Daily Breaths


September Blessing In this lofty time, in this lonely time “Live to the point of tears,” Camus wrote long past. Yet, and still, and always, we long for tears Tasting of raw and fearsome courage To shape and break each born anew moment.  Cleanse, and move us toward belonging To the mecca of this day!


Mystery Of The Heart                                    In August heat Petals of the rose unfurl Revealing divinity. Wonder and splendor grow From wet, dark dirt, Rooted in earth’s grief and loss, Releasing wild perfumes Of soulful flowering. However lost, whatever the folly, Grow the rose heart,  Omnipotence made manifest. You are the gardener! At every turn Remember… Read more »

I SING OF THEE July Blessing

Though loss and shame have me weep Of my ain country so deep asleep, Turned now from hope that forged her birth. When dreamers, worn, and wearied ones Sailed to Lady Liberty, Her torch high for them to be  Free at last, free at last. Oh my god, free at last! Now, this death, this… Read more »

June Blessing

Solstice Majesty There is a vitality, a life force to June As it cradles the longest day The sun’s closest day, The day of Solstice Majesty. Her blessings of light, her opening notes Thrum within cicada and tree frog. Bodies become buttery, softening last sharp edges of a cold spring. Yet-We are here!  Once again,… Read more »

MAY BLESSING May this time bring you growth, as well as shelter. With promise of lighter feet and tranquil heart. May you be blessed by spring green hope, Pulling you into unexpected paths Of  joyous possibility. May you be courageous for all that is yet to come For the healing you invite, for the Grace… Read more »

A Page From My Journal ~ Reality & Fantasy

The starry firmament has been transmitting through me as we traverse the plains of Spain. The mix of reality and fantasy rising from the work, the relationships, and the inner odyssey has created new muscle. It is a muscle of quiet fearlessness, rather than bravado. Moving on rails from town to town, teaching ShaktiYogaDance workshops,… Read more »