Punxsutawney Phill

Nothing against Aquarians, but February is not a cakewalk as months go. We have spent our money, and bills are due. Pipes are frozen, and you can’t smell spring. We have gained weight, and resolutions haven’t paid off yet. Taxes, like heating bills, loom large. Given that the above are true, what do we most need? Hope & Silliness, not necessarily in that order. Groundhog’s Day goes a long way to satisfying hopes with lashings of silliness.

Groundhog Day history is a strange combination of European and Native Indian ritual and story.
In February 4, 1841 a Pennsylvania-German storekeeper referred to a celebration of Candlemas, which has origin in the pagan celebration of Imbolc. It is timed for the mid-point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Candles were lit and carried home to dark houses. Superstition was that if the weather was fair, the second half of Winter would be stormy and cold.

The other half of the Groundhog equation emerged from the Delaware Indians, who considered groundhogs honorable ancestors. According to their original creation beliefs, their forebears began life as animals in “Mother Earth” and emerged centuries later to hunt and live as men. The Woodchuck comes from the Indian legend of “Wojak, the groundhog” who was considered to be the Indian’s ancestral grandfather. Punxsutawney comes from the Indian name for a location, “ponksad-uteney” which means “the town of the sandflies.”

So far so good. None of this is particularly interesting or makes any connection to today’s legend. They simply increase the nonsense around Groundhog Day, casting wierd shadows on it’s history. What I love is that from these disparate, sacred beginnings, it took Americans only a few short years to turn them into the bizarre ritual of Punxsutawney Phil looking for his shadow.

Asanas: If the requirement is to be hopeful, and silly, then the poses are: Bakasana/Crane into Sirsanana/headstand, and back up again. Many of you never thought you’d ever stand on your heads, the other half never thought to be able to ‘pull your bodies up into a ball over your arms. You’ve done both. There’s hope. Now you are to put them together, and think of how silly it looks to be squeezing yourself into these positions, much less worrying about whether you can do it or not. The Groundhog roots for you.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Expect the Unexpected!         May 9-15

Can you move more slowly this week? Time out is needed to choose a more penetrating temperament, in order to face the big bang of change at the New Moon, next Tues, 5/15. It’s not that New Moons ordinarily come with bangs and whistles, but the ballistic shifts of uncertainty around this one live large. We are better served if we arrive balanced, attentive and rested, and we will be more at peace if we can understand how we have worked through relationship issues. Do we have more allies, fewer friends, dependable people to trust? Or, has it been a bollox of dissatisfaction and miscommunication?

You may, or may not, feel rested and ready to re-engage. But re-engaging and reconfiguring during May is a necessity. You’ve had opportunity to deal heavily in relationship themes since early April. Are they now ready to be tested? Have you consummately cooked them to conclusive tastes? Do you know where you stand? This week, it’s time to put action toward concrete realizations. Yes, it’s complicated. It not only involves relationships but finances, those basic Taurus/Venus issues. This is a time of shifting ideas about what we think we have learned, what we now know, and how we wish to respond. Wed. through Sat., Venus is the apex planet of a difficult Yod (a symbol called, a “finger of God”) with Jupiter and Pluto. Expect lots of adjusting, questioning, going back and forth and possible dissatisfaction,

Uncertainty is a May theme! The destabilized collective is ready to be bounced into unknown territory, which each of us responds to uniquely. Two charged events take place at the New Moon on the 15th. Mars, god of war, moves into Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, God of chaos. The bigger, more complex event is Uranus leaving Aires for Taurus, where it remains for seven years. A dramatic symbol of this transference is the Big Island of Hawaii’s Volcanic eruption. You see can visualize the Uranian lava flow disrupting what was, creating sudden streams of fire and brimstone. We see people surviving from an ability to be strong individuals working together, from a higher mind, or a rebellious mind, in order to adapt to sudden change. As Uranus leaves Aires fire to enter Taurus earth, expect the un-expected!

I will write more or this paradigm shift next week. Suffice to say that the world’s focus will be on all Taurus-Venus issues: money, economy, the land eco-systems, and relationships, especially that of self with self. How do we value our expertise, our trade? Do we have skin in the game? Do personal pursuits serve a higher goal? Has life spun out of control? It’s time to bring it home to practical basics with Ma Nature, for she rules, and we finally wake up to that.


YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: As a fellow Taurus I know you dislike change. But change is upon us, and this year will be transformative for all earthy, Venus bodies. You can go kicking and screaming (yes, I’ve been doing a lot of that.) Or you can swan dive into a deeper life. As you know, the dive is far more beautiful, which we love, but it demands relinquishing our sea anchors. We must thrash through past detritus, including attachments we love, but that may no longer serve, or not serve in the old way. Do not cut away everything. Rather, take out the surgeon’s scalpel and take time to be choosy and particular. Your new life depends upon it. You may have to walk through the eye of needle this year, but riches await.

ON THE MAT THIS WEEK: Since Venus and Mars are players this week, make your practice sexy, beautiful, and action filled. Stir it up! Take the accumulated knowledge from these past weeks and arrive at a new relationship you have with the mat. Pay attention to how you feel as you do your practice. Feel the shifts of mind/body consciousness changing how you move, how you are embodying the poses. Be simple, stunning, and profound.



Mon. May 7 ~ 11 am Pilates Mat. ~ The Studio at One Edson, Natick.

Wed. May 9 ~5:15pm –multi level & 7 pm- level II all welcome!~ Laughing Dog, Wellesley, MA
Mind and muscle link to lasso all the joy we can.

Thurs. May 10~ 8:15 am- Multi-level class, all welcome!~ Laughing Dog Yoga, Wellesley. A wonderful, sunny way to begin the day!

Sat. May 12 ~8:30, level II-III, and 10:00 am- all levels. RSVP- samcatcam@gmail.com

Wed. May 16 and Mon. 28- Advanced Techniques, 9 am-1:30 pm,. Each seminar explores a specific territory of asanas, with a strong focus on anatomy, and structure. We working with Kryias, learning to enter into, and leave each pose with control and exploring effective links between specific poses, and the subtle body. It is an opportunity to break boundaries, to teach and share knowledge. RSVP- samcatcam@gmail.com The studio at One Edson in Natick, MA.
Astrological Consultations:   It’s  always a good time to look at one’s life from an objective, non-judgmental point of view. Especially when the dust flies and the future looks unfamiliar.  If you are asking, “What is my genius, and how do I wish to use it?  How can I move deeply into my healing? When do I make moves for success?”  Then let us swim in your life together, in wonderful discovery.  Email  samcatcam@gmail.com