Pitta Dosha controls metabolism, processing food, water, and air. It is made up of Agni Energy/fire, and Jal /water Agni is the fire changing shape of substances.

Pure Pitta Qualities or Types are:
Type A drivers
Love a challenge, very enterprising.
Impatient, wants it now. Can therefore have a short fuse.
Stress creates irritation and frustration,
Often a sharp intelligence, piercing mind, articulate speaker
This is imitated by sharp hunger and thirst. Should not skip meals.
Medium build, endurance, and strength
Complexion and coloring tend to blond notes, light brown or red hair

Ayurvedic Massage oils

Ayurvedic Notes: Massage is good for every imbalance and a wonderful centering tool.  It tells the body that it is cared for.  There are massage oils ehlpful for each Dosha  If you know you are Pitta Dosha (tend to be fiery, sharp, type A, ambitious,) use sunflower or sandalwood oils because they have cooling properties.  If you are… Read more »

Pitta Pakriti (Constitution)

Pitta is fire and water, and literally means ‘to cook.’ Its main qualities are: hot, oily, sharp, light, pungent, and liquid, and penetrating.  It can smolder like a volcano or come rushing up and out with drive and intensity.  Those who are Pitta-dominant tend to be very purposeful, organized, think executive-type, with bold, courageous intentions. … Read more »

Pitta Dosha (Imbalances)

In hot summer days we enter Pitta territory; time to cool jets, not over-schedule, over-stimulate, stay up late, or push the river.  Rather, be in a slow, cool river.  Practice slow, deliberate Asana, and Pranayama. Take time for massage, or at least self-massage with cooling coconut oil.  Eat meals at regular times, preferably cool, heavy,… Read more »

Foods for Pitta imbalance

*Sweet, astringent, and bitter tastes bring balance. Think of fresh cooling foods such as wheat, fruits, squash, most beans, and leafy green, bananas, yams, and other carbohydrates like potatoes, bread and rice. *Barley is the # 1 choice, as it lowers stomach acidity which is prevalent in Pitta. *Enjoy cool spices such as coriander, fennel,… Read more »

Yoga to Pacify Pitta Imbalances

*Remember, like increases like, so essentially cooling and slowing a strongly hot Pitta system is important. *Be particularly attentive to the exhalation. Make sure you empty out completely. Save nothing. Be mindful of that space between inhale & exhale. *Be aware of self judgment. It blinds and keeps us from taking next steps. *Let the… Read more »

Summer Rhythm

As in nature, summer energies are ones of fulfillment, rising heat/fire and maturing.  Like the Astrologic Leo, Summer People, when coming from their strengths, are exciting, moving from the heart, from their radiance of creativity and joy.  Like the Ayruvedic Pitta Dosha, when in balance, they embody a fiery radiance to make things happen, eliciting… Read more »

Pitta Notes from Weekly ‘Breaths’ for Summer

The Solstice on June 21st, officially marks the Astrological summer. Summer is the Northern Hemisphere is Pitta territory. And Pitta is often the territory of acidic stomachs and poor digestion.  Pacifying Pitta is essential not only for strong digestion, but in helping regulate allergic reactions.  Pitta regulates the chemical functioning of the body which is… Read more »