Death’s POV

New moons are 28 day deaths. The continuous re-birth cycle of Sun and Moon are the Ha and Tha (Hatha,) the Yin and Yang of earthly life.  This surrendering to death is very like practicing Savasana-Corpse Pose. There are many ways to release the old, and give up what is necessary, but living with and… Read more »

Missing Messes

When someone we love leaves, it’s their mess, the originality of their marvelous salmagundi that we miss. You don’t long after excellence, or do you? I find myself missing the quirky, mis-shapen oddness, that funny, off-centered way they had of arriving, then departing, their bizarre sounds, that pitch perfect flaw, announcing they were within earshot…. Read more »

Rethinking Thought

Science used to believe only humans had the capacity of intelligence. They also believed men smarter than women, white men smarter than brown men, and that animals could not communicate, nor birds remember. Our innate arrogance blinds us to possibility. Scientists are discovering it may simply be a matter of syntax. Like E.T., we must… Read more »

10 Commandments Written By A Woman

Not to stand against men, or the men who wrote the biblical original ten. Not to declare myself as only a feminist. But what if the foundational ten had been written by a woman, actually it probably would have been, ‘women.’ Women tend to act from consensus rather than decree. They tend to listen first,… Read more »

Daimonic Soul Shocks

We should be getting used to the high levels intensity by now. We should be good at dodging the jagged shards of careless and mean-spirited output. We should have been able to wrap ourselves in a cocoon of safety against someone else’s chaotic decisions and quixotic changes that affect our lives. It ain’t happening, nor… Read more »

The Mother Moniker

When someone is our mother it is impossible to see her as a person. This is true of anyone with a title relating us to them, such as, boss, lover, or grandfather. When it is a convoluted, deeply-tied, and tiered relationship, there are powerful forces at work to keep us from seeing. Mainly, we know… Read more »

The Fat Samoan

The fact that this is a true story is un-important. The fact that I not only remember it many years later, and it continues to re-affirm and re-create an inner compassionate space, is its vitality. Once upon a time, twenty years ago, my newly wed husband and I flew off to Hawaii to escape over-amped… Read more »

The WoW Factor

I heard myself whining the other day and thought, “You wuse.” I then had judgment added to remorse. All of that weight when I could have had a V-8. I could have had a ‘WoW’ moment instead of a whine-one. I was complaining that someone had backed out on my expectations. I could have seen… Read more »