Astrology and Yoga of Transformation


The New Moon in Gemini is not the purely mental Gemini, rather one encompassing emotional intelligence. We grow and flow by combining heart & mind.

Exploring A New Layout!     May 22-29 

The Astrological story line this week asks that we dive beneath the surface of the psyche to explore subconscious themes running our viewpoint.  Is it a viable point of view? Or, have we outgrown it?

Sturm Und Drang April 24-31

Prepare for Sunday’s sturm und drang Full Moon drama with time outs.  Emotions are high and getting higher, so do your best to align, listen, and allow that which soothes the mood.

Caterpillar to Butterfly     April 10-16

Understand what is calling the butterfly transformation. How will you take flight? Where is the power to expand wing-span? What mind-shift, or new attitude allows a major structural change?