The Golden Leaf


The world as a miraculous place of life, death and renewal. It is a home for impeccable balancing acts of inhale and exhale, yin and yang, within and without, Equinox and Solstice.  The ongoing, irrefutable balancing happens under our noses in endlessly magical stories.  To celebrate the Vernal Equinox, here is a golden tale to capture your imagination, balancing tragedy with greatness.

Did you know that the Mangrove Tree, of which there are around 80 species, grows primarily in swampy, tropical salt bayous.  Some within this species are capable of filtering out 75% of salt in the water.  In the Turks and Caicos, it is rumored that one of the Mangrove species bears a single golden leaf on each of its branches, which sucks in the remaining 25% of saline which the tree cannot tolerate.  Imagistically, and imaginatively, each golden leaf has chosen to turn its life into an aurulent, shinning death in order for the tree to live.  It makes of itself an offering to guarantee survival, despite the extreme eco system.  Once the leaf has absorbed the salty elixir of death, it makes of itself an offering, not only to the tree, but to the aquatic life below, which depends on the golden leaves for nourishment.

I am reminded of Mary Oliver’s line from “The Buddha’s Last Instruction” “Make of yourself a light.” A life worth living does make of itself a light. It is a golden offering that others might be nurtured and live.  It does not have to be a huge sacrifice, or a ‘published’ life to be golden.  But it might be.

Because the school shootings are high on the radar, I have taken some comfort in imagining that the careless destruction of precious lives is not a waste, that perhaps their souls had chosen to become golden offerings. They have made of themselves a light so the rest of us could see. Their gift may be a prayer of courage, and comfort for us to stand for them. Now it is our turn to carry the torch, and grow golden. If not, their waste is not bearable.

At this transformational turning point of the Equinox, let us transmute dross into gold. We can be a conscious choice to embody spring’s greater light. Who doesn’t want to be rich, honeyed, redolent and resplendent? We have life to offer. We have a life to save.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation



New Moon scales of Libran justice is in relationship with both Pluto and Neptune, exposing shadow material, and pushing us beyond old precepts and dogma.

  • Venus, as ruler of the New Moon, has lots to teach us in her 40 day Retrograde journey journey through secretive, regenerative Scorpio. We grow greater responsibility to resolve both shadow and spirit.
  • Mercury enters Scorpio on the 10th to keep Venus company ~at the feet of the Dark Lord. Don’t let the easy mentality of having an enemy obfuscate truth, or your talents to manipulate a better outcome.

Disturbed equilibrium and heightened emotion require more rest, better diet, loving friends, a meditation-oasis, and laughter!


True power has never been handed down from Dad, the government, or the courts. They rule, or mis-rule for a time, but true power is grown within. It is time for another inner revolution and transformative lesson in power. The ability to resolve and survive our inner revolutions leads to world-changes, where we are able to address imbalances of power. Gandhi, that most gentle and omnipotent of small, quiet men, said “There is a higher court than the courts of justice and that is the court of conscience.” We transform under that guidance.

In this memorable moment of time, standing under a New Moon, powered by Libra’s scales of justice, that connects to Neptune, asking for greater intuition and understanding, AND Pluto, demanding a balance of masculine and feminine. Masculine energies include: authority, power, control, autonomy. Feminine energies are about receiving, listening, accepting, cooperation, and Emotional Intelligence. This 28 day Lunar cycle will teach us to listen to the intuitive heart to understand manipulation, good and bad, superficial connections VS heart felt partnering, along with many kinds of death, re-birth, and hidden revelations of our psyche.

Scales, symbol of Libra, ask we weigh in, ( I couldn’t help myself) and redress what is out of balance, particularly in the Venusian world view of relationship, beauty, value, finances and strategy. It is an opportunity to re-negotiate what is right and wrong about our understanding of power, or lack thereof, and move into a deeper relationship with self to create harmony, rather than drama. Understanding and using your Emotional Intelligence is not simply a formidable strategy for individual power, but will be the power that ultimately governs.

As stated, the wheels of justice grind slowly, never the less-they grind. The solar system is in constant motion leading to ver higher revelation. (The Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill debacle of masculine power run amuck was a 53-48 confirmation. The Kavanaugh-Dr.Ford travesty was 50-48. … narrowest margin to date. * ) Balance and justice were ignored, but ground was gained to fuel women into accepting their power as never before.*Thanks to Stephanie Austin, Astrologer extraordinaire, for this information.

Mercury plays an important role every day this week. Be aware of your thoughts, grow more conscious of old shadow material, and hidden drivers, listen to what provokes and angers, AND what heals. We always have choice. Do not let little, bigoted, frightened rulers control your well being. Be inspired to choose new solutions, and lead with compassion, despite fury.


YOUR PRACTICE: Balance is this week’s theme as bodies move out from under New Moon dark. Take the Yin softness inexorably toward the Yang, balancing the your energies every day in a new way. Use ‘Balanced nostril Pranayama’ by closing the right nostril with your thumb, inhale through the left, then close the left with middle finger, to exhale right nostirl. At week’s end, reverse this, close your eyes and be attuned to how it changes your feelings. Create a short ‘Balance-Kryia.’ Move from Vira I into Garudasana, by lifting back leg around to cross over standing leg. Five breaths before moving into Vrksasana/Tree. Stand rooted, be still. Lift foot across bent knee into # 4, hip stretch, folding over leg, then rising tall, and heart-open in Natarajasana /Dancer….’oh be still my heart.’

YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: This year will be a potent journey of rebirth and re-alignment. Your self worth, finances, and relationships are all up for deep review and revision. You may have a keener strategy for the ground ahead, along with less tolerance for toxic partnerships of the past. If power frightens you, then you will deal with power issues all year until you are not frightened. If relationships have not worked in the past, then expect to grow into greater understanding through unexpected partnering. You are having a grand house-cleaning! Not easy, but you are ready. Listen to the laws of heaven and know you are in safe hands. Nothing is asked of you that you cannot achieve.


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