Honoring The Dark Gods

I remain in awe of my mind.  Would that it were for its brilliance.  No, I remain fascinated, because despite living in it lo these many years, it remains a mystery.  I have little understanding of how it really works.  What is this mind stuff? It powers the Universe. If I could consciously access the energy… Read more »

Clowning Around

I recently went to hear an ex-Cirque de Soleil clown speak on failure.  Odd aspects of articulating our humanness never fail to intrigue, and Colin Gee, the clown, actor, and observer of life, was no exception. He also surprised, although with a billing of ‘clown, Cirque de Soleil, and failure,’ how can you not be… Read more »

Truth & Lies

Finding the truth is much like finding Nemo.  The cartoon film revels in facts of life, seen as a fish tale, revealing truth through laughter.  We are shown that the Self we hope to be, and truths we must comprehend are as much the work of imagination and intuition as they are of reality and… Read more »

Take Back The Night

The numinous has been leeched from our bones by the radioactive society we’ve created.  We worship the maudlin and horrific, the mundane and safe.  We are frightened by mystery and magic.  The ancient mystery of the Winter Solstice has departed, gone in pre-Christmas flounce and flurry.  What was most sacred is now scarcely noted, roared… Read more »

Dancing Heaven & Hell

The muchness of who we are is created from a dynamic dance born of the resonance of 10,000 polarities.  As these polarities flow and ebb, they teach the difficult steps required to execute this dance. When lucky enough, we then perform it with full heart and flying feet. The dance states that if we only… Read more »

Serious Sedition

Anymore, our days ask for the rational, the analytical, and heavy time management. To create balance, we must return to poetry and Yoga, dance, and song.  What we need most is mystery, and intimacy, nurturing and magic.  As technology takes over, and we are more and more indoctrinated into literalness, and linear thinking, parsing each… Read more »

Women Of Wonder

“Breathe, Believe, Battle.”  This is a perfect mantra for the London Olympics, the arrival of the woman.   The command comes from one of America’s great duo’s, the beach volleyball queens, Kerri Walsh, and Misty May.  Kerri offered it to a microphone when they asked, ‘how do you come back from disappointment, and loss to win?’ … Read more »

Saying, “Yes!”

The exquisite delight and detriment of saying “yes,” as opposed to no, or maybe, creates extreme polarities of greatness, and failure.  We must have said yes to take this incarnation, no?  We must have said yes to grow beyond childhood.  But as adults, with accrued disappointments and failures, what remains of our ability to express… Read more »