Change & Re-Invention

Accidental Bumps

Yesterday I took a running spill, coming down hard on lower spine and posterior hip. It forced me toward new thought: One, I need to slow down. Two, it is time to restructure. Bones, ruled by Saturn, hold the physical body in place. Saturn, watch-dogs our boundaries, asking if we have sensible rules & regulations… Read more »


Staring at the gates of spring while yet in February is like Oliver asking for more gruel. Remember the pitiful lines from the musical? “Please Sir, can I have some more?’ It ain’t gonna happen, and it is both foolish and brave to ask for what we do not have but long for, be it… Read more »


New year, new roads, new intentions, old containers. When we can, we all turn happily from the weight of regret and misshapen dreams. Why can’t we create hoped for happiness all the time? What stalls aspiration and love? What imprisons us in poverty? Perhaps growing greater consciousness is the gift that sets us free, that… Read more »

Ebb Tides

Along with loving a good lie, I often steal. Always aware when I’m lying, I’m only sometimes conscious of stealing, as I am about to do with this Daily Breath. Ann Morrow Lindbergh is the ghost of my inspiration this week. But most of the time I have no memory of who or what inspired… Read more »

Samantha’s Web

Exquisite webs are woven of intangibles, extruded from an inner force that is binding, tough, and relentless. Like love, they catch the light. Early mornings, with dew glazing their skeins, take our breath away, often when we least expect it. Webs…they come in every size, and shape, hidden away in the oddest places. Opening our… Read more »

Empty Vessels

Whatever you feel is missing in your life can become your motivation now. Stand still and feel the cells of your body as a multitude of tiny vessels listening, waiting to be filled. How do you wish to fill them? Is it a choice, or does happenstance win out? Our consciousness is a vast filtering… Read more »

Honoring Our Ancestors

As some of you know, I am creating a performance piece for Black Womanhood at the Davis Museum. Part of this exploration has been to re-weave my life back into that of my ancestors, known and unknown, black, white, and brown. My thoughts have traveled and woven around ancestors, both of blood and of choice,… Read more »

High Seas Equinox

When we are small boats on high seas, how do we navigate towards land, and survival? How do we remain centered, on course, never mind at peace? I have no idea, being neither sailor nor particularly centered, long though I’ve worked at it. The arrival of the Equinox, a breath of pure balance before the… Read more »