‘Oh Tannenbaum!’

I’ve tried to take down the tree on three separate occasions. I couldn’t/can’t do it. We always take the tree down the week after Christmas, as in “You’re out’a here!” This year, this tree is different. It feels like a felony to de-nude her. She continues to hold a magic that touches me/us personally, and inhabits the house, filling it with glowing warmth. We are more at her mercy than she ours.

She was the first tree we ever went out and cut down. The day itself was magical, marking her birth with joy and sweet pleasure. We loved her at once, for she did-does not round out perfectly. Au contraire, she is built narrowly, like a great queen in a panniered, whalebone skirt. Despite her tiny waist of baby cones, her full hips and bosom insist she turn sideways to enter a room.

She soon billowed with pearl and sapphire, diamond, and every manner of shinny crow-bait her branches could hold; ‘more is more’ perfection. There she sat holding court, through a vast chaotic flurry of friends and family coming and going. Though she held the masses magnificently, she is most beautiful in the silence of late night, or very early mornings, with just her small lights revealing her grandeur.

But what now? As with any queen, when her time is up, do we finally cut off her head? Is she dismantled gently, working down to her undergarments, allowed to say her prayers, and then dismembered? Perhaps the greater honor is to burn her, sending her spirit up in smoke to tell her story to the earth. Is she then set free? Will she remember? Will it be a good death? For as she lived so must her death resonate. No careless trash pickup here.

Asana: Sphinx. Lie on your stomach, lift chest, bringing forearms parallel in front of you, elbows under shoulders, fingers spread. Gently pull heart forward as well as up. Either take your focus inward to imagine or remember something exquisite/meaningful. Or find something quite beautiful/unusual to contemplate. Let your vision connect to your breath connect to your heart. Feel grateful. Thank whatever it is that has brought you this moment of pleasure, perhaps recognition.

Health Notes: If you do this as Yin Pose/Seal, hold for five minutes or more, keeping legs and buttocks relaxed. If you do it as a preparation for Urdhva Mukha Svanasana/ Up Dog, or Bhujangasana/Serpent Pose, then the legs must be strong, pressed down & back, with knees tight. In all poses, the spine becomes more elastic and rejuvenated. It’s good for sciatica, and slipped discs, helpes tone back aches, gives lungs greater expansion, and circulates energy in the pelvic region.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation



  • The New Moon of 12/7 set the table, now it’s time to sit, eat, share what we’ve learned, what we know, and decide on desert.

We will be prodded into choosing weird combinations, as well as enjoying the comfort of harmonizing tastes. Uranus, god of the higher mind, chaos, and sudden change, is in an uncomfortable semi-square with Neptune, god of the spiritual seas, oneness, loss and chaos. Think anchovies with eggs.

Wed. and Thurs., take advantage of the delicious taste between Moon and Sun in sextile. They’re offering opportunity to see our ‘tablescape’ as expansive, cohesive, and well constructed. This appetizing energy supports efforts to be WOKE, which is what the connection between Neptune and Uranus asks of us.


Last week’s story, under the dark radar of the New Moon, we pushed out a birth crying for greater consciousness. This is a difficult, complex and hungry babe, born with capacity to move beyond old patterns. It’s story continues to grow this week as the transpersonal planets, Uranus and Neptune, push and prod one another through another of their 45 degree semi-square of irritation frustration and challenge. Think fire and water, and you have steam. This is the fourth of five passes these two will make, (between mid 2017 and May 2019) so we are familiar with the flavors of this provocative territory, where the push is to transcend old blocks, move beyond self imposed limitations, and discover a deeper purpose to life…..yet once again! Polish the silver! Sharpen that knife!

The gift of pain is growth. The gift of wishing life were different is making something different happen. The gift of hunger is appreciation when sated. Transpersonal energies are easier to observe with societal settings, but they also operate within us, usually below the level of consciousness. They turn up the heat so that eventually our feet burn and we start dancing on the table. We can either dance along in a foxtrot or get tangled up in an erratic, deceptive tango. Depends on how woke we’ve grown. Uranus and Neptune began their dance back in the early 1990’s, when they joined to give birth to a new cycle of consciousness, baptizing the world with an upgraded cycle of confusing parameters, and requests to move beyond the known. For many, it was an exciting exploratory time of delving into healing practices, death and dying workshops, fire walking, shamanism, subtle body study, and working with light. You see the resurfacing of many of these modalities in areas not opened before.

In some respects, it’s easier not to wake up, to not sit at the table of weird tastes, and odd company. But the chaotic fall-out is far greater when the bill comes due. You have to grow conscious at some point, and this is a good one! Others are waiting on you, especially those that have taken the ‘Bodhisattva Vow.’ This makes the delay more of a moral dilemma, as who wants to keep a Buddha waiting? Many of you know, the vow, taken by Mahayana Buddhists, and others, is to free the world of suffering. With the cultivation of spirit, empathy and moral wisdom, the Bodhisattva place themselves in the service of others, until all sentient beings become conscious, and wish to join the large golden table of love.


YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: This may be a birthday where you are invited to a gilded table laden with delicious choice. The difficulty may lie in asking what you have to surrender in order to eat something new. How much do you wish to expand and move beyond the definition you have given yourself? What beliefs can tumble out of your brain in order for the body to commune more strongly with it? I hope you will give yourself opportunity to take a meaningful trip, perhaps in early spring, that offers a time out of quiet joy. Yes, you are being pushed toward greater consciousness, but you’ve wanted this all along! Happy Trails!!

YOUR PRACTICE: Move the body from New Moon-Yin toward Full Moon-Yang. The ‘First Quarter Phase,’ Sat. 15, is always a goad to build muscle- “Mas Chaturanga!” Pay attention to sequencing! Pull inner birth created, at New Moon, out into viable action. A kryia of challenge: Move from Child’s Pose to Dolphin, to Down Dog, (no shoulder work, please!) jump to Uttkatasana, twist right, lift left leg, extend back, hold, then lower foot, open arms, and windmill arms into Vira II, pull right arm back in Dancing Warrior, windmill arms over to plank, Vinyasa! Mas Chaturanga! Repeat right and left then do it again. The beginnings of a nice heat.




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 * Interested in a 2019 overview of energetic patterns? I will be offering a workshop end of Dec. Eyes on upcoming calendar.

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