a ‘calendar event,’ simply signifying more than one Full Moon in a month’s time…. Read more »