Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Week of Feb. 17-27

Be magical!  Shine your dancing shoes, get your hotsy-totsy outfit ready, and rev up the big engines.  We rock.  Hopefully, we rock on.  But if not, go out in full gear, full steam ahead.  No hiding under a rock. We have moved out from under Mercury’s retrograde into an electric New Moon on the 18th,… Read more »

Full Moon Polarities of Heart & Head

January 27-February 2 We are expanding breath and asana to support a mind that is being tested, and struggling with resistance, or dissolution in some form. This last week of Mercury’s Retrograde asks if we are ready to move forward from a new, expanded POV.  Have we release stale perceptions, especially old thinking on what… Read more »

New Moon & Mercury Retrograde

January 14-22 This is a time of endings and beginnings; of possible loss and gain; of moving forward while in review.  This week’s third quarter Moon closing toward the Aquarius New Moon on Tues. Jan. 20, has notable stress marks between Sun and Moon, so it’s no wonder bodies are tired and discombobulated. The command… Read more »

Week’s energy of Nov. 25- Dec. 2nd

It is perfect that Thanksgiving is held during the weeks of Sagittarian energy.  They are both filled with idealism, optimism, generosity, good will, and abundance.  They are the respite before we enter Capricorn seriousness at the Solstice.  Part of this week’s idealism is also due to a Neptune-Sun square which can bring fogginess, and lack… Read more »

Week of Nov. 10-18

Three planets known for their quality to create change and movement are joining forces to push us along our path.  Mars, Uranus and Pluto may take us further in a known direction, or change that direction.  Expect sudden breakthroughs, possibly breakdowns that may offer a wider POV to your journey.  Be aware that you may… Read more »

Taurus~Scorpio Full Moon Howl

The past month of October needs a big band aid, and your mat is the perfect size. Bring your desire body, your frustrations, and power issues into transforming your Practice. Don’t separate life and Yoga.

New Moon Eclipse In Scorpio

We stop suffering choices. Be fierce. Take out the big knife. Cut losses and move on. Classes this week respond in powerful Yin fashion to Scorpio New Moon Eclipse. We dig deep to heal. We open and listen to inner dictates.