Lions In The Heat of Summer

In days of darkness, somewhere there is light. When we have lost faith, somehow, reason to hope appears. When we are most cruel, sometimes kindness prevails.

A brief news bulletin from the provincial town, Beta Genet, 350 miles outside of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, tells of a twelve year old girl, missing for a week, who’d been taken and beaten by seven men, one of whom wanted to marry her against her wishes. Three lions came and frightened away her attackers, then stood guard over her throughout the afternoon until police and family found her.

“They stood guard until we found her,” said Sergeant Wondimu Wedajo, “And then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest.”

A gift indeed. A redolent reminder that there are more things in heaven and hell than we shall ever know. When Angels choose to move through us, ‘us’ doesn’t have to mean human. The connection between human and animal is far greater than we acknowledge. Mankind can be so much worse than we wish to know. Redemption can be greater and stranger than before envisioned.

Like storytellers of old, sharing this story makes it more alive in me. It calls to what is profound, mysterious, and brave, as well as what is evil. In its re-telling I connect over and over to the magic, alive here on earth, never forgetting how close by darkness waits.

Be the lion!

Asana: Simhasana/Lion Pose, of course. You can sit with your R foot placed under left buttocks, place L foot under R buttock, or in Padmasana, or kneel. Stretching the back up, extend hands, placing them on the knees, opening fingers wide. Focus gaze at tip of nose, or within to the Third Eyes, in center of forehead. Open your mouth as wide as possible, extending the tongue out onto the chin. Inhale then force the air out strongly, roaring, Feel your power to step up and do the right thing

Health Notes: Leo, ruled by the sun, rules the heart. When we listen to the heart we always do the right thing. When that happens we are in alignment with our true self and blessings flow.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation





  • If you survived the Full Moon weekend and its extreme planetary hits, plus family Passover, or Easter, Bravo! You can now celebrate EARTH DAY.   Take time to honor her elegance, and class, her bravery in the face of destruction. Be her great hope for redemption.


  • The Full Moon, at the tipping point of 29 degrees pushed all into new territory. It is mostly unknown, therefore mostly uncomfortable. As we begin new journeys. We are helped by two personal planets in Aires that inspire and offer courage: Mercury and Venus working with the warrior-fire, commit us to being committed. The Sun conjuncts Uranus….a big kickstarter of unexpected beginnings, endings, chaos and freedom. This is hand in hand energy to the 29 degree Full Moon, and Mercury, Venus in Aires…. You have no option but change!


  • Pluto, the deep, passionate, destructive, redemptive purging power-player of the Universe, is stationing to turn Retrograde, a vibration of transformation. We all shake, rattle and roll under this Plutonian roll-call.



The story we share at this time is one of unexpected change. It is not just enormous social and political mayhem seen round the world, but personal challenges and change are the main game in town. Some of it flows with fortune, but most of it is incredibly difficult, often shocking the very essence of our life.  Uranus, as ‘great awakener,’ and representative of ‘higher mind,’ is wrapping its liberating arms around the Sun, our ego and identity, forcing us to widen our eyes and see different points of view, especially of the eco system and earth-values. This not only affects fixed and rooted Taurus identities, who like to remain as is, but all fixed signs including Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius, who also hate being pushed, will feel Uranus’ seven year hitch through their fixed sister, Taurus.

For the next seven years, Uranus will profoundly affect the earth, our ecosystem, banking, values, money and relationship, all territory of Venus ruled Taurus. (If you wish further information on Uranus in Taurus, scan past month’s blogs at Adding to Venus’ influence of the moment is her ‘cheek to cheek’ with Chiron, the wounded healer. Remember that Chiron reveals and heals childhood wounds. It asks us to stop ripping open old scabs by addressing the issue, not blaming others, confronting the past, an then apply a soft dressing of forgiveness and redemption. While Chiron is in Aires, we all address issues of being enough, being seen, being valued, having the right to be alive.

Speaking of redemption, with its deep, difficult emotional purging, Pluto, planet of the underworld, prepares to turn Retrograde on the 25th, at 23 Capricorn. (Saturn follows shortly after, but that’s a story for next week.) The Station of any planet brings it closer to earth, and therefore its energy is greater. As far out into the galaxy as Pluto lives, we are feeling her depth charge. Changes belong to both Uranus and Pluto. They both rip up the known to drag us screaming and kicking into the unknown. Uranus works in sudden, unexpected fashion. Pluto is slow, unrelenting, and forks up dark secrets of the past to be seen and healed. Pluto, and Saturn, passing through Capricorn are revealing secrets, lies and redacted statements of a hidden past. Capricornian interests will be highlighted in territories it favors including: big business, government, politics and patriarchy, power and its abuse, authority, and it’s lack of knowledge, even large religion and its lack of perception…. all Capricorn vessels. Next year, when we look back at this passage, we will see that the job calling us is to become our own best and highest authority.

A last drop-kick to the week is Mars challenges Uranus, then Neptune. Mars and Uranus in any combo are dicey. Take extra care with sharp instruments, your anger, speed, carelessness and machinery. Mars with Neptune is likely to make us foggy, forgetful and careless, especially about commitments, and will. It might be a highly creative time?

YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: Happiness is a gift to be cultivated. This is a good year to dig and grow joyous roots. Change is here, there, and everywhere, and this is a divine opportunity to be the change you wish to see in the world. You will not be able to stop it, with Uranus conjunct your Sun. Expect your identity and ego to be quite different by this time next year. You will not be able to hide desires, or sit on passion any longer, for deep aspects of your nature have been calling for freedom, and it has arrived! You may think that someone is doing something to you to upset your applecart, but it’s the inner guide wanting new soul-life that is now in the driver’s seat. Vroom-Vroom!

YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK: Set an intention to balance some of the mayhem of change with practical grounding in simple breath work, and Asanas that connect you to your roots. Be calm and carry on by moving through Warrior Poses with poise and power. Do your Sun Salutations with a ritual sense of returning to known safety. Think about the poses that succor you, ask why, do those. Rise in Tadasana to your favorite balancing Pose- Dancer/Natarajasana is wonderful as it opens the heart to dance us onward!


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APRIL 27. Sat. 8:30 & 10:00 AM classes open to spring-green life. Re-setting and renewing the intentional life, we put asanas to the service of mind, discovering new ways of moving into new territory.The Studio, 1 Edson Rd, Natick.

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