Alien Instruction

Out of difficulties, the extra-ordinary creates itself. In constricted cycles, expanded visions appear. In times of fear, courage increases. Being in the midst of yet another problematic, constricting cycle, it is difficult to stand outside mundane home-ground to behold sublime visitations and visions. It feels impossible to find time in a present so over-filled with… Read more »

We Are The Mystery

In this fall of ’09 we are either change-agents or victims. We might be both, trading off as we struggle with growing consciousness, and instability. We are taking baby steps to embrace new discoveries, while relinquishing certainties, even when we are certain we are right …especially then. This certainty of rightness is a crystallized habit,… Read more »

Can We Take The Heat?

We are in the fires of change. If you do not know it yet, you will. Make no mistake, this time of planetary metamorphosis will transform us all …unless you are a mushroom. Sometimes we can see changes creeping in on little fog-feet silently, softly approaching. More often, it’s a searing gust, a wild flame,… Read more »

Following The White Rabbit

If the kaleidoscopic palate of hungry colors consumes me, I cannot feed my core. If I allow the demonic din to cloud my sight, I lose my vision. If turning to reality denies my dreams, then I naysay the soul. If I am only my molecules and not my myth then I have no future…. Read more »

All Saints Celebrate

My favorite person asked me this morning, “If we could turn red before we die, do you think we’d mind dying?” “Not so much. Red-imbued, I’d prepare with greater anticipation, more chutzpah, less cringing. It’s a glorious color for death.” We stood in the first rain-light of early morning, surrounded by denuded trees, skeletal in… Read more »

Raw To Life

We like grooves. The groove is known, dependable, and requires minimal upkeep. Woe unto us if we remain in the groove. But wait! Isn’t a groove all about warm, soft, honey-home contentment of the known: The shoes that fit our feet, the face that fits our persona, the habit that makes us likeable, the automatic… Read more »

Change Agents R Us

1. If asking, “What can I do better?” Think first about, “Who can I become?” We hear & see the same old information differently when our ears and eyes receive with a different vibration. Changing perception just enough to create shifts in old patterns allows for new territory. 2. When I was first contemplating marriage,… Read more »

Unwritten Books

Are we unwritten books waiting to fill each blank page with our idiosyncratic beliefs and characters? Or, is it a previous plot, a soul’s memoir that leaves space only for prepositions and minor detail? (Oh lordy, those seemingly small, insignificant prepositions that instantly change the face of the moment.) In the vitality of spring the… Read more »