Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

A Wow Week

Read your Breath for this week’s sexy information. Re-read last week’s Astrology to  integrate with these incoming energies. Hold courage by the hand, along with those you love.

Preparing Fall Equinox

The fall out and build up out of last week’s Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo has produced inchoate desire and angst for many. Mars has just moved into Sagittarius, assisting us to enlarge visions, and take action. Pluto is preparing to move forward next Monday~ Be careful of the impulse to jump just because you don’t know what else to do.

Pisces Full Moon

Create a stronger ‘vagal tone’ by standing under the beauty of this Full Moon, and breathing deeply to howl.

We are moving away from stressful blockage into greater joy and heartfelt expression. Leo New Moon on 26th ushers in an inspirational time of pleasure with can-do attitudes. This heart imbued cycle may help the world’s turmoil.

This opportunity for union of opposition makes it a powerful time to understand something we could not see before~a time of alchemical possibility.

Yoga & Astrology of Transformation

Mercury and Neptune retrograde support a Yoga Practice that shifts from forward-drive to lean-back mode: It decrees that Yoga is the unfolding of heart, and that by breathing into
every Asana with intention, new life is revealed. I am dancing the mat

Astrology & Yoga of Transformation

June’s shifting energies of stand-still Mercury and Neptune, along with Mercury’s large roll in recent lunations. Pay attention to what you think and say. It may surprise you.

Astrology & Yoga of Transformation

The Full Moon of May is the Buddha’s; the Taurus Moon of the Wesak Festival, celebrating a high water mark of spiritual blessing in the world.  It is a time of intuition, initiation, and blessing.  It is a time of dedication, when holding ourselves steady to focus the light, creates channels of opportunity to care for… Read more »