State of Being/State of The Art Oct. 18-25

If ideas are motored by my will, then can I not see that the decision to be happy, and the grace to forgive are the same? Because of the devastation by fire, flood, and political mayhem, has my will changed? How am I to view the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ galloping across the earth? The effort of finding happiness and contentment might be number one priority.  I crawl gratefully into the quiet dark of the New Moon on the 19th. to give birth to great will, and power over self.

This is a birth of Libran balance and beauty.  Just what is needed. But don’t relax too deeply as it comes with a Uranian electric-charge, of out of the box thinking, and sudden right-turns. Uranus opposes the New Moon, galvanizing individual uniqueness, that quirky-self who shows up to surprise everyone, including you. Talk about will!  It also calls up our shadow selves, or as I call them the ‘Zen Masters’ of confrontation and mayhem.

Venus, as ruler of Libra, brings issues of relationship, self worth, and value to the front of our thoughts and experience. The Universe no longer has time to waste. We must learn to live in peace, and the fastest way we grow and transform is via another. The fastest way that happens is when we come up against someone we disagree with, or with whom we have compromised self, or projected onto them, making them our shadow issue. Any relationship where we submerge, or denigrate Self, are those I have named, “Zen Masters.” They are the great teachers in our lives. Without them, we do not struggle and transform. The lovely, gentle, fun people who love us, and are wonderful, we need at our back so that we can survive and grow from encounters with Zen Masters. This New Moon, facing off with Uranus, is bound to bring up our shadow, the Zen Mastery side in partnering. What a wonderful opportunity to stand back and see disunity as a place of healing.

We are more willing to get to the bottom of issues, and think at deep inner levels, as Mercury and Jupiter have moved into Scorpio, which expands enlightenment, especially of the unconscious. With the Sun also moving toward its Scorpionic home, on the 22, there is not much that is light, chatty or inconsequential about this week. The New Moon birth is not only Uranian, Scorpionic, but also Piscean, as Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces. Pisces energy places a veil over clarity so that we are better off intuiting and visualizing, than intellectually coping. Neptune is spirit guide, as well as illusion-mistress. Both Scorpio and Pisces are water signs that ask we flow in the river of emotion; flow toward the great universal sea and join your spirit with that of others. Open the eyes behind your heart and gaze through it to see the truth of any matter. Remember who is the gate-master of the unconditional heart. Only you, wonderfully unique, compassionate, creative YOU.

P.S. The New Moon is a harbinger of Deepawali/Diwali, the Hindu celebration known as the ‘Festival of Lights.’ It is marked by five days during “which literally lights illumine the country filling the heart with the joy of renewal. Diwali represents the awareness of the inner light, that which is pure, infinite and eternal, the Spirit or Atman. It celebrates the victory of light over dark, knowledge over ignorance.

 To celebrate the light within Shakti Yoga Dances, a new channel has been created on you tube. Please go to: Samantha Cameron/ShaktiYogaDances – YouTube. Hit subscribe button. Thank you!  You can watch videos –under videos. You can see various videos by grouping under ‘playlists.’ It is a work in progress, but its re-birth launch aligns with the New Moon.

This Week’s Birthdays: It is a year to ‘unstruck’ your heart, see what is real, who you really love, and learn from your Zen Masters. It is a year of re-birth where you will honor your unique self, and offer it others with a spirit chaser. You have a wonderful opportunity to dig deep, and unearth what holds you back. Go get that shovel, along with your sparklers and shine while you dig. You have been waiting for this transformational year. Make every day a gift to yourself. And the world so needs you now- heart and soul!

Astrological consultation:   It seems that this year it is ALWAYS timely to look at one’s life from an objective, non-judgmental point of view. Consultations ask: How do you wish to use your inherent genius, and compassionate awareness? How can you understand the healing in front of you by     accepting present difficulties in order to plan the abundant future? What does that future include? Email

On the Mat This Week: Each month, New Moons invite us to recalculate, and check in with our wisdom-compass. Those in my Yoga classes, quiet the physical-push, allowing body and mind to become listening devices in order to absorb incoming intentions. We breathe into the Lotus Mudra, where we plant DNA seeds for new destinations. Because this New Moon is ruled by Venus, which rules the heart, we are working with the Anahata Chakra. Anahata means ‘unstruck in Sanscrit.’ When we move on and heal past hurts, they no longer have potency to do harm. We have re-aligned heart energies, or ‘unstruck’ them, which instructs us to spend time in heart-opening poses such as: Maysyasana, Urdva Dhanurasana, Ustrasana, Savasana-with a block under the heart. As you close down your Practice, turn inward, gaze into who you have chosen to love. I hope your name is at the top of the list.

All poses can be found at:


Advanced Yoga Trainings~ Upcoming session is Wed. Nov. 8th. A wonderful way to ‘unstruck’ and expand heart, mind, and body is to attend either one, or a series of advanced trainings, now being offered Wednesday mornings, 9AM-1PM every other week. You do not have to take them in order, but can simply come to those that call you. On Wed., Nov 8, the practicum explores how we stand, walk, move upon the earth, from understanding feet, leg, knee alignments in standing poses. We are asking: How to simplify, how to dig deeper, how to include layers that support the root system, how to see basic poses with new eyes, how can I be both a practitioner, and a newbie?

Teachers can take individual modules for CEU credit, and/or advanced students who are interested in creating deeper life-Practices are welcome. RSVP required.  If you wish to skype in for these trainings, that is also available.

Wed. Oct. 18: Classes 5:15, All-levels, and 7 P.M.~level II-III- Laughing Dog Yoga.       New Moon invitation into the Lotus of your deep heart, to release all that keeps you from entering those sacred doors.

Sat. Oct. 21:   RSVP to for limited 8:30 and 10 AM places. 1 Edson rd. Natick. The Practice is deep and Scorpionic. We root down and grow quiet power through deeper breath, longer-held poses, and heart determination of ‘power over self.’




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