March 21-April 22
“I AM”
Yang Energies: Fire, Impulse, Individualization

Energetic polarities with the Sun in Aires:
Courage vs Bravado
Passion vs Sex
Leadership vs Domination
Self Care vs Selfishness
Self assurance vs Arrogance
Self-Initiating vs Overly ambitious
Sportive vs Combative Dynamic vs Aggressive

Transformative Astrology of The Week

It’s spring. The winds of change are blowing.  We are out from under, ready to grow & bloom.  The Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus are still in Aires, the first born of the Astrologic Universe.  Expect more of what you experienced last week.  You may have noticed there was lots of pushing and shoving, along… Read more »

Aires Enterprise

This week’s fiery energies infuse the body with a short fuse.  With the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus in Aires, it’s either push, shove, or be run over.  We are all things fire: inspired, short-tempered, innovative, and not particularly grounded.  In Aires, we ‘damn the torpedoes, for full steam ahead.’  Use some of this excess… Read more »

Full Moon of Self & Other

Welcome to the intense Full Moon energies this week.  Living with fear, or living for love might be one of the questions this Aires-Libra lunation asks. Aires energy demands courage to step up to the grand adventure of life; to be in charge with zest and forthrightness. This spring, the planets once again demand we… Read more »

Vernal Equinox/Spring Quadrant

Spring or Vernal Equinox March 21 Spring quadrant includes energies of Aires, Taurus & Gemini Astrologically, the seed force bursts the year open on the Vernal or Spring Equinox, between March 19 and 21 when the sun arrives at zero Aires. ‘Equinox’ literally means ‘equal night,’ when day and night both hold twelve hours. It… Read more »

Fiery Commonalities

The sun god, Surya, and Mars, Aires ruling planet, have much in common and support a body ‘becoming,’ growing into selfhood. Both are fiery energies, with a driving will. Aires, being the first sign of the astrological zodiac, supports the soul to understand itself as a separate entity, to express a life force vigorously that… Read more »

Aires as Artes

Aires people love a challenge! “The Egyptians called him ‘artes’ giving the word for arts. Mars symbolized ‘man’s personal, creative expression. Inspirational fire is the motivating force for Aires energy. Mars loves to be ahead of everyone, or the head of anything. They are of course, headstrong. Their glyph represents the Ram’s head. Because of… Read more »

Aires, Ruled by Mars

The zodiac gives birth when 0 degrees of Aires arrives, usually around March 21st. Aires energy is the thrust of new spring life. It wants to burst forth, make love, move, take-charge, grow. It feels the force of creative light, wishing to manifest as expressive will. Mars, Aires ruling planet, has charge over the head… Read more »