Begin the Begine!

Is there anything more inviting than the first blank page of a new journal on a New Year’s morning? Such possibility spreads out before us! No messy squiggles, no regrets crossed out to mar a lovely landscape. The page, pure and hopeful lies empty, ready and wanting to soak up thought and prod creativity. I liken it to the empty mat waiting, longing for us to step onto it and begin, not knowing where it will take us.

A Practice is a Practice is a Practice, be ye writer, Yogini, financier, painter, chef, gardener. We all show up to our ‘blank canvasses,’ awaiting eye, hand, tongue, and heart. When we are lucky, what calls us is an irresistible longing, an anticipation of revelation and manifestation that is hard to come by in the quotidian. Yet it requires that quotidian necessity of ‘showing up every day no matter what.’

Part of what makes a Practice inviting and …terrifying is we must be willing not only to begin fresh each time, but to plumb inner, secret spaces in new ways in order to make the invisible– visible. Yes, even a Yoga Practice. If we do it by rote, by the book, especially someone else’s book, we not only lose our edge, we eventually lose our Practice. A Practice, like the first blank page of a journal, the first day of a new cycle, an empty plot of ground, a just stretched canvas, all require not the talents of a Master, rather the magic made in the workshop of daily ‘worship’. When that magical worship combines with the courage to reveal what lies within then we have life-elixir, the true ability to change dross into gold.

Asana: What is the pose that draws you onto your mat? Is there one, or two you look to as enticement? Surrender? Conquering? Refining? On this first day of a fine New Year listen to the call (faint or strong) of the mat, with joyful discipline as guide.

Health Notes: There is nothing more healthy than respecting our bodies, listening to its needs, letting that feed the heart.

***I want to take a moment to thank each one of you who have been part of my life in strange, even miraculous ways this year. Many of you are Yogini-partners, one—a life partner, some, old and raucous friends, & family…it matters not, for all have been my teachers in mysterious ways. You have deepened and given me un-expected new life, a richer life. You have revealed myself to me, which hasn’t always been easy, but it is always a gift…gifts I treasure. You are my Magi, offering the spices each day craves. Thank you for your support, each generous contribution, the laughter, and always your tender heart that holds me so well. Onward mes enfants! We have new worlds to conquer. Are we all holding hands to cross this new road together?

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

VROOM VROOM   Jan 10-17


  • We are more driven than we desire. We are more demanding than we need to be.  With ‘Capricorn excellence’ as a mantra, be careful to not go into perfection over-drive.  In other words, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.”
  • Clean closets of preconceptions, especially those of ‘achievement.’ With Saturn as our pie in the sky guy, it’s important to remember that it’s how we feel about our achievements, not what we actually achieve in worldly standards.
  • Create a new tool box with bright ideas that put fun into the work, because work we will. The goal is to not let it become drudgery, or for the body to exhaust itself.  Self care is a huge issue all year, and caring for personal as well as eco-environments are part of our ‘care package.’
  • Create a place of refuge, a sanctuary where consciousness and dreams feed one another. Make a mission statement to be fully woke, in order to wake others. ‘Accountability’ is part of the Capricorn lexicon.
  • Don’t be idealistic without being realistic. Rather, pedal to the metal with careful planning, and viable strategies for new, steamy-dreamy ‘vroom-vroom.’

THE STORY                                                                                                                                       The tailwinds of big shift off last weekend’s Eclipse, and Uranian forward thrust embed themselves in this weekend’s regenerative, power hungry Pluto/ Sun embrace.  Some transformation is being demanded of ego and identity.

The hard questions are: “Do I want to change my ID?  Do I feel manipulated? If so, how?  Am I manipulating?  Am I willing to uncover hidden information and agendas? Willing to eliminate old secrets so that a light of greater understanding emerges? Am I willing to release tired toxicity?  How about my power issues?  Pluto’s lessons always teach the right use of will and power.  Unfortunately, we often learn by badly using power over others as training wheels to the ultimate aphrodisiac of wielding power over self.  When we attain the nirvana of healed wounds, and overcome the seduction of power over, then the transformative renewal of ego emerges.

Ravi Zacharias said, “The longest journey in life is the one from the head to the heart.”  Speeding this journey are the odd, counterpoint energies of Pluto and Sun dancing with  Jupiter squaring Neptune.  It’s a BIG screen weekend!  Visualize Neptune’s charismatic, artistic colors radiated 10 X by Jupiter’s abundant zest and ebullient-vroom.  It’s most meritorious aspect may be that it lightens the over-whelming Capricorn heaviness, of  ‘bottom line’ energies taking precedence all month. The light-filled, hope of Jupiter squaring Neptune’s spirit of ONE-ness helps make better use of Capricorn’s practical, all too real demands.  It also supports and sustains any work we can do on validating self, as well as spreading joy by validating someone else. You know this, but it’s good to remember at this time. Offer time and attention as your gift.  This fuels your gas line, AND theirs for happy vroom-vroom!


YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK:    As stated last week- “Oooolalala you Capricorns!”  Need I write that this is a highly transformative birthday!  Ask yourself, ‘who do you wish to be?’ Listen to a possibly surprising answer.  What is unrealistic can be tossed, to make room for what the Universe is offering.  Depending on how you have managed the pressure of this past year, 2019 promises gifts from your efforts.  Capricorn energy dominates into 2020, asking you to step up to your best self, again and again.  The good news?  You like it, and you can do it.  Take a birthday scan to see what needs dropping by the wayside.  Too much responsibility and CEO-demand deplete your essential Self.  Be kind to you first, and all else follows.  I stand in awe!

YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  Shake it up, Babeee.  Be strong, be aligned with true grit.  Lots of Chaturanga!  Lots of Uttanasana with head-shaking.  Spend still moments in Salamba Sirsasana, as well as Agnistamboula.  Remember to ‘Align it with your New Year intentions.’ Create strength to withstand;  stretch to reach across the great divide; softness to receive; and alignment to re-structure.  Reach out beyond yourself and old patterns to bring body, mind, and heart into the Buddha-light within. 


There will be no Sat. or Sun. classes until Jan. 26-27.

Wed. Classes on the 16th, at laughing Dog, are subbed by Jennifer Cooper, and Elgar Pichler

 Astrological Consultations:   Planetary wisdom offers a  timely look at one’s life from an objective, non-judgmental point of view.  As you begin fall’s journey asking, “How do I wish to use my inherent genius?  How can I move more deeply into my healing? How do I plan an abundant future?”  Then let us swim in your life together, in wonderful discovery.  Email