To Be Nobody But Yourself    October 9-17

“To be nobody-but yourself-in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight.”                   E.E. Cummings

Woven into Libra’s graceful arc of beauty, strategy and balance are Uranus’ ongoing ‘oh no- not another shock wave’! None of the planetary energies are simple. All are layered with gifts and challenges. Uranus-shock waves also bestow intuition and unconscious-gut knowing, which when we listen, help overcome the anxiety and fear of sudden change. Learning to remain open to ‘out of the box synchronicities,’ and intuitive information is a challenge, and a gift, in being yourself this month. Be open to seeing symbolically, allowing magic to form from mayhem. Uranian ideals are concerned with the brotherhood of mankind, but we are changing the masculine vocabulary to the sisterhood of warriors supporting the revolution of all people. This is the revolution of being YOU in the best way possible. Good ole white boys have passed their time of power, and Uranus is bringing up the next generation of revolutionaries. Want to be one?

Jupiter moving into Scorpio, Tues, 10, may help with the volatility we are struggling to balance. Scorpio relates to shared resources, secrets, power, and regeneration. Its volatility is quieter and deeper, and as Jupiter moves through Scorpio, until Nov. 2018, much will be revealed in ways and means of how growth and abundance play out, as well as legal truths, political secrets, particularly around power issues: who has it, who’s really running the show, and what are long range plans, especially concerning finances, read taxes. Apply this personally as well as politically. We run deep and intense into shadow issues, mysteries, healing work and intimacy. Prepare to see your power and control issues in a different light.

If you seek a particularly good time for business, or partnership propositions, meditate and prepare to begin at the New Moon, Oct. 19. We may have to deal with delay or obstructions to plans, especially Wed. when Mars squares Saturn. But it’s helpful as we will stand back and re-asses before moving forward, especially as we must move forward differently. It is outside the old box of ‘business as usual.’ Nervous making for sure, but think of the resilient muscle you are building to give you a leg up in the new world we are creating.

This Week’s Birthdays: Dear, lovely balanced Libra-being, who wishes peace and grace, know you are being tested this year. Consider: new strategies, up-dated healing, and accepting your part in difficult relationships. This is not easy for any of us, but because Librans, ruled by Venus, prefer sweet, easy connection, it’s difficult to see manipulative shadows within partnering. This year, you come to terms in moving forward with spirit in hand, intuition on call, and up-dated designs to expand your heart’s transformative desires. We are cheering you on!

On the Mat This Week: Quiet power is the mantra for our asana practice. Affirm the tried and true then move beyond comfort zones to reveal a new you; bolder, more courageous, surprised and pleased with self. Create a practice that moves you toward taking on- Astavakrasana.   Daily Breath Journal writes- “We start to perceive ourselves as more daring and fearless as we step up to partner more difficult aspects in our Practice. When we practice dying, we straighten out, lie serene and flat, crooks, turns and twisted parts open.” Add this to Larry David’s quote: “I don’t like to be out of my comfort zone, which is about a half-inch wide.” Here is the battle ground.

Speaking of ways to be ‘nobody but your self’ -consider taking part in powerful modules of new Yoga Teacher Training, beginning Oct. 16. Teachers can partake in individual modules for CEU credits, and/or advanced students who are interested in creating deeper life-Practices. All are welcome. Query Samantha

Wed. Oct. 11: Classes 5:15, All-levels, and 7 P.M.~level II-III- Laughing Dog Yoga.

Sat. Oct. 14:   RSVP to for limited 8:30 and 10 AM places. 1 Edson rd. Natick.


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