Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Aug. 4~12 Steamy Shape Shifting

To use stressful Astrological squares well, integrate energies within by working with the 6th chakra, or Third Eye. Here we balance and re-direct ourselves with greater integrity and understanding

Once In A Blue Moon~ July 27-August 3

The ‘Blue Moon’ on July 31 contains energy to shake us lose in all manner of ways, especially loosening old emotional dictates so we can risk new heartfelt direction and intention.  A ‘Blue Moon’ is not Astrological or heavenly, it is a ‘calendar event,’ simply signifying more than one Full Moon in a month’s time…. Read more »

The Divine Mother And her Transformative Consort

The New Moon this week continues the focus from last on issues of: sensitivity, nourishment, safety, home, security, foundation, and family. You’d think all the Cancer energy would open a gentle cycle~but no.  It’s dicey and complicated. Maintaining the emotional body to remain centered and present, despite turmoil, is our job. This New Moon opens the… Read more »

Power Struggles And Potential For Healing

July 7-15 Yes, I know you are stretching beyond your comfort zone.  Yes, you are embracing new aspects of yourself that may not yet fit.  Yes, the evolutionary wake up call has your name inscribed on it.  Yes, old dogmas are dying.  The ephemeral moment of your life is now, so wakey-wakey.  If you are… Read more »

Prelude & Prepare

June 24-July 1 This last week of June creates appetites of a restless, eager energy asking for new roads.  You may find yourself outside your comfort zone, either by your own choice, or by a surprise twist in the road.  Many are tired of the old direction and not yet be conscious of boredom.  The recipe we have… Read more »

Swimming & Humming

June 8-17 I know most of you have noticed snafus of the Mercury-persuasion. We are soon out of the dark woods as Mercury stations to go direct June 11. We may get a final closing kick on this one so hang tough, and make sure you are backed up, and as I wrote~’if possible, don’t… Read more »

Quandries of Re-assessment & Review

June 1-8 We enter June to the large light of a Full Moon in a Sagittarius~Gemini polarity.  With fortune on our side, or better, inside, we have opportunity to see and understand some of the primal values we have been struggling with since the Taurus New Moon, May 17.  Because Mercury continues retrograde in Gemini until June… Read more »

Review the Benefits’

May 20~June 1 Yes, we do feel a té uneasy when Mercury goes retrograde. Despite computer glitches, car issues, and misunderstandings that often accompany these retrogrades, there are gifts within Mercury’s three inward-turning weeks.  1. You often hear from old friends…offering an opportunity to re-vitalize valued friendships.  You realize how much you miss them, and… Read more »