Impossible to Predict

Is there a better reason for living than to discover who we are?  Is there anything more powerful than becoming our true colors, then sending them out to seep into the world, where as wild dyes they/we sustain, transform, and pigment everyone and everything touched? As the forces of change build to a momentous turning… Read more »

Why & Because

Why Do we only search for God when love is missing? If we were ecstatic, love-filled beings, why would we ever seek to change? Is there a conspiracy running all religions to keep us fearful and unhappy? If filled with light, why feel a need to turn to priest, rabbi, Imam, or Maharishi? If love… Read more »

The Ground of Heaven

Celebrating the sublime conundrum of deaths’ burnished brilliance on The Day of The Dead, is satisfying.  We might be as leaves, flaming out in high-flying colors, lofted into winds for a last dance.  Is it not a death many of us would envy?  If we but un-clutch, releasing the branch, we will slide into home… Read more »

Questioning The Harvest

What sort of a ‘farmer’ have I been? Did I grow enough for a long winter? Which dreams died this year? What was born? What nutrients, provided by mistakes, failures, and mis-steps will help grow new seeds? We lie under in a night sky, tiny and supercilious until exposed to Luna’s enormous Light.  Her quivering,… Read more »

Dancing With Our Daimon

Do you find yourself shutting out your inner voices because you have no time to  listen, much less do what they ask? Do you see yourself so overwhelmed by ‘helpful technology,’ and the day’s requirements that neither dharma, soul purpose, or spirit can get through? It is time to create space for our Daimon to… Read more »

The Really Big Picture

If “the goal of the journey is to discover yourself as consciousness,” as Joseph Campbell said, then what revelations did this summer’s wing-ding of an Astrological force-field bring you?  These past months of inner heightened intensity and emotional landmines, seen via the outer picture through ‘The Arab Spring, the Japanese tsunami and nuclear spill, the… Read more »

Shape Shifting-part I

With the need for increasing mental, emotional, and physical flexibility to see us to the other side of enormous change, I shall be writing on the helpful and subversive ideas and teachings of four talented Instructors.  This week Aaron Cantor, followed by Daniel Orlansky, Jen Yarrow, and Shiva Rea. Spring opens the body from winter weight. … Read more »

Face Value

  If feeling unhappy in a pose, or unexpectedly hurt by someone’s random comment, or suddenly uneasy with a stranger or new situation,   it is smart not to take it at face value. Often it is something within the pose, the person, or comment that sparks old hidden fires of fear within. Like the mind,… Read more »