Happy New Year!

Today is The Astrological New Year-The Vernal Equinox.  This is a powerful day in the Astrological calendar for it offers- yet again another chance to begin.  This time from the opening degree of Aires, with its fiery ruler Mars booting us up and out.  We can use its take-charge impetus to force new seed, new ideas, and projects out of a cold, dark earth.  ‘Equinox’ literally means ‘equal night,’ when day and night each hold twelve hours. It was the ancient victory of the God of Light over the God of Darkness, and spring celebrations celebrate re-birth, renewal, regeneration.

The three Astrological signs of spring move into the world from the power of their visions to re-boot.  Each in their very different way have the ability to inspire, and create new paths. Think Taurus/think Picasso. This spring, all signs are being affected by the waves of change, the transmission of power the heavens are pouring upon us.  You do not have to be a spring baby to feel the upheaval forming at this time.  If you’re edgy, nervous, or tired for no reason, you are picking up vibrations from the big planets moving into place, to peak April 20.

Be aware that imbalances at this time may come from over-stepping boundaries and telling others what to do instead of inspiring them to do it, The entire world is being profoundly affected by this planetary face off, (See the Crimea) but those with spring birthdays, especially Aires and early Taurus, may find themselves pushed to outer limits.  Now is a good time to begin centering practice so that Aires can grow more self-assured, rather than rash and arrogant; Taurus will remain quietly assertive rather than intractable and inflexible. Gemini will stop long enough to breathe and listen before asking its next question. Learning new centering techniques, we shall all move into the wisdom of our bodies and stress less. 

spring quadrant signs

Aires: March 20- April 19.  Ruled by the planet Mars, this first, cardinal sign is the opening energy of fire, containing visionary courage to overcome odds. There is a single-minded insistence on new life that moves Aires out into the world to be creative through crises.  It shakes up the rest of us, insisting we join the dance, become a player.

Taurus: April 20-May 19 A receptive, earthy energy implements practical visions, organizing goals from sound judgment and a sensual beauty. It is the first of four serpent signs having to do with power and will.  Ruled by Venus, Taurus projects are usually bound up in beautiful ritual and ribbon.

Gemini: May 20- June 20  The third spring signature explores and talks about the process of their vision, questioning results, sharing them, then moving on.  Its twin forces of human and divine are ruled by the dual energy of Mercury.  Its job is to throw seeds of possibility in the wind for the rest of us to wonder at and be entranced.

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