Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Après Le Wow~What? Dec. 4-12

After the Full Moon- Continue standing on your head, or hang off the bed for a different POV. This is the true power of a Practice. Use quiet time on the mat to prepare. Listen for the guidance that comes when the body opens, the breath expands, the mind is at rest.

Look Homeward, Angels       Nov.28-Dec. 5

We are looking ‘homeward,’ inward, backward and forward; toward the next family holiday, the closure of a difficult year, the birthing a new one. Mercury Retrograde lights up the Super Moon, dazzling mind & emotion.

Dark Within Dark   Nov 14-21

This week, we add complex layers to the dark’s mystery. The Scorpio New Moon on Saturday 18th carries a large energetic ‘sting.’ It is an opportune moment to care for the watery, emotional body!


With three planets in Scorpio’s dark waters, there is nothing other than a regenerative leap of transformative terror.

State of Being/State of The Art Oct. 18-25

If ideas are motored by my will, then can I not see that the decision to be happy, and the grace to forgive are the same? Because of the devastation by fire, flood, and political mayhem, has my will changed?

To Be Nobody But Yourself    October 9-17

None of the planetary energies are simple. All are layered with gifts and challenges. Uranus-shock waves also bestow intuition and unconscious-gut knowing, which when we listen, help overcome the anxiety and fear of sudden change.