Daily Breaths

Swan Song

Steadfast Soul~Be still. Pay attention. Be alive. Grow transcendent.

Sea Of Love

I’ve discovered that what has buoyed, and brought me inner fluidity is you. Those who have cheered me on, believed in me, offered counsel on dark nights,

Sea Of Love

My resilience grows, along with a more flexible heart. I’m leaving land, heading out to sea to see what I can see. I see you.

The Cruellest Month?

Does February’s start seem a time of re-balancing, of multiple questions and decisions? The Groundhog asks, “Should I come out, or should I stay in?”

Free-falling Into 2016

How can we re-arrange, re-value, re-connect to build better bridges of love and thoughtfulness?” So much depends on creating new and powerful perceptions.

Last Gasp

What happened to the old DNA? Much of it I don’t wish back, but what is the mysterious, transformative elixir we drink daily, begging us to transform ~ yet appear normal?