Ritual & Celebration

Power of the White Tiger

We entered the Chinese New Year of the tiger, the metal tiger, to be specific, when we celebrated the charismatic New Moon on Valentine’s day. This New Moon of entry into the tiger’s year, packed enough juju to fill everyone’s pockets with passion. Every 12 years are Tiger years in the Chinese tradition, and they… Read more »

Shakti Dance

When we play, we are lively, as in ‘full of life.’ In that happiness, we connect. In depression, we disconnect, and grow stagnant. Growing joy and contentment is no small job. Maybe it never was. With over-ripe angst, anger, and confusion , bliss is not a luxury. Consciously cultivating solace is a worthy job. We… Read more »

Equinox Ritual

As the earth held her moment of perfect balance between night & day, a tiny band of brothers circled a fire to celebrate. We stood as witnesses, called as our ancestors had been called to celebrate ‘The Queen,’ to partake and believe in her mysteries. In this last breath before tidal waves of change create… Read more »

Heavenly Instructions

Let us evolve as the heavens instruct: At sunrise, burst with light upon a new day; at each monthly new moon, surrender to the darkness of renewal; at the four seasonal crossroads of Solstice and Equinox, set road-maps of intention, and re-balance. Heaven and earth propose opportunity after opportunity for new life. Jim Harrison said,… Read more »

Solstice Dream Weavers

Being an Astrologer, I am fascinated by questions of fate. I am engaged and delighted by an endlessly revolving relationship to the cosmos, especially to the Sun, giver of life. Weaving and un-raveling around those relationships reveals that God is, indeed, in the details. During the days of the Summer Solstice, as earth ‘stands still,’… Read more »

Graduation Blooms

Come May someone, somewhere begins walking to Pomp & Circumstance. The hymn of graduation hums along for all, it is simply more audible in certain lives. Just as Ma Nature graduates to full-bloom- glory come spring, we fling off old garb, open windows, and show intimate skin, to take next steps. Revealing ourselves anew is… Read more »

Sweet & Sour of Holy Ground

When the ‘moveable feasts’ of Passover and Easter tango together, religious rituals fill the air, and tastes of childhood linger on the tongue through matzo, or peeps. The sour and sweet of holy ground offers both guilt and redemption. It can open the numinous, or close down possibility by orthodoxy. Religious roots can send us… Read more »

Equinox-Growing Light

This equinox calls us to grow our inner light as powerfully as we respond to the the outer transformation of spring. Those of us who have been in snow’s lock-down, become joy-crazy with the warmth in this light. Even if we have not been held in repressive freezes, it is time to release the dark… Read more »