Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Past/Present/Future   Sept 25- Oct. 2

One of the profound gifts of Astrology is that it shows coordinates of where we have been, offers insight to understand the present, and foretells energies of the future. If we are wise, we assimilate and integrate the past, then apply its lessons to the upcoming journey.

The Aftermath Sept 12-20

As we begin clean up in the aftermath of many world-wide massively destructive events, we require a new structure and an inner stand-up courage. We require greater heart and mindful-fortitude.

September’s Weird Wonder   Sept. 4-11

We have an on-going road map to expect the un-expected all month. The map was drawn from the energies of the New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 21, it reinforced soul intention from the heart’s perspective, the inner work many of you have been dancing.

August Flight Pattern

We are embarking on a journey of love this month, where Leo creativity, royalty, and childlike enjoyment are the map to be followed.