Change & Re-Invention

Wheat From Chaff

Each of the four seasons offers a particular impetus that feels natural to the body, fitting the logos of that season.  In the shift to fall, we reach for a fresh start, and may pull back in dismay, feeling overwhelmed. Spring’s bright beginning has an entirely different energy to its new life. The fall ‘new… Read more »

Operating Instructions

July 25, 2013   Breath #400…Now that’s a marker!  Are we grown more thoughtful? Wiser? Kinder? Sillier? Contemplative? Wilder? Creative? Connected? From these past years of ‘Breaths?’  Do weigh in.  I should so love to hear your ‘Breath-stories.’ Thank hevvins for bad TV.  I’ve turned to reading.  One of the books was recommended by the author,… Read more »

Sixth Sense Salvation

We are being asked to trust the unknown is ways we’ve never imagined.  Venturing out from the safety of the past, and the known, grows ever more difficult, yet it is the task.   In order to go into the unknown, Osho said that we cannot be in the mind because, “the mind is the accumulated… Read more »

Beltane Fires, Making Sense of Madness

When Ma Nature expands to burst into bloom, when life is at its birthing zenith, we can get as crazy.  There are times when we, and other strangers, also burst into un-stoppable bloom.  These personal ‘flowerings’ are often zealous and fiery.  The energy is unstoppable.  We are convinced of our total right to bloom, and… Read more »

Born From The Dark

Like the Moon, I am new Again- shimmering, lifting, A scythe cutting Across purpled black skies Reborn from my dark self. Sweetness in life after life Re-cycled and worn, wearing Memories as musk Scenting light Night by night Expanding babe-slit of silver, becoming Vast roundness, wisdom and folly.

Alchemical Lives

If we are to live, we are to be blown off course.  It is the willy-nillyness of the blow that calls spirit down off its high horse in the high heavens so that we learn to wallow.  It is in those dark hours, as we perch precariously between the moat of crocodiles and a fire… Read more »

Thresholds of the New Year

In our endings lie our beginnings.  The power of graduations is they symbolize the work accomplished that opens the next level. Each birth is the first step towards death. Thresholds, cycles, wheels, call it what you will, 2012 offered multiple time and space opportunity to see the cause and effect of our actions, to comprehend… Read more »

Impossible to Predict

Is there a better reason for living than to discover who we are?  Is there anything more powerful than becoming our true colors, then sending them out to seep into the world, where as wild dyes they/we sustain, transform, and pigment everyone and everything touched? As the forces of change build to a momentous turning… Read more »