Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

MAKE LESS~MORE! Sept. 9-17

The potent Virgo New Moon makes for magic, healing, abundance, and high-level instructions from outer planetary forces.

Welcome to September’s Labors

If you long for healing, for whatever reason, attend to it now. Let this be part of your labor Day labors.  The planets are preparing the ground, our job is to till the soil.

Sacred Times, Sacred Action August 12-18

Eclipses are not just of the day. They create a liminal world, potent before, during and after. The literal alignment of Sun, Moon, and nodes turns our attention to a path of destiny.

FIELD OF DREAMS   August 5-12

The dance of the planets, creates the rhythm of life on earth. With over half the planetary family Retrograde, we are not in fast forward.

Winding Roads July 23-30

A summer of integration, when the impulse to bathe in peace is often  distorted by frustration and anger.