Turn Turn Turn

It’s been said that ‘turning over a new leaf,’ ‘turning a page,’ ‘turning toward the future,’ are good and true actions come January 1. Frankly, I’m for turning over and pulling up the covers this year. I’m for ripping out the page and burning it. Turning toward the future only reveals the fridge, where I’ve… Read more »

Death’s POV

New moons are 28 day deaths. The continuous re-birth cycle of Sun and Moon are the Ha and Tha (Hatha,) the Yin and Yang of earthly life.  This surrendering to death is very like practicing Savasana-Corpse Pose. There are many ways to release the old, and give up what is necessary, but living with and… Read more »

Beam Me Up Scotty

Under this full moon, eat green melon, dream large dreams, wear silver twined with gold, see the highest vision, trip the light fantastic, and hold nothing but your heart. What is demanding your attention in this moment?  Where is your focus?  Do you have one?  Or has it mutated so many times in the past… Read more »

Fighting Chance

How do we give ourselves a fighting chance when the deck is stacked? How do we change someone who overwhelms the psyche? How do we fight constipated bonfires of rage, destruction, and carelessness? As usual, I have no idea, but in order to change something we must alter the energy that creates it. Therefore all… Read more »

Burn Baby, Burn

The weather is only half the heat we are contending with this summer. If ever there was a time to learn about ‘turning the other cheek,’ it is now. And what, pray tell, does that phrase conjure? If I slug you, do you ignore me? If I patronize, or lie, do you then roll over?… Read more »

Consciousness Boot Camp

Getting ready to be ready, sounds fun, as if packing to go on vacation. Getting ready to be ready for anything is another matter. If we approach that with the same enthusiasm and excitement we do packing for a smashing holiday, we might face present uncertainty with greater skill. Being human animals, uncertainty makes us… Read more »

Path Of Dreams

March 9, 2010 #263 Rumi wrote, “Seek the path that demands your whole being, ” which is a perfect dictate at any time, but particularly timely this week as Mars turns direct. It is important to dream again, to regain faith, especially if efforts have felt on hold, and projects waylaid. Our desires, our will,… Read more »

Tiny Steps/Big Dreams

This year feels more difficult to leap into, no? Is it because it’s opening a whole new decade? Is it that last year we lost hope, there for fear stains new dreams? Most are more than pleased to leave ’09 behind, you’d think we’d be in a rush to move onward. We are, but tentative… Read more »