Ritual & Celebration

Inauguration Song

Thoughts & words stolen from a day of magic when America stepped out from under dark clouds. I hear the heartbeat of this land again….lub-dub, lub-dub. How far we wandered from that sound, from our true song. In the darkness of frightening cycles, the gifted come to help us grow new heart-muscle, and stronger voice…. Read more »

Solstice Light

In the four expanded crossroads of summer/winter Solstices and fall/spring Equinoxes, we are made more aware of our connection to earth, either through breathless equilibrium, or the unbalanced tilt between Sol and Lady-Dark. We reconnect modern lives to ancient pasts where we built sacred stone ‘cathedrals’ to catch first moments of light at these quadrants… Read more »

Table of Glory/Table of Gobbledygook

Crazy families notwithstanding, all of us sit to feast with a few odd-balls at Thanksgiving. Perhaps those around the table reflect back some aspect of self, warts, beauty, and mania. They may simply be metaphors or symbols for lives inside that cannot find expression within, except through another. When the obsessive auntie, or pedantic brother… Read more »

Embracing Discipline

Does anyone love doing what they have to do? How do you do that? I can do what I have to do…sometimes, often grudgingly. I can always manage to do what I want to do. Having been superbly controlled as a child, I find discipline to be a thing of no small horror. I want… Read more »

Grown By My Garden

When earth takes a human voice it flows through the flowers of my garden. Each morning they open to bless our time together and later, they offer balm to the closing of the day. In our cycles together a potent relationship of student and teacher grows. These are a few of the lessons I have… Read more »

To Big Daddy On His Big Day

How big does our ‘Big Daddy’ live within us? How did his dreams forge our days? Have we come to terms with his mythos? Do we hear his voice in our own? When that young man, freckled and feckless or freckled and faithful, decided to have a child, was he ready? Or did he haplessly… Read more »

Mothers of Invention

So much to be said about mothers; choosing one, having one, being one, not being one, leaving one, her leaving. The umbilical cord of DNA connecting us to a known-stranger, who feeds us by & with transfusions, implantation, information, transformations….so that link by link, bone by bone we birth ourselves into being. The parental axis… Read more »

May Day-May Day

Not a celebration in sight. We should be screaming “help.” What happened to the May Pole? The ribald spring rites of procreation, and consecration of the land? In the power of celebration lies community. In the haunting sounds of shared laughter, we remain connected. In the primitive power of the circle, implicit in chant, song… Read more »