Change & Re-Invention

Seeding Sound/Seeding Light

Seeking ‘en-lightenment?’ Riches? Power? Peace? Love? Health? Consider the sounds/meaning of words uttered without thought. (“I’m so tired.” “I’m afraid I’m sick.” “There’s not enough hours in the day.” “If only I had more money.”) Consider what the ears are taking in, the eyes tracking. The unconscious streams of opinion, bullshit, and nonsense are having… Read more »

Tiny Steps/Big Dreams

This year feels more difficult to leap into, no? Is it because it’s opening a whole new decade? Is it that last year we lost hope, there for fear stains new dreams? Most are more than pleased to leave ’09 behind, you’d think we’d be in a rush to move onward. We are, but tentative… Read more »

Hopes & Dreams For 2010

*That I won’t have to tweet more than three times to find out what the Kardashians are having for dinner. *That the TV will not glue itself to another distraught politician, golfer, or latenightLetterman, tearfully confessing to yet another sexual transgression for which they hope to absolve themselves with 20-20 remorse. *That our love affair… Read more »

Primitive Forces

In this seasonal time of feeling trapped in outworn-outgrown grooves, and having to release many of the year’s hopes and dreams, we activate deeper levels, check into soul territory, and seek Scorpionic regeneration. As the earth contracts toward winter hibernation, a part of us longs to be her microcosm, to imitate her long, last sigh… Read more »

Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon, or Hunter’s Moon, is the full moon nearest Michaelmas, and the fall Equinox. Long ago we used to work into the night cutting the last crops, leaving only fields of stubble for the moon to shadow. We prayed mainly for enough to eat through winter, and to pay quarterly rents due on… Read more »

Happy New Year

The regeneration of this new cycle asks that every day hold baby steps of awakening. It begs the self of personality to grow into the Self of soul. It requires the heart’s Grace to be inclusive rather than exclusive. It asks kindness at every turn, especially kindness toward self, that small self that feels it’s… Read more »

Beasts of the Past

The great Sufi master, Hafiz, wrote: “The warriors tame The beasts in their past So that the night’s hoofs Can no longer break the jeweled vision In the heart.” Not only do I wish I’d written this, but my deeper wish is to be as Hafiz’ warrior…released of the beasts of my past; un-tethered to… Read more »

Let’s Twist Again…

Twisting takes us inward. This can be either wonderful, as in a deeply cleansing Asana/Pose, or…it can be a convoluted inner angst, a nightmare of repeated wounding we inflict upon ourselves. When we are unable to release ‘old story,’ when we return time and again to defend against change, to see only the one side… Read more »