Daily Breaths


Like maple syrup, the Ojas, or life force, begins running more fiercely with still cold nights but warmer days. Like sap, we are invigorated to be more verb-like, less noun-ish, and with fortune our sap will heat and become sweet. Perhaps it is not so much fortune, but attention and diligence. It takes 40 gallons… Read more »

In The Ocean Of Our Breath

In the ocean of our breath, we meet ourselves, Deep sea divers encountering exotic fish the first time, Gasping in delight. What strange creatures we seem. Filled with fear, Dazzling with courage when the heart breathes, Let go surface safety, plunge down, Into dark waters, glitterings of spring.

Spring Zen

Simply crossing out ‘winter’ to write SPRING YOGA SCHEDULE is joyous. I will spill less blood on this page knowing we are at the crossroads. I can feel spring asking that we open to a more Zen state, the ‘Big Mind’ instead of the personal, small mind. The Zen of spring displays a more capacious… Read more »

Quadrants of Change

Between the 19th and 21st of March the Astrological new year begins with the Vernal or Spring Equinox, that is when the Sun arrives at zero degrees of Aires. It is an energy that primes us to leap into new life, take charge, and express with greater verve and demand. Like buds pulsing upward through… Read more »

Whale Of A Tale

This was a front page story in the San Francisco Chronicle. It relates the plight of a female humpback whale who had become entangled in a spider web of crab-traps and lines. She was weighted down by many pounds of traps that forced her to struggle to stay afloat, and there were hundreds of yards… Read more »

Side Stepping A Bullet

The happenstance of having a card fall out of a drawer saved you from receiving a rant today, and more importantly …saved me from remaining stuck in it. I’m always amazed by how the Universe offers opportunity to move on. Time and again, it subtly, or not so subtly, signals, “Turn left here, two inches… Read more »

Soaring Above The Small Minded

At times of change we have opportunity and necessity to expand our vision(s). A dear friend sent me a Taoist parable which speaks of this in a wonderfully visual manner: ‘There is a great bird known as the Pieng. Its back appears as broad as a mountain range; its wings are like clouds across the… Read more »

Gut Bombs

A Doctor has described our bulbous, calorie-laden consumption of lemon creams, toffee butternuts, and chocolaty devil mousse’s as ‘gut bombs.’ Those nirvana, heat seeking missives of cholesterol and wide waists that call to us like the Sirens do more than make us hefty, they render us unconscious. When I have polished off a pot pie,… Read more »