Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

A Breath Before Speaking

May 12~19 This week of the last quarter Moon prepares the body to slide into Sunday’s New Moon, and Monday’s Mercury Retrograde station on the 18th.  The last quarter Moon always asks for shifts in perception. What is seminal from the Full Moon ‘enlightenment?’ It is a time to integrate a new consciousness. With the… Read more »

Falling from the Full Moon

Cinco De Mayo ~ May 12 Last week, we were in power mode preparing for the turbulence of the Scorpio~Taurus Full Moon.  This week, we are filtering the visions and up-dated understanding received from the transmissions of her greater light.  Yes- we remain in yang territory, working a quiet, relentless Sun, Mars in Taurus energy.  Make practices slow… Read more »

April 28-Cinco de Mayo

Many of us are facing decisions of trust, or not to trust.  It feels that the Universe opens, invites us onward, then sets up a roadblock or two.  Here to help is Mars in Taurus, which is slow, steady, practical action.  In taking on the new, step by step, we don’t pokety-poke fears, and we… Read more »

Earth Day Energies

April 22-May 1 On April 20, the Sun moved into Taurus, and we are all things ‘earthy:’ sensuous, bull headed, stable, if not placid, creative, full of lovely song and dance, practical and desirous of being useful.  The Practice is one of becoming conscious in our bodies, and of our bodies, of allowing sensuality and… Read more »

April Energies 15th~22nd

This week, darkness rules.  It comes by its silent force naturally as Pluto, symbolic energy of death, re-birth, and sex comes to a standstill on Thursday, AND we enter the unconscious shifts of a New Moon birth Saturday. This lunar cycle begins in the closing degrees of Aires, asking we grow as unique individuals, and learn to… Read more »

Week Of April 1-8

The Ahhhh-So-Aum of Transformational Astrology & Yoga  April 1-8, 2015 A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4 is in revolutionary service to the transformational face off of Uranus and Pluto.  It is in service to the past, demanding we make more conscious choices for the future. With Pluto as ‘point man,’ it forces endings, and… Read more »

Ahhh So Aum

March 18-April 1 Our entry into spring is an extraordinary amalgam, and build up of contrapuntal energies.  As I wrote last week, we are in the spiciest, juiciest, most potent confluence of 2015. With Pluto as the transformer/enforcer and Uranus as the explosive liberator, we are all at odds internally and externally as these two outer… Read more »

Week of Feb. 17-27

Be magical!  Shine your dancing shoes, get your hotsy-totsy outfit ready, and rev up the big engines.  We rock.  Hopefully, we rock on.  But if not, go out in full gear, full steam ahead.  No hiding under a rock. We have moved out from under Mercury’s retrograde into an electric New Moon on the 18th,… Read more »