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Memory, riddled in desire, is an animal sound
Half human/half beast
Yearning to be heard.
Grown from the wandering soul
Lifetime after lifetime,
It rages at what remains un-forgiven
Rolling in on tides off the dark sea.
Memory’s siren song is where my mother lives
Most happily with me,
In a childhood I cannot retrieve.
Glad for her pleasure
I accept surrender,
Forgiving what was lost,
To reconfigure mutant possibility.
Alchemy cherishes memory
To heal longing,
To infuse each moment
With ferocious desires to connect
The sublime symmetry of the past,
Unfolding secretly within,
To harness the great mystery.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

WHO LOVES YA, BABY?   Nov. 13-20


On Fri. 16, we have a same day yahoo-reversal! Venus goes direct, after unveiling the screws in relationships, AND Mercury goes Retrograde! It is a pause that refreshes as we re-set to withstand holiday bru-haha.

Mercury, PI in the sky, POV shifts, teaching us to value the threshold, the liminal time.

Jupiter reclaims his home! The big, Gassy-One returns to Sagittarius, where every 12 years he grows extremely potent, especially in the ‘more is more’ department: more extravagant, ebullient, enthusiastic, bombastic, optimistic, and fiery about beliefs, both truth and lies.

THE STORY   It is once again a mindful moment to re-set in order to storm the barriers, re-engage, and take steps into the changing future. Friday’ s back and forth traffic of Venus and Mercury switching direction, along with Jupiter in his fiery glory, is enough to make us grab the oxygen mask and beg a deep breath. Better yet, stand still to imagine what is possible. What has been learned from the Venus and Jupiter travels in transformative Scorpio? Re-set new themes to color, song and emotion, then send that rocket into the heavens, where intentions are attended. Be very clear about thoughts, ideas, promises, and action lest switches and shifts of the sky-gods imperil hasty plans.

As Mercury turns Retrograde for his tri-yearly, three weeks of inward review, it is helpful to understand its symbolism. This is the trickster, the wily wanderer, the mercurial threshold-traveler moving between logic and imagination, and between sleep and semi-consciousness. It rules the between times of dawn and dusk. It is both solar and lunar, as well as the guide leading souls rising from the underworld, and/or heading down. When we work with this energy, we are moving inbetween, in worlds seemingly based on reason, but often translated with confusion. Are we just ‘passing through’ and handing off? Or do the ideas and communication have lasting value? When Mercury travels inward and ‘backward,’ these are questions we want to to reconsider.

Part of Mercury’s PI factor, and there are many pieces of sacred geometry to its numerous cycles, it turns retrograde “at approximately the same zodiacal degree it occupied when it turned direct eleven months previously. It picks up the threads from the previous year, which may have been overlooked, weaving them again into the Mercurial tapestry. *( *Brian Clark, in The Mountain Astrologer) These coming three weeks are a time to re-weave our tapestries, and create a more sacred geometry of our lives.

This is especially true as the Venus Scorpio retrogradation ends, and we have new understanding with which to imbue our tapestry. What have we learned about our capacity to love and be loved? What is now more ‘sacred’ about our acceptance and self worth value? How have relationships changed, revealing different dimensions of value, carelessness and care? What have we learned about financial savvy, or lack there of. For many, this has proven to be an expensive time, when the outlay of funds exceeded income. What do you now wish to do about it? How does it make you respond? In some ways, the Venus Direct and Mercury Retrograde are a pair made in heaven, offering time to reflect on important themes.

Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius ignites meaning, faith and purpose! It enlivens with gaseous enthusiasm and optimism, which we can all use. It rules gambling and speculation, pay attention to extremes in the stock market, it has large religious implications as it is the territory of beliefs, along with the abused power mongering of; “I’m right! You’re wrong!” Jupiter wants to teach tolerance but it also wears the face of extremism. That can be extremism in anything, including ethics, abundance, learning, ideas, gambling, publishing, teaching, foreigners, travel, and the media…all of which Jupiter rules.

