Daily Breaths

Moral Moonlight

Sometimes we see our life not by how close we are to it, in it…as it were, but by moving away from the center, as in taking a vacation, or being sick, perhaps even entering the oh so foreign territory of being on our dying journey. Sometimes just the change in language reveals us to… Read more »

‘Oh Tannenbaum!’

I’ve tried to take down the tree on three separate occasions. I couldn’t/can’t do it. We always take the tree down the week after Christmas, as in “You’re out’a here!” This year, this tree is different. It feels like a felony to de-nude her. She continues to hold a magic that touches me/us personally, and… Read more »

Begin the Begine!

Is there anything more inviting than the first blank page of a new journal on a New Year’s morning? Such possibility spreads out before us! No messy squiggles, no regrets crossed out to mar a lovely landscape. The page, pure and hopeful lies empty, ready and wanting to soak up thought and prod creativity. I… Read more »

An Intimate Living

‘Intimate’ from the Latin, intimare/intimus, meaning ‘inmost,’ to make known, is a word we usually associate to mean closely acquainted with someone. All well and good, but we can also be intimate, or not, to our life, our breath, our time, our death. This requires a good deal of work. Turning inward to sit still… Read more »

Face To Face

Under the staggering gaze of the full moon, Her face the face I love Reveals cold weight of winter Illuminating purple snow And hills where geese wait. Her round largess at the horizon Sets off shrill squawking Silhouettes rise across her redolence. Do angels fly on such nights? Lovely as swans— white on white, Unseen,… Read more »

Dive Dive!

When we are not looking, sometimes remarkable moments enter by the side door. When we surrender to process rather than outcome, we sometimes get lucky when the outcome revels and reveals the magic of its process. When we commit to risking, and intimacy, and sharing, what gets created far surpasses the sum of its parts…. Read more »

Legitimate Thanks

Often when the ego is diminished, we feel an ‘insufficiency of gratitude,’ sometimes heard of as ‘the mean reds.’ We feel in those times that there is little call for thanks, or giving. We don’t have enough Self to be expansive, generous, or grateful, having forgetten it’s just the ego, not all of Self. The… Read more »

The Wild Geese

The hill behind the house lies bare On dark’s descending ride, Leaves a figure standing lone with the North East wind inside. She hesitates, then hears commands, Sounds of squadron pride, Silhouettes on sunset’s wing With the arc of the world as guide. She waits, as hopeful beacon In silent calling –“Come by here!” Desire… Read more »