Balancing The Odds

As an adult, every Practice I have chosen, or that has chosen me, has been working to bring balance to the chaotic, adventurous, off-kilter drama of an extreme childhood. Somehow I had never noticed the subconscious efforts to re-align until this moment. Some of my choices to become more adult were not random, others– very… Read more »

Summer Poem

Today’s perfect beauty offers itself as a poem. It touches me in ways I cannot describe, just as the qualities of good poetry defy description or understanding. Great poems touch and remain within as a confluence of feelings; a ‘Splendor In The Grass’ moment of pure intoxication that alters consciousness. Whether the poem holds extraordinary… Read more »

Holy Hell

For those who garden in the North East, spring days are holy, they are also hell…. So much to do all at once, alongside such splendid joy and incomparable relief at winter’s release. My eyes rove over winter-white grass, broken branches, and withered rose cane. Suddenly, the luminescent green throat of the Grackle, the pear… Read more »


Like maple syrup, the Ojas, or life force, begins running more fiercely with still cold nights but warmer days. Like sap, we are invigorated to be more verb-like, less noun-ish, and with fortune our sap will heat and become sweet. Perhaps it is not so much fortune, but attention and diligence. It takes 40 gallons… Read more »

Begin the Begine!

Is there anything more inviting than the first blank page of a new journal on a New Year’s morning? Such possibility spreads out before us! No messy squiggles, no regrets crossed out to mar a lovely landscape. The page, pure and hopeful lies empty, ready and wanting to soak up thought and prod creativity. I… Read more »

Dive Dive!

When we are not looking, sometimes remarkable moments enter by the side door. When we surrender to process rather than outcome, we sometimes get lucky when the outcome revels and reveals the magic of its process. When we commit to risking, and intimacy, and sharing, what gets created far surpasses the sum of its parts…. Read more »