Gatekeepers & Go-Betweens

The fascinating work in a dance is the moment connecting two moves.  As a long time choreographer I’ve watched a lot of dance.  The ahaaa moment is not necessarily when the leg extends high into the air, though that is glamorous and exciting, rather is is the connective fiber taking the leg toward its next… Read more »

By Tiny Steps We Become Known

The baby steps are the steps of the mystic.  The large, grandiose steps are the ‘I’ of the ego.  These I/me steps move into the world to learn of   success, or not.  The ego I/me is interested in the objective life as self- mirror to its image.  As big as we make ego-steps, as wonderful… Read more »

A Practice Is A Practice Is A…

As I wrote in last week’s Breath, a Practice is indeed a… BUT its myriad forms are often surprising, and catch us unaware before we can stand and say, or do, correct action. I’m writing here more of mental and emotional Practices.  ALL are difficult to show up for time and again. Seeing, then understanding… Read more »

A Fighting Chance

 Maintaining a Practice, any Practice that supports the soul we hope to know, the person we wish to be, offers a fighting chance to fully embody life.  It holds the possibility to fulfill wide dreams.  It offers re-newed hope to create the world we wish to live in.  Otherwise, all bets are off. As we… Read more »

Death’s POV

New moons are 28 day deaths. The continuous re-birth cycle of Sun and Moon are the Ha and Tha (Hatha,) the Yin and Yang of earthly life.  This surrendering to death is very like practicing Savasana-Corpse Pose. There are many ways to release the old, and give up what is necessary, but living with and… Read more »

Means & Ends

Does the end justify the means? I used to think so. Now, seeing the means are the end, and the end simply another piece of the means… I don’t agree with the old quote. Looking back, each time I gave gravitas to ‘justifying the means,’ I was more careless and cruel, worse, I gave myself… Read more »

Story Time

What stories will we tell ourselves on dying? Will we look back in wonder & awe at our asinine adventuring? Or, will we be dazzled by the lists of good intention constructed each morning? Will we be enthralled by a vigorous growth of spirit, or shamed by lingering cowardice? All things, I suspect, though the… Read more »

Facing Fall

I see, despite every desire and intention, I do not surrender gracefully. My mind-energy, that powerful, invisible, elixir of feeling and thought, refuses to grow peaceful, graceful, let alone joyous, at fall’s arrival. Yes! It’s an exuberant season of change. I love change. It’s beautiful, with wind blown gold’s and yellows, colors of wisdom and… Read more »