Self Care

Operating Instructions

July 25, 2013   Breath #400…Now that’s a marker!  Are we grown more thoughtful? Wiser? Kinder? Sillier? Contemplative? Wilder? Creative? Connected? From these past years of ‘Breaths?’  Do weigh in.  I should so love to hear your ‘Breath-stories.’ Thank hevvins for bad TV.  I’ve turned to reading.  One of the books was recommended by the author,… Read more »

Walk On The Wild Side

It’s odd.  As life grows ever more bumptious, and out of control, there are fewer and fewer wild places in the world. The garden is not wild, unless it is wild with weeds, and one can’t consider garden’s wild anyway.  Daily life is driven, but it is not wild unless we are living in Syria,… Read more »

Fingering Secrets

Hands are magical instruments; multi faceted, powerful, tender, destructive. They can be gnarly, spatulate, pudgy, delicate.  The fingers, as emissaries, touch the world, bringing back thousands of impressions full of information.  Brains are activated and trained by working with fingertips, especially during childhood. Hands and feet possess abundant nerve supplies which light up large areas… Read more »

Honoring The Dark Gods

I remain in awe of my mind.  Would that it were for its brilliance.  No, I remain fascinated, because despite living in it lo these many years, it remains a mystery.  I have little understanding of how it really works.  What is this mind stuff? It powers the Universe. If I could consciously access the energy… Read more »

Clowning Around

I recently went to hear an ex-Cirque de Soleil clown speak on failure.  Odd aspects of articulating our humanness never fail to intrigue, and Colin Gee, the clown, actor, and observer of life, was no exception. He also surprised, although with a billing of ‘clown, Cirque de Soleil, and failure,’ how can you not be… Read more »

Holiday Minefield

How much room does expectation take up?  Where does it live?  Who does if feed?  How do we see it? When is it at its worst?  And…if you did not expect ‘it,’ would there be room for more delightful things such as contentment, awareness, lack of angst, and more turkey? It’s hardest when we expect… Read more »

Musical Shape Shifting- Exploration of Teaching Modalities

To be at one with Self we must have, and be at home in our own rhythmic archetype.  We must be able to move with the flow inherent in our internal rhythms.  Our early relationship with rhythm begins in utero where we are soothed with mother’s heartbeat, the pulse of her blood flow, even her… Read more »

Shape Shifting-part I

With the need for increasing mental, emotional, and physical flexibility to see us to the other side of enormous change, I shall be writing on the helpful and subversive ideas and teachings of four talented Instructors.  This week Aaron Cantor, followed by Daniel Orlansky, Jen Yarrow, and Shiva Rea. Spring opens the body from winter weight. … Read more »