Time Brings Me Nothing

This hour is holy.  Why?  Because I choose to be wholly in it.  No pun, please.  Summer in New England is precious because there is never enough except when we stop to be it, to match our spirit to its own. Part of summer’s sacred-Self is that it removes longing for an unknown future.  My… Read more »


Lacuna, what a wonderful word!  It’s a particularly wonderful word at this time of year when we can be it, as well as see it.  It’s meaning is a hiatus, or blank space- possibly as in a vacation.  It can also be an intercellular space, and-or a small pit or depression, like those in the… Read more »

Shape Shifting-part I

With the need for increasing mental, emotional, and physical flexibility to see us to the other side of enormous change, I shall be writing on the helpful and subversive ideas and teachings of four talented Instructors.  This week Aaron Cantor, followed by Daniel Orlansky, Jen Yarrow, and Shiva Rea. Spring opens the body from winter weight. … Read more »

Training Wheels

Remember the training wheels on your first bike?  Or perhaps you were one of those without? You had the scabby knees to prove yourself a flyer. Starting out in anything, especially life, it’s a gift to have the support of training wheels, all kinds of wheels; those, who are the ‘wind beneath your wings.’ These… Read more »

The Second Time Around

Repeating something the second or third time around can be maddening.  It can also be gratifying if you note change, and growth.  Repetition also offers moments for choice full response.  This is often not true the first time we go through something. Many of us don’t know what to expect, or can calculate any yardstick… Read more »

Lexicons of Madness

There are certain phrases, or words, even ideas in the English language fraught with oxymoronism, or imbued with moronic sensibility.  Take ‘peace of mind’ for example.  The mind is a restless, vibrating, multi-sensory-quivering jelly.  There is nothing still or peaceful about it.  We do not come to peace through the mind. If we find it… Read more »

Fractal Dots

Second of three Breaths on connection.  Last week I wrote of maintaining the dynamic center as we connect new and old.  This week it’s about seeing the dots, for how we perceive something changes our capacity to do something about it.  Last night I watched a show on mathematical fractals.  Not knowing the first thing… Read more »

Dying Lights

Liquid amber light, Fallen from trees Too full to hold Indian Yellow- Cad Red- Burnt Sienna, Quivers the air, Drawn from a sky Tumbling up from the ground Exuberance imploding Leaving life layer upon layer. Some remain. I remain Wondering Will my death to be thus? A last leaf with jewel encrusted seams sewn delicately… Read more »