Ritual & Celebration

Questioning The Harvest

What sort of a ‘farmer’ have I been? Did I grow enough for a long winter? Which dreams died this year? What was born? What nutrients, provided by mistakes, failures, and mis-steps will help grow new seeds? We lie under in a night sky, tiny and supercilious until exposed to Luna’s enormous Light.  Her quivering,… Read more »

Serious Sedition

Anymore, our days ask for the rational, the analytical, and heavy time management. To create balance, we must return to poetry and Yoga, dance, and song.  What we need most is mystery, and intimacy, nurturing and magic.  As technology takes over, and we are more and more indoctrinated into literalness, and linear thinking, parsing each… Read more »

Sing Out!

Over the 4th of July, we traipsed the Berkshires, to experience all things American.  In Summerland, in a small, hot room, off the side of the road, we happened upon  a ‘Fa So La Sing’ where passionate voices rose in four and six part harmonies for no other reason than the beauty of their song… Read more »

Gaia’s Sanctuary

We do not honor our great Mother.  We do not look to her future. We do not listen to her needs.  We only pay attention when she is really pissed off and blows a volcano, tosses a tsunami, or hurricane our way.  We do not offer sacrifices and bow in celebration every day, as she… Read more »

Amazon Queen

Sometimes when least expected, a magical event appears from haphazard seed. It seems all the more special as magic is in short supply these days. The following tiny story comes to you full of magical possibility, born of an odd thought in an insouciant moment Our Yoga community celebrates.  We create ritual for the earth… Read more »


The reason the world is round is it keeps us from looking too far down the road.  Another reason is that- roundness is symbolic of a mandala, a magical circle.  Roundness delineates birth.  It is the womb. The inmost shrine of an Indian temple is called a garbha, the womb. The center of a mandala,… Read more »

Sometimes When We Dance

A newcomer to class, observing a Shakti Yoga Dance for the first time, told me he was surprised at how strongly it affected him.  He asked how I chose to put them together, why connect those particular Asanas?  Surprised by the question I had to question, how do these dances grow out of the mat?… Read more »

Autumn’s Equinox

Despite the dizzying sense of speed, the structure of fall’s equinox provides a moment of stillness, a symbolic cross  road that divides the year into one of its four seasonal quadrants.  Like spring’s Vernal Equinox, along with the Summer and Winter Solstices, Autumn’s equinox  is an astrological transition when we open a door to the… Read more »