East Of Eden

Leaving the non-duality of paradise for an earthly incarnation, we must abandon Eden, that somewhere faaaaabulous Garden of perfection. When we choose to eat of the apple, i.e. open our eyes and see, we open Pandora’s Box of tricks. Taking that hard right turn out of the Garden leaves us vulnerable to imperfection. This is… Read more »

Spring Zen

Simply crossing out ‘winter’ to write SPRING YOGA SCHEDULE is joyous. I will spill less blood on this page knowing we are at the crossroads. I can feel spring asking that we open to a more Zen state, the ‘Big Mind’ instead of the personal, small mind. The Zen of spring displays a more capacious… Read more »

Quadrants of Change

Between the 19th and 21st of March the Astrological new year begins with the Vernal or Spring Equinox, that is when the Sun arrives at zero degrees of Aires. It is an energy that primes us to leap into new life, take charge, and express with greater verve and demand. Like buds pulsing upward through… Read more »

Side Stepping A Bullet

The happenstance of having a card fall out of a drawer saved you from receiving a rant today, and more importantly …saved me from remaining stuck in it. I’m always amazed by how the Universe offers opportunity to move on. Time and again, it subtly, or not so subtly, signals, “Turn left here, two inches… Read more »

Moral Moonlight

Sometimes we see our life not by how close we are to it, in it…as it were, but by moving away from the center, as in taking a vacation, or being sick, perhaps even entering the oh so foreign territory of being on our dying journey. Sometimes just the change in language reveals us to… Read more »