Daily Breaths

The Cruellest Month?

Does February’s start seem a time of re-balancing, of multiple questions and decisions? The Groundhog asks, “Should I come out, or should I stay in?”

Free-falling Into 2016

How can we re-arrange, re-value, re-connect to build better bridges of love and thoughtfulness?” So much depends on creating new and powerful perceptions.

Last Gasp

What happened to the old DNA? Much of it I don’t wish back, but what is the mysterious, transformative elixir we drink daily, begging us to transform ~ yet appear normal?

Bearing Gifts

Preparing for holidays instigates the great search for perfect gifts, those impeccable, je ne sais quoi boxes of taste and refined thoughtfulness, along with ‘I should have done this in July despair.’


Endings and beginnings beg urgency, inspiration, and dedication. The closing weeks of a year prevail upon the body to release what was, and turn inevitably toward the unknown.

Becoming Human

Change is good. Right? If we don’t do it, parts of us atrophy and die. When we do change, we still die, but we die better.

One Word~Peace

Socrates asked, “If you don’t have a word to describe something, then how can you think about it?” How do you celebrate peace? What blocks you from having it? How do you embody peace within?

Partnering Prana

We are at home, happier, more expansive when invited to the party. Prana is the same. This energy, or life force is pervasive. It is source material. But when we beckon it to connect to breath with awareness and meaning, we make the party come alive.