Mystery Of The Heart

                                   In August heat

Petals of the rose unfurl

Revealing divinity.

Wonder and splendor grow

From wet, dark dirt,

Rooted in earth’s grief and loss,

Releasing wild perfumes

Of soulful flowering.

However lost, whatever the folly,

Grow the rose heart, 

Omnipotence made manifest.

You are the gardener!

At every turn Remember this.

Cultivate the mystery of

Being love.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation


Under the intense influences of the Aires/Libra Full Moon ~here is a simple practice; a means to respond, rather than react.  Setting intention, connecting, and consciously breathing, we create a calm and centered body. The Full Moon energies are all about relationships, partnering, releasing toxic people, and standing the back of those we care for.  Bodies need extra care and quiet focus to remain upright.

Awesome Day partners with dear friend and Tai Chi Master, ShellRae Garnes as she connects breath with intention to energy. This 5 minute video can open your day with to healing, creativity, and quiet joy. Come, breathe and move with us!