Daily Breaths

Memorial DNA

What do we owe our dead? Memory. What do they owe us? A hand-up in consciousness.

Without Knowing

You answered the call, and somehow knew your name. You beckoned an image to emerge from behind the the primal heart of animal instinct with knowing eyes.

The Wow Week Feb. 7-14

During this Wow-Week do a Wow Yoga Practice of Yang intensity. Work the anxiety out of your body. Be audacious, and persevere as you breathe deeply and engage profoundly.

Winter Solstice

The world we have known is dying. Much of it needs to die. A hard new world is being born, and like all births, it is painful.

The Hat

What a sublime image. It holds all manner of silliness, and wisdom. What a chic, but manageable template to choose as your inspirational seed for an enormous task.

Self Care

The ‘meta’ of self-care asks we realign soul with ego, that we infuse spirit into body. This allows the heart to nurture our raw nature, those raw, un-safe feelings that cry, “run! Abandon Self.”