The Misshapen Heart

There is an astrological signature for the place in each of us where we are most wounded, and where ultimately we do our greatest healing, and teaching. It is the placement o an Asteroid called ‘Chiron,’ named for the Greek God who was blacksmith, teacher, and healer to the Gods, and their offspring on Mt Olympus.

I am reminded of Chiron through my Yoga Practice, for it surfaces in poses that fmost rustrate me, and where my body feels inept/misshapen. Ultimately these are the Asanas offering the greatest knowledge, and profound understanding not only of my body but my attitude toward it. In my growing consciousness healing begins.

The ‘Chironic wound’ is a reminder not only of what we think we don’t do well, but where we hold back, where we allow fear to squelch effort, then disdain ourselves for taking the risk. Psychologically, it is the interior space where we cannot, or do not support ourselves, selling our talents short, diminishing our true gifts, or worse, not even recognizing them.

Just as our Practice over time opens consciousness, and elevates desire, Chiron’s healing comes through the same practice of awareness, loving kindness, forgiveness. In both, the deep bell tones of a well lived life emerge out of rock-hard struggles. The Chironic wound often appears as the ‘Zen-Master:’ The unfair boss who drives you crazy, the lover who abandons you, the child who flagrantly disobeys. Each of these demonic conflicts has something important to tell us/teach us, then heal us.

Are we listening? Are we willing to bring our ‘misshapen hearts’ into light?

Asanas: Natarajasana or Lord of the Dance. Begin in Tadasana, and move onto the R foot, (lift R knee cap, and draw thigh deep into hip joint.) bending L knee, raise the leg behind you. Rotate L arm out, bend at the elbow, reach back, and hold outside of foot. Press L hamstrings backward, drop pelvis down to lengthen lower back, lift belly. If you can, swing L elbow around and up to point toward ceiling, then reach the R arm back to hold L foot in same fashion. Keep drishti strong, do 5-12 breaths, repeat on other side.

Once mastered, this is a wonderful pose to dance within the’ inept and misshapen’ bringing them to healing and wholeness. It is difficult to stand majestically in ‘Dancer’ and not feel beautiful, and fulfilled….Opening the heart does that.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Après Le Deluge   Jan. 15-21

Last year was a ‘deluge’ of change, loss, and new referendums, making this a golden year of opportunity upon which to re-build.  The challenge now is to become proactive, be flexible in difficult circumstances, and create new bridges.  2018’s numerology, (add the numbers together) is an 11, which is a master number, as well as a 2.  Either, and both ask we enrich and grow relationships, of all and every kind.  Issues of boundaries, balance, and cooperation are true issues of any relationship.  They require thought-filled care and intelligence for their continued, creative growth.

In 2017, we deconstructed many kinds of relationship, especially social ties with friends who didn’t agree with us, with a government we came to dis-trust, and we destabilized known landscapes.  We began to re-work and re-word the unknown. The tsunami of ’17 cleared the way for a higher order.  The lessons learned have hopefully made for mindful listening of what is, not what was assumed; To fully accepting the responsibility of our decisions; And of calling grace when dealing with another’s angered disagreement.  These are feminine attributes.  It is the hour of the feminine warrior, in all of us, not just women.

We all arise to march to the beat of this different drummer. The Karmic cadence will be passionate, re-kindling passions in and of all relationships. The true warrior first deals with the relationship within Self.  This begins with an awareness to carefully choose thoughts to create words, then action (Mercury in Capricorn).  It is the struggle to transform old wounds. (Mars in Scorpio quincunx Uranus, trine Chiron.)  It is the battle for power over self. (Pluto in Capricorn)

This week, begin listening to the rhythms in your ‘march-on-blueprint.’  With powerful earth energies in full display, (six of ten planets reside in Capricorn,) these New Moon seeds set intention not only for a 28 day cycle, but the entire year.  Re-think self-care habits, make slow, steady action your mantra, call responsibility to be inspired, and fill your spirit-well from fortitude, rather than delusion.  Ask, “Where can I be more, do with less, and steward resources from more than gain?”  These are enormous demands, but we have enormous planetary support to step-steady into the new life.

Hold onto happiness to Think big/think synergy/think motivation.


 On The Mat: The New Moon in Capricorn calls us to cultivate our autonomy, to recognize limits, and become more ‘real’ about taking charge and challenging possibility. Capricorn potency is earthy, telling us to stand our ground, and dig deeper.  We are to acknowledge our strength, moving into difficult poses, while remaining mindful of defending our safety. This week’s Practice takes us into the big energetic realms of ‘self-mastery, discipline, and integrity.  The body we bring to the mat, is the body that carries us through the day.  We are taking charge of a new ‘livelihood,’ validating who and how we put it to the test.

Your Birthday Week: Capricorn’s love to aim high, then actually get there.  With five planets aligned in your sign, there is great support for new definition and focus of higher and better.  This year could be a beginning where you find your commitments and efforts rewarded. Take time out to think about what, and who is most important to you, and your growth. What are your deepest desires, and who can support you in achieving them? You are a master of strategy, especially of defense.  Be aware not to remain overly defended when moving into new territory, and/or creating stronger relationships. Most importantly, grow your joy!

Astrological Consultations:   Beginning a New Year is always a good time to look at one’s life from an objective, non-judgmental point of view. If you are asking, “What is my genius, and how do I wish to use it?  How can I move deeply into my healing? When do I make moves for success?”  Then let us swim in your life together, in wonderful discovery.  Email


Wed. Jan. 17, 5:15  & 7 PM Classes at Laughing Dog. We will move from the earthy New Moon to stand our ground with greater fortitude and connection.

 Thurs. Jan. 18, 8:15 New Class at Laughing Dog. Alignment/sequencing/layering the subtle body make for a rich beginning to the day.

Sat. Jan. 20, classes at 8:30, level II-III, and 10:00 AM, all levels. The Studio at One Edson, Natick.

Jan. 22, Advanced Techniques, 9-1:30, The studio at One Edson in Natick. This seminar explores standing and seated twists;  Relationships of their alignment & anatomy; Effective connective links between specific twisting poses; An opportunity to teach and share knowledge.

Sunday, Feb. 4, Astrological overview of 2018’s energetic highlights. What does this New Year have in store?  Where are doors of opportunity?  When do I risk? Are there perfect times to begin something new? Bring your calendars Sunday, Feb. 4, 3-4:30 pm, Laughing Dog Yoga Studio, 159 Linden st., Wellesley: fee $25.00. Sign up-