Questioning the Heavens

(Summer Reading) How do we become who we are?  How do we emerge from the nexus of childhood?  Why and how did we choose that tribe? That particular moment of birth? Providence or accident?  DNA or the Moira of our ‘allotment’?  Luck or Karma? Random or synchronistic?  These are watery, Cancer questions, and Astrologically, we… Read more »

Sixth Sense Salvation

We are being asked to trust the unknown is ways we’ve never imagined.  Venturing out from the safety of the past, and the known, grows ever more difficult, yet it is the task.   In order to go into the unknown, Osho said that we cannot be in the mind because, “the mind is the accumulated… Read more »

Beltane Fires, Making Sense of Madness

When Ma Nature expands to burst into bloom, when life is at its birthing zenith, we can get as crazy.  There are times when we, and other strangers, also burst into un-stoppable bloom.  These personal ‘flowerings’ are often zealous and fiery.  The energy is unstoppable.  We are convinced of our total right to bloom, and… Read more »

Honoring The Dark Gods

I remain in awe of my mind.  Would that it were for its brilliance.  No, I remain fascinated, because despite living in it lo these many years, it remains a mystery.  I have little understanding of how it really works.  What is this mind stuff? It powers the Universe. If I could consciously access the energy… Read more »

Alchemical Lives

If we are to live, we are to be blown off course.  It is the willy-nillyness of the blow that calls spirit down off its high horse in the high heavens so that we learn to wallow.  It is in those dark hours, as we perch precariously between the moat of crocodiles and a fire… Read more »

Thresholds of the New Year

In our endings lie our beginnings.  The power of graduations is they symbolize the work accomplished that opens the next level. Each birth is the first step towards death. Thresholds, cycles, wheels, call it what you will, 2012 offered multiple time and space opportunity to see the cause and effect of our actions, to comprehend… Read more »

Take Back The Night

The numinous has been leeched from our bones by the radioactive society we’ve created.  We worship the maudlin and horrific, the mundane and safe.  We are frightened by mystery and magic.  The ancient mystery of the Winter Solstice has departed, gone in pre-Christmas flounce and flurry.  What was most sacred is now scarcely noted, roared… Read more »