Winter Solstice

We are famished, starved for light. We are ravenous, with tables covered in food. We are of little faith, less hope. Yet hands reach out, gifts are at the door. We are consumed by connective technology, yet we cannot be intimate. We stand at the longest, darkest night in the Northern Hemisphere. What is to see us through? For our ancestors, Winter Solstice was a season of death. It was a time when fire-it’s warmth and light, were necessary for survival. Today, many are dying through lack of light, loss of spirit and faith. Yes, also through lack of food and warmth; and not through lack of food. Rather, it is an inability to be deeply nourished. We are starved for soul food.

The world we have known is dying. Much of it needs to die. A hard new world is being born, and like all births, it is painful. There is no turning back. In this long dark night of the soul, the assessments, prerogatives, and assumptions we have lived by, are no longer. One by one we ask ourselves, what sort of birth am I willing to undergo to deliver a new-world-baby? How much love do I have to offer it? What is the great work of this child? How/what shall I teach it? When this darkness ends, and it will, what sort of nourishment will I pass on for this life to embody? How do I bear witness to this dark time? What vulnerability can be cultivated now?

To that dying work we must surrender a worn, outmoded consciousness grown from darkness, festered in fear and resentment. If we hunger for light, we must be the light. If we are starving, we must be the ones who forage for what nourishes. If we are without hope to see this long night through, we must reach out to those who can, those who embody hope though no reason exists. These are the creators, the survivors, the battered warriors who have failed, struggled, failed again, then walked through their despair to remain love-resilient.


Dec 21st~5:15~ Level I-II~Subbed by the Fabulous Jen Cooper

7:00 PM~Level II-III Subbed by the lovely Corey Halaby. Laughing Dog Yoga, 159 Linden st. Wellesley.

 Dec. 24 No 8:30 Sat. Morning at Blue Lotus Yoga, 945 Great Plain Ave. Needham. We meet again on Sat. 31st to close down 2016!

Note: Your Holiday Collection bowl for ‘Humanity Crew Org.’ raised $378.00 for refugee ground relief. Nice going, my friends. Every bit helps.


Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

The Twins Face Off! May 23-30

If you have not enjoyed all that has taken place in the past few weeks, stop for a moment in this Last Quarter Lunar phase to re-set, re-orient, and re-negotiate.  As we move ever darker toward the Gemini New Moon, Thursday 25, set aside quiet time to find the light you wish to be, the love you wish to grow. Despite the mutable, questioning energy of Gemini, this new lunar cycle is colored with passion as Venus squares Pluto, along with an ‘anxious Yod’, and challenging T Square. (Hear the arias of “Carmen.”  Visualize the Tango, and you begin to glimpse this potency.) They express Venus in her warrior mode in Aires. She takes few prisoners. Pluto, as Darth Vader, takes none.  When these two meet, we often decide who will be our bosom-buds, and who we will drop at the bus stop. We make moves beyond limiting beliefs, and emotions that have held us captive. We reconsider our value, and true authenticity.

After a spring of powerful Retrogrades, we seek forward motion, hoping to manifest changes we’ve re-landscaped, as well as materialize future plans . We would also love to see our politicians grow up so that we can breathe a great sigh of relief. Sadly, we shall endure ever greater power struggles, and scattered, unfinished business that holds us hostage….. if we let it. The divisive energies informing this New Moon offer ever greater opportunity to grow generous, emotional muscle.  to stand up for our beliefs, and share our fortitude with those who are not yet ready.  Reach out and keep loved ones close. Keep the faith for what is possible.

Your Practice This Week:  The duality inherent in Gemini opens pathways to incorporate polarities, to listen, see, and do both sides equally.  It’s a good week to not only plant New Moon seeds of intention deep within your Lotus Mudra, but to step back and question how and why you do asanas in certain ways.  Look at inner polarities deepening the poses. Seek ways and means that bring you greater balance.  We are going to need this inner and outer equanimity to create space for peace, despite the emotional unpredictability of the incoming cycle. Be even more generous of spirit, especially toward self. My classes will soften, stretch, listen, accept, sing and breathe soulful spirit into the body.

Your Birthday Week: You may discover dormant parts of yourself awakening to turn a new leaf.  With Venus prominent, you will be integrating greater self-worth, paying attention to where love calls, and where it does not.  If you are of strong heart, you will take up the warrior’s sword and cut away dead wood to lighten the load of the new life you sail upon. As you embark, carry less weight of regret and anger in order to develop new systems and structures that increase your flexibility, power, and compassion.

Astrological consultation:  It is a particularly good time to look at your life from an objective, non-judgmental point of view.  Consider a soul-centered consult with Samantha Cameron to discover how to better use your inherent genius, your compassionate awareness.  Understand your past, accept and love the present,  and plan an abundant future.         Email

SCHEDULE  All are Welcome!

May 22, Mon. 10:30 Pilates mat.  The Studio at One Edson, Natick.
May 24, Wed. 5:15 & 7:00 PM classes at Laughing Dog Wellesley. In the dark of the New Moon, we expand the body, creating resilience, flexibility, and peace.  We integrate feeling with thought, listening to what the body needs.  We accept where we are, not pushing to make it better.  Long slow asanas will give the body opportunity to open with pleasure and peace, informing the mind to do the same.May 27, Sat. 8:30 AM ~ Class at Blue Lotus Yoga in Needham.  It is a celebrational weekend, not only Memorial, the start to summer, but it’s the beginning of Ramadan.  The Practice will take the Yin notes from Wednesday’s New Moon rituals, and step them up a notch. We will continue listening and accepting where our Practice to balance the push and pull in the world.  We will sing and dance spirit to open summer’s beautiful gates, in pleasure and peace.