When Jupiter travelled through Scorpio, we worked with the hidden side, the shadows beneath forms, especially power brokers in government and corporate hierarchy. With the fiery move into Sagittarius, secrets will be revealed, and lies uncovered. Sagittarius is decidely ‘foot in mouth’ where you think it, you say it. If there’s old scandal, it will be outed. I suspect Mueller is getting ready to fire away, and our global evolutionary process wants to leap forward. Where do you wish to leap? What secrets have you uncovered that free you up? What inner realm is on fire to express and share?

(If you wish to know how Jupiter plays out in your chart, both natally and this coming year, contact me at:


YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: This is sure to be a year when love, in all its forms and foibles plays a big part of heart and mind. As Venus turns direct in Libra, on Fri, it backtracks over ideas and territory you covered in early fall. If it was important, make time to re-evaluate the issue. Another backward look is to fall of 2017, when Jupiter aligned with your Scorpio Sun. Was there a ‘grand plan’ ?How is it faring now? Have you grown in emotional intention and understanding? Has your purpose broadened, grown deeper? Do you see new goals reflective of this past deep-diving year? Hope so. Relationships and communication will be on your serving platter all year. Enjoy!

YOUR PRACTICE: Be in alignment with not only your physical structure, but mental and emotional ideas of the moment. When you enter a pose, question what you are doing, what do you hope to feel, to embrace, even to conquer? Create lines of telepathy and intuitive feedback throughout a class, or better yet, your own private time on the mat. Do what you love, and ask why you love it. What doe it teach you? Everything is here for discovery, inner renewal, and understanding, even standing still in Tadasana. Who loves ya, baby?


 Nov. 14, 5:15 & 7 pm Wed. classes at Laughing Dog , Wellesley MA. Asanas aimed to support passionate Scorpionic-Venus release, with Mercury Retrograde prep and understanding.

 Nov. 14, 9:00-1:-00 pm, Advanced Techniques, The studio at One Edson, Natick. Subtle body meets physical body to support a strong practice.

This seminar covers Pranayama techniques, chakras, mudras, and hip and spine anatomy. Receive CEU hours, or deepen the practice.

 Nov. 15, Thurs. morning 8:30-9:30 AM Mat Pilates, The studio at one Edson, Natick. We howl our happiness at the end to show we’ve survived another belly-boot-camp. Class fee $15.00

 Nov. 17, Saturday morning, 8:30 & 10 AM. Expand movement, ideas, unusual connections, AND space ~under a creative, spirit-filled, if confused, Pisces Moon. The studio at one Edson, Natick, MA.

 New Class! Sunday Serenade, 4-5:15 pm, begins Nov. 25th, inviting those seeking peace, surrender, and spacious awareness. This class moves softly through soulful stretch, restorative poses, with short meditation. Grow Emotional Intelligence, relinquish stress, grow your ‘beautiful body electric’! Class fee-$15.00

PS The first Sunday’s of each winter month, Sunday Serenade will be held 2:45-3:45, to accommodate the monthly Salon.

 Dec. 2, 4th, 4-6 pm ‘The Sunday Salon’ –It will be hard to be better than the thoughts shared around November’s Salon fire, but we shall effort to be differently fabulous at December’s Salon. Allan Cameron leads those interested in journeys of discovery and questioning. Free to those who listen well ,and share heart-felt wisdom.


 Metrowest Community Choir. Tickets & at the door

Friday Nov. 30 at 7:30pm, Sat. Dec. 1 at 3pm

January 27, 2019 4th Annual Wellesley Wellness Retreat, 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Elm Bank, Hunnewell Carriage House, 900 Washington Street, Wellesley, MA

Wellesley Wellness Retreat is a women’s restorative workshop, social gathering and a learning experience. focus is on Self-Care for Positive Change.