Daily Breaths

The Hat

What a sublime image. It holds all manner of silliness, and wisdom. What a chic, but manageable template to choose as your inspirational seed for an enormous task.

Self Care

The ‘meta’ of self-care asks we realign soul with ego, that we infuse spirit into body. This allows the heart to nurture our raw nature, those raw, un-safe feelings that cry, “run! Abandon Self.”

Harvesting Hunger

In wanting to be an artist of the ordinary, a baker of breads, a two-stepping dancer, a creature seeking its ‘being’, I ask you ~how do you hold the magic of loving what is? Why does it take misfortune to reveal joy?

Swan Song

Steadfast Soul~Be still. Pay attention. Be alive. Grow transcendent.

Sea Of Love

I’ve discovered that what has buoyed, and brought me inner fluidity is you. Those who have cheered me on, believed in me, offered counsel on dark nights,