Self Care

The Cold Silent Self

Describing the moon as cold and silent, resonates. Evaluating lack of spirit in those same terms, requires explanation. Kundalini Yoga has given the name, ‘Cold Depression’ to being cut off from spirit. It is a modern malaise where patience, energy, pleasure, and understanding are submerged.  It also expresses in masculine terms through over doing, pushing,… Read more »

Face Value

  If feeling unhappy in a pose, or unexpectedly hurt by someone’s random comment, or suddenly uneasy with a stranger or new situation,   it is smart not to take it at face value. Often it is something within the pose, the person, or comment that sparks old hidden fires of fear within. Like the mind,… Read more »

Dynamic Balance

 December 6, 2010    First of three December Breaths on connection When the wind blows, will we scatter?  When the hammer descends, will we flatten? When someone says , “You’re more disappointing than the bottom half of a mermaid.”  Do we feel unworthy?  Or laugh, and know ourselves beautiful, tail et all? What holds a dynamic… Read more »

A Practice Is A Practice Is A…

As I wrote in last week’s Breath, a Practice is indeed a… BUT its myriad forms are often surprising, and catch us unaware before we can stand and say, or do, correct action. I’m writing here more of mental and emotional Practices.  ALL are difficult to show up for time and again. Seeing, then understanding… Read more »

Gift Giving

Because many of us feel poorer than before, less able to cope or keep up, it is important to ritualize the following gifts, imbuing them with attention and power. Because we feel we do not deserve grandeur and gallant greatness, we must promise to sit and accept, perhaps weep at all we wrap and un-wrap…. Read more »

Brain Spanking*

It’s funny the odd confluences that oscillate and dislocate usual thought and discourse. Despite being unconscious of planetary knowledge, our speech and thoughts often reflect powerful planetary configurations. We are energy fields reacting to energy emissions after all. Thanks to a Saturn/Pluto contact we are ‘brain spanking,’ while running from ‘Yoga police.’ These neurological tracks… Read more »

Master Teachers

I took a master class from Natasha Rizopoulos this past week and have been nudged toward small changes and deeper refinements. One thing she said continues to reverberate. “Bring intelligence to the dull parts of your body.” It reminds me of something the French poet Paul Valery once said, “The best way to make your… Read more »

Still Dancing/More Rhythms

For those of you who read last week’s ‘Breath’ you know this is a continuation of that discussion of seasonal elements… another layer in our ability to discern energy. Summer Rhythm As in nature, summer energies are ones of fulfillment, rising heat/fire and maturing. Like the Astrologic Leo, Summer People, when coming from their strengths,… Read more »