Ritual & Celebration

Earth Day/Spiritus Jubileo

Gaia is in her glory—as are we who tend her. Eternal female, she appears on her day/Earth Day dressed in a rainbow of silks, flowing chiffons, with a halo of daffodils twined on long curling tresses, and pedicured toes sporting silvery moon-rings. Her Venusian beauty vibrates, giving off rich scents of possibility. After her winter-crone… Read more »

‘Oh Tannenbaum!’

I’ve tried to take down the tree on three separate occasions. I couldn’t/can’t do it. We always take the tree down the week after Christmas, as in “You’re out’a here!” This year, this tree is different. It feels like a felony to de-nude her. She continues to hold a magic that touches me/us personally, and… Read more »