Libra Overview

Libra, the first sign of the fall quadrant works with the polarities of relationship; yin/yang, night/day, me/you.  It is her desire to create and maintain the balance inherent on the earth at this time of year. She seeks herself through what she learns from the polarities of partnerships, friendships, parents and children.

Libra ‘Seeks self through what it unites.’  She is represented by the scales, holding the moment when light and dark, male and female, are equal.  She is an air sign, ruled by Venus, and at her best is involved with ‘the harmony of ideas.’  She has also been described as a grenade in a fist, covered in blue velvet.  No matter her equanimity, Libra prefers her way to your way.

Libra’s Venus:  Under the Venus rulership of Libra, whatever we become has mandates to connect to others, and to be beautiful, if not grace-filled. Taurus, also ruled by Venus, is an earth sign, more interested in sensuality than ideas, more concerned with Venus usefulness, rather than Libra’s light charm.  In the sign opposite Libra, Aires, we become aware of our separateness, our unique contributions.  In Libra, recognition grows that others are as important as oneself, and if the harvest is to be successful, all must contribute.

Libran Shadow: Saturn is exalted in Libra. This stability helps Libra remain centered as she tries to see all sides to an issue, Libra can become too indecisive without Saturn’s shadow of rules and regulations. Paul Valery once wrote. “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”  Libra is a beautiful dreamer of love, Saturn is her wake up caller. The Libran Venus loves to discuss ideas, and re-frame her thoughts with everyone she reaches,  Without some grounding, the light charm and easy grace can overcome good intentions.

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