Astrology & Yoga of Transformation-New Moon depth charge

We are moving into the dark of a New Moon on Thurs. 30.  As we close in to renew, it is always a time of reassessment, and this week is especially laden with that energy. Use it to re-affirm, re-interpret, and re-design perceptions about: desire, money, values, relationships and self worth.  In these final days of Venus retrograde, as she nestles up against the depth charge of Pluto, take a deeper/wider approach of moving into the territories of change you know have your name on them.

There is help for this deep work, for we are becoming brighter, the Sun is shining longer, and we have moved from the earthy heaviness of Capricorn to the scientific, futuristic Aquarius.  The Sun in airy Aquarius will help balance the Venus/Pluto dance of intensity, manipulation, and possibly extreme emotion.  Because Venus is stationing to go direct, she will remain snuggled into Pluto for two weeks, offering opportunity to perceive the roots of our relationships, both with self, with loved ones, with work, with spirit…where ever you are struggling –take this opportunity to embrace emotional realizations.  Be committed to understanding your issues and moving forward while the pressure is here to assist our evolutionary metamorphosis.

Stand the Mat in song and dance.  The February Shakti Yoga Dance titled Seekers, Sinners and Sailors moves like a bat out of hell, pushing and shoving the body until we stand our ground and sing out.  There is something redemptive in its driven desire, not only in the doing of it, but in the aftermath of ‘no-surrender.’  Doesn’t matter if we do it well.  We do it, and are filled with a passionate breath, and energy of the Garuda Mudra that enhances intuition, giving the body a directional GPS, a sense of knowing we survive, despite the struggle.

If you ain’t dancing, then do a series of poses that challenge the body. Stop, take long Bastrika breaths, and feel your ability to face a challenge, to not be cowed.  Grow a stronger relationship not only with your physical, but your emotional body.


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