Legitimate Thanks

Often when the ego is diminished, we feel an ‘insufficiency of gratitude,’ sometimes heard of as ‘the mean reds.’ We feel in those times that there is little call for thanks, or giving. We don’t have enough Self to be expansive, generous, or grateful, having forgetten it’s just the ego, not all of Self. The problem lies in it feeling like all. It is in fact only the ‘little Self’ with the over-sized voice. (heard as whiney & over rated)

“Why me?” “Why not me?” “How could they?” It should’a been me!” “ Me Me Me, ohhh ghrrrr, waaaghhhhh.”

Loud, voracious, demanding and hungry for attention, it is a raunchy-red-voice that if it is grateful at all, it’s only for one moment before hunger strikes again, needing more strokes, more awards, more acknowledgement.

What about a legitimate me? What about a timeless, open-hearted, Soul-Self that sits quietly in the dark behind ‘Big Red?’ Despite nay saying to the contrary, that dark-quiet Self is a complete compadre, a True self with whom we do, and we become extra-ordinary. It can be heroic, but most often it operates un-seen, and un-known, listening, nurturing, observing, saving.

It understands all too well our needy-greedy cries, smiling at the Me Me Me-ness. When we turn toward this other entity, this silent, healing, surrendering Self, and move into its well of peace, we are home. We can even be ‘home’ for crazy making holidays, rooted in power that does not rise to the bait of old hot spots, and wound-poking. This lovely, legitimate Self is never diminished by failure, gluttony, or pettiness. And when we remember the shining abundance of this legitimacy, sitting at the head of our table, let us indeed offer up Grace for ‘all things bright and beautiful.’

Asana: Choose the Asanas you give yourself to unconditionally, without judgment or fear, those lovely poses where you are most naturally your free, generous and beautiful self; your legitimate Self.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Microcosm/Macrocosm Feb. 20-27



                  Pisces fish tied at the tail, struggling in opposition: Faith VS Chaos.

Astrology is an ancient, sacred and symbolic language of planetary effects on the earth. It informs and supports a wider world-view of one’s place in the firmament. Its cycles remind us of ‘being on time,’ of knowing when to reap and when to sow, of coming to the table with the right attitude.  And yes, it supports us when it is time to relinquish and surrender.  The microcosm/macrocosm of ‘as above, so below,’ or ‘as within, so without’ are metaphysical principles of relationship.  If Astrology is about anything, it is about relationships. Its primary symbols remind us we are connected.  We are not alone.

Given that large, macro-opening, I bring it down to the week’s microcosm. We have walked through the two Eclipse doors of change. For some, there has been enormous upheaval.  For others, fluttering and shifts, that hopefully now propel you forward.  The Pisces planets offer a quiet, reconsidered-space, one calling spirit more than ego.  The Pisces energy, in an odd way, reflects the ‘eclipsed Mercury,’ of the 15th, when it stood beside Sun and Moon, highlighting not only communication and thinking, which was the theme of the Saros Cycle that birthed this Eclipse. Even without that, when Mercury snugs tight into the luminaries, it is drawn inward to transmit and receive information within self.  Lots is being communicated, and shuttled back and forth, but it may not be conscious. It may not make sense. It can go be between lower and higher mind, or between body and spirit, even witness mode and worldly ego. Choose your thoughts wisely and intentionally.  They are making imprints on your soul material.

It is a good week to expand awareness, vision, and thought process to find new solutions, or upgrade the old. Transformational possibilities are amplified.  As I wrote previously, the system is in go-mode, with all planets in forward motion until March 8 when first Jupiter, then Mercury, (March 23,) turn retrograde. Before rushing onward, check facts, take more time with communication.  The Pisces spirit can be lovely, but its reputation for confusion is enormous. We see and hear what we wish, not necessarily what is.  Do evaluate heart-plans and ideas.  Connect your microcosm to the macro as Friday we move to First Quarter Moon phase, which has the push and thrust to take us deeper. With flow of watery planets swimming within and without, it’s a good week to listen to the emotional body, not the intellect.  Hand over conflict, or uncomfortable events, to a restorative practice, a nap, a glass of red with a good friend.

This Week On The Mat:  I like what I wrote two weeks ago: “Listen to the magic of this time, and commit to your larger life, your essential being. Breathe life force into your dreams!”  It remains a good mantra.  We need beauty and nurturing from our Practice this week.  You may have trouble distinguishing right from left, but you will be moved by the music in classes.  You will be touched when someone reaches out.  You will feel connected to the hearts in your tribe, despite not knowing who they are.  Allow the empathy to open doors that have been closed.  The mat is a safety zone, giving permission to deepen into life move toward the passion in gentle, permissible ways, and feel the burn!

Your Birthday Week:  As a Pisces Fish, you love to swim in gentle, nurturing waters, where spirit and matter create beauty.  You may find this an inspirational year, if you listen to your body more than your brain.  Practical assessments may need assistance.  Objectivity will not be readily available.  You may wish professional help with finances or major decisions. Choose the person wisely.  Your talents to create beauty, be it musical, visual, or dance will call you to deepen and attend the practice of this beauty.  Be aware of sacrificing your work to save another.  Seek balance.

Wed. Feb. 21  5:15  & 7 pm Classes at Laughing Dog.  5:15 muliti level, 7:00 level II-III

Thurs. Feb 22, 8:15 am- Multi-level class at Laughing Dog.

Thurs, Feb 22, 10-11 am Pilates Mat. The Studio at One Edson, Natick.

Sat. Feb.24, classes at 8:30, level II-III, and 10:00 am- all levels. RSVP your space.

March 14,  Advanced Techniques, 9 am-1:30 pm, The studio at One Edson in Natick. This seminar explores seated poses, with added layers of Pranayam and focus on the bandhas. Discussion and Practice of relationships in alignment & anatomy; Effective connective links between specific poses.  It is an opportunity to break boundaries, to teach and share knowledge. RSVP-samcatcam@gmail.com

Astrological Consultations:   It’s  always a good time to look at one’s life from an objective, non-judgmental point of view. Especially when the dust flies and the future looks unfamiliar.  If you are asking, “What is my genius, and how do I wish to use it?  How can I move deeply into my healing? When do I make moves for success?”  Then let us swim in your life together, in wonderful discovery.  Email  samcatcam@gmail.com