Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Practical Dreams Nov. 3-9

Fall requires a reorientation, or perhaps it’s a de-conditioning of what was in order for the final phase of a year to complete. The undercurrents of this relatively peaceful week are imbued with the year’s transformative stretch.

Navigating Sea Change Oct. 21-27

This week, preparing for another Super Full Moon on the 27th, we must act. We must put muscle into seeds and ideas instigated at the last New Moon. We have uber-energies amplifying this.

Fist In The Velvet Glove~ Oct. 13-20

Lovely Libra, “Fist in the velvet glove,” known for harmony, is also a strategic know it all, brilliant in battle because it understands ‘the enemy.’ Libra is about partnering strategically~ integrating light and shadow, yin and yang, inner and outer.

Shadows of Lunacy Oct. 6-12

Bodies have been under duress, especially the emotional body which longs for home and safety, more so when the Moon is prominent. Sift wheat from chaff off the eclipse offering. They have offered insight as well as chaos.

May The Force Be With YOU ~ Sept. 30-Oct. 5

For those who witnessed the ‘Blood Moon’ and her eclipse Sunday night, did you feel the transformative power of an old life closing as the Moon’s light grew dark? Magical moments~ eclipses, seen or unseen. The body’s electromagnetic field is profoundly shaken to prepare the new way,

Sept. 22-28 Potent Amplification

If you feel emotions bursting their bounds, don’t wait-express them now! Before they burst their bounds, dance, stand on your head, weed whip your neighbor’s yard, it don’t make no matter of mind what you do, but do it before it does you.

Magical Skies, Sept. 16-23

It is a good week to ask intuition and dreams to answer difficult questions. It is a re-balancing week to move onward and inward with equal effort.

Sept. 9-16 Sliding Doors

When one door closes another opens. This is the week’s feeling tone as Venus resumes forward motion and Mercury gets ready to reverse. These two personal planets work with our daily prana/energy.