Scorpio Overview

The Sun is in Scorpio, an introverted, feminine sign of fixed water.  Scorpio rules the generative system, the creative force of physical life.  We all carry Scorpio energy somewhere within, and this is usually a place  needing regeneration, a place where we prefer to remain hidden, behind the scenes, and where we may sting ourselves rather than capitulate.

Scorpio’s territory is that of death, transformation, sex, taxes, other’s money and support.  Pluto has rulership over the sex organs.  Pluto is the dark mistress of the night who prefers to move about unseen. Her power to transform is unmistakable, as are her strong reserves of will. When Pluto touches personal planets, we are forever different.

Sailing into the dark water’s of Pluto’s Scorpionic territory, from Libra’s light and lovely seas, the desire grows to forge Libran social connections to a more intense level.  The nature of union through profound emotional relationships is an important requirement of Scorpio’s journey.  This energy can be used as a natural psychiatrist who destroys other’s emotional blocks, and destructive habits, to redirect them into creative outlets, or it can be used to control others.

Scorpio Territory: Scorpio energy requires we re-orient the ego, sometimes asking the personal-self to die.  Scorpio is under the orb of a profound spiritualizing, refining process. Scorpio is under the orb of anything profound.  There are no half way measures here. Where ever Pluto is in our charts speaks of a home territory where we develop and improve special talents, as well as spiritual muscle.  Scorpio energy requires we re-orient the ego, often asking the personal-self to die.

Pluto is our transformer-daimon, ending one life so we can begin another, ending one form so we can learn another.  It is called ‘the higher octave of Mars’ because Mars often opens the door for Pluto.  It cannot do Pluto’s deep transformative work, for Mars is merely the aggressive force starting a fight. Pluto is the atom bomb ending it.


Scorpion/Eagle/Phoenix  The Scorpion nature represents the lowest of Scorpio’s nature.  The eagle is the second animal, and third is the mythical Phoenix.  These symbols reveal the deep complexity of this sign.  Scorpios are known for their extremely spiritual natures, or their vindictive revenges.  There is little in between.  They are aware of the knife edge between love and hate, and they have an indomitable will to succeed.  Scorpio energy is a great source of power, and a danger.  Like the Vrschikasana Pose, those who struggle with Scorpio, work to bring their will under their feet, and under their heart.

Plutonian break down: Pluto’s rulership provides energy to break down blocks, especially those that keep us from evolutionary progress.  Pluto helps to integrate the Self, when it works productively, and when not, it is an annihilator.  Presently, it is breaking down structures holding humanity back.  Being impersonal, it doesn’t care how we re-structure, only that we do.  Best to do psychological house cleaning before Pluto comes and turns life up side down and sideways.

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