Daily Breaths


Where did you sow and how did you reap? Were you rich in love, poor of spirit, lonely in the crowd? Who embraced you? Who sang your song? Who bore witness to your valiant, failed efforts? Thanksgiving tablescapes!

Equinox Still Point

Enter the temple of your forever-Self. Make holy the still point. Link yourself to mother earth and father sky For there the dance is.

Make Of Yourself A Light

“As a woman, how equal am I in the work world? What keeps equality in the dark? Can I create ways to support greater equality for all? How do I do that?

Memorial Day Gifts

Memories offer a ferocious desire to connect to the symmetry of the past, unfolding secretly within, to harness the great mystery.

The Golden Leaf

At this transformational turning point of the Equinox, let us transmute dross into gold. Who doesn’t want to be rich, honeyed, redolent and resplendent? We have life to offer. We have a life to save